Celebrity Eclipse

Celebrity Eclipse

The 317 meter long and measured 122.000 GT Celebrity Eclipse became the third of five cruise lines to be the Solstice class put into service. The premium shipping company Celebrity Cruises took over in April 2010 from MEYER WERFT in Papenburg.

Celebrity Eclipse in MontevideoCelebrity Eclipse in Montevideo

Solstice-class ships are named for astronomical phenomena. "Eclipse" stands for the solar eclipse. This is typical of all Solstice-class ships Grand Foyer. The wide atrium is open between decks 3 to 5. Next to the Grand Foyer is the spectacular elevator shaft. Eight glass elevators shuttle between decks 3 to 15 in an airy room dominated by a deciduous tree.

Grand foyer with Christmas decorations Grand Foyer Elevator shaft dominating the interior The deciduous tree


Another special feature of the ship class is the Lawn Club on deck 15. The 2.000 m² lawn area invites you to step on and sunbathe. A special "lawn keeper" takes care of the lawn.

The Lawn Club

The Lawn Club

Cabins & Suites

According to the shipyard, the Celebrity Eclipse has a total of 1.426 cabins, which corresponds to 2.852 guests with double occupancy.

Cabin categories

  • Inside cabins
  • Outside cabins including family
  • Balcony cabins - Deluxe and Sunset
  • Concierge Class balcony cabins
  • AquaClass balcony cabins
  • Suites

It is rightly expected of Celebrity Cruises ships that the standard cabins are already tastefully and sensibly designed. There is enough space - also in the wet rooms. The cabin service is carried out twice a day. The stewards are well trained and courteous. Thought has been given to passengers with restricted mobility. There are 26 cabins for the disabled.

Balcony cabin 6157 Balcony cabin 6157 Balcony cabin - wet room Sunset balcony cabins


Eating and Drinking


Guests can choose between several restaurants and cafes. As is customary in cruise shipping, a distinction is made between restaurants that are included in the price and those that are subject to a surcharge.

Restaurants included in the price

The Moonlight Sonata main restaurant

The spacious and representative main restaurant is located aft on decks 3 and 4. It is used for main meals. Two sessions are required for dinner. - Part of the restaurant is reserved for those guests who Select dining prefer fixed meal times. This option provides for the flexible consumption of dinner within a core time between 17:45pm and 21:30pm

Moonlight Sonata Restaurant

Moonlight Sonata Restaurant

The varied and high-quality food offer changes constantly. The dishes are very tasty. Even at peak times, the service staff act competently and quickly.

The Oceanview Cafe

The Oceanview buffet restaurant is located aft on deck 14. Its self-service stations are sensibly arranged and designed twice in heavily frequented sections. There are practically no queues.

Oceanview Café buffet restaurant Oceanview Café - Pastries buffet restaurant Oceanview Café buffet restaurant - Exotic food Oceanview Café buffet restaurant - outdoor area


One of the advantages of the Oceanview Café is the spacious, partially shaded outdoor area. There, guests can enjoy al fresco dining in warm regions. Country-specific dishes are offered depending on the mix of guests. There is nothing wrong with the selection, the quality and the taste of the dishes.

The Aqua Spa Café

The small bistro is located in the solarium on the 12th deck. There, guests can satisfy a small hunger in between without having to leave the deck. The snacks offered are healthy and tasty.

Aqua Spa Cafe

Aqua Spa Cafe

The mast grill

Towards the center of the ship, the mast grill is located outside on deck 14 on port. It stands for hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. On the running track leading past the grill, you could go jogging after eating.

Mast grill

Mast grill

Restaurants for suite and AquaClass guests

Suite residents take the three main meals in the restaurant Luminae on deck 3. Guests of the AquaClass have breakfast and dinner in the Blue on deck 5.

Luminae restaurant Blu restaurant


Restaurants subject to surcharge

Most of these bars are mostly only open in the evening. The environment and the quality of the food in the restaurants generally justify the statement: very good!

The restaurants that are subject to a surcharge are located on deck 5. There are ...

… the Sushi on Five - popular with friends of Japanese cuisine;

… the Murano - it offers French-inspired cuisine;

… of the Tuscan Grille - Meat, fish and wine are combined in a skilful manner;

… the Qsine - Fine cuisine with 3D effects in between.

Sushi on Five Murano restaurant Tuscan Restaurant Restaurant Qsine - 3D animated plate


Bars & Lounges

Guests can choose between the following 15 bars and lounges on the Celebrity Eclipse:

Deck 3

Passport bar

The bar opposite the Guest Relations in the Grand Foyer is the only bar on the 3rd deck. It's a stimulating and cozy place to have a drink, unless the live music is booming in the atrium.

Passport bar

Passport bar

Deck 4

Casino Bar

The bar on the edge of the casino impresses with its good and friendly service. Sports events can also be followed on large monitors.

Casino Bar

Casino Bar

Cellar Masters

The intimate wine bar offers tasty, fine wines. At the same time, the regular wine tastings take place there.

Cellar Masters wine bar

Cellar Masters wine bar

Martini Bar & Crush

Already in our discussion of the Celebrity Silhouette we wrote “This is where people stir, shake and enjoy”. Nothing has changed about that.

Martini Bar & Crush

Martini Bar & Crush


The soberly designed location is mainly used as a disco and for regular karaoke events. We don't feel addressed by the interior.

Deck 5

Café al Bacio & Gelateria

On all Solstice-class ships known to us, the café is a pleasant place to relax and enjoy delicious coffee blends and exquisite teas. The drinks and the various types of ice cream are chargeable. The pastry specialties offered with it, on the other hand, are available as a bonus.

Café al Bacio

Café al Bacio

Ensemble lounge

A spacious and dim lounge with live music and good drinks.

Michael's Club

The formerly well-kept pub has been redesigned as a retreat for suite guests.

Highly classy ambience - Michael's Club

Highly classy ambience - Michael's Club

World class bar

Their bartenders specialize in cocktails.

There are no bars and lounges on cabin decks 6 to 11. Further locations will follow on the decks above.

Deck 12

Pool Bar

It is the open-air bar on the sun and pool deck.

Deck 14

Mast bar

Located on the starboard side, level with the mast grill.

Ocean View Bar

Located aft in the outdoor area of ​​the Oceanview Café.

Ocean View Bar

Ocean View Bar

Sky observation lounge

The large, versatile lounge extends over the entire front width of the ship.

Sky lounge

Sky lounge

Deck 15

Sunset Bar

The highest bar in the Celebrity Eclipse. The guests sit in the stern area of ​​the ship and look out over the wake. Comfortable lounge furniture awaits visitors to the Sunset Bar on both sides of the adjacent lawn of the Lawn Club.

Sunset Bar

Sunset Bar

Fitness & Wellness

Ball games, running and swimming are the focus of on-board activities. Space has been created on the upper decks for all three sports. The Basketball court and the Jogging track lie forward on the 15th and amidships on the 14th deck.

Ball field Jogging track


Both of them are used for swimming Outdoor pools on deck 12 and in Solarium. This fully glazed relaxation area with water features, a large pool and whirlpools is reserved for people aged 16 and over. The solarium offers the most beautiful and tasteful loungers on the entire ship. A total of six whirlpools are distributed over the pool deck.

Pooldeck Solarium - plays of light


A spacious one Sundeck lies forward on the 16th deck.

The Spa and the gym on deck 12 is from Canyon Ranch, the renowned operator of wellness centers. The spa offers are varied and expensive; the sports area is equipped with very good equipment.

Spa reception

Spa reception


Entertainment on the Celebrity Eclipse runs from early morning until late at night. Lectures about upcoming destinations, wine presentations by the head sommelier and art auctions find their audience.

Art auction

Art auction

There are also special sales, the Liar's Club, karaoke events or the “Officers Challenge” in the on-board casino. Captain's Club members are allowed to see the captain and senior officers.

Master of the Ship - Captain Sympouras

Master of the Ship - Captain Sympouras

The In-flight entertainment center is the large three-story on-board theater. When designing the theater, it was taken into account that almost all of the 1.095 seats have an optimal view and that the audience is closer to the artists.

Celebrity Eclipse Theater Showtime in the theater


As a look behind the scenes reveals, the technical equipment is excellent. The on-board musicians and the dancers act first class. The singers especially shine through their volume. Guest artists appear regularly. The four artists involved in all shows should be emphasized. You show great ability.

Tango show

Tango show

The entertainment spectrum counts Live music. It is offered at certain times of the day in various areas of the ship. We find all of these performances to be far too loud. The noble Grand Foyer is not spared from the noise either. It is usually well attended Fortune Casino. The gamblers meet at around 275 modern machines and 15 gaming tables.

The two of them branch off from the Grand Foyer on decks 4 and 5 Store levels from. On deck 6 the Celebrity iLounge to the central area of ​​the elevators. Workshops on PC topics are offered regularly for a fee.

Shop level deck 4

Shop level deck 4

Close to the open elevator shaft on deck 9 Card Room and on decks 10 and 11 the Library on. Comfortable seating areas and daylight invite you to browse.

Library with Christmas decorations

Library with Christmas decorations

The glass artists from Hollywood hot glass. One-hour demonstrations take place regularly at the Lawn Club. For a fee, guests can try their hand at the art of glass making; they are actively supported by the experts.

Hollywood Hot Glass Show with audience participation

Hollywood Hot Glass Show with audience participation

There are separate areas for children and adolescents on deck 15 according to age groups. Care is guaranteed.

About Celebrity Eclipse


April 2010


Length 317 meters; Width 36,80 meters


122.000 GT

Passenger decks

12 decks


Diesel-electric propulsion, two Azipods

Machine performance

67.200 kW

Drive power

41.000 kW


Max. 24 knots (44 km / h)


Approx. 2.582 with double occupancy

Cabins & Suites

1.426, including 140 inside cabins


Around 1.270 people




Meyer Werft, Papenburg


Atlantic sailor Emma Pontin (†)

Board language

English; German-speaking guest service from case to case

Currency on board

U.S. dollar

Current location Celebrity Eclipse

Rating of the Celebrity Eclipse

Based on previous experience with the sister ships Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette We got to know the Celebrity Eclipse as part of a 14-day cruise that starts and ends in Buenos Aires with a course to Cape Horn and the Strait of Magellan. We lived in the balcony cabin # 6157.


The Eclipse, like the four other Solstice-class cruise ships, is a beautiful and remarkably no-frills ship. The clearly drawn, spacious public areas reinforce the impression of traveling with a first-class ship.

Celebrity Eclipse in front of Punta Arenas / Chile

Celebrity Eclipse in front of Punta Arenas / Chile

The visual condition of the ship, eight years after its commissioning, and the cleanliness on board are exemplary.

The gastronomic offers of the restaurants and bars as well as the proven, excellent service of the crew members confirmed us once again, with a cruise ship Celebrity Cruises to have made a good choice.

We find the international guest mix to be extremely positive. It amazes us again and again how easy it is to cultivate international contacts on board of celebrity ships.


Already on the sister ships of the Celebrity Eclipse, we wanted more cozy bars or lounges. This also applies to the Eclipse. On the ships of the sister company Royal Caribbean as well as those belonging to the group Azamara ships we feel more comfortable in this regard.

Our criticism is directed at the music in public spaces. Whether live or canned, the music mix and above all the volume were often a nuisance to us. Many of our fellow travelers shared this criticism.

The misconduct of guests who “peck” food from the buffet with their fingers in the buffet restaurant is worthy of criticism. Supervisors ignore behavior that promotes illness.

There is also a lack of supervision in the solarium, which is closed to children and young people under 16 years of age. How else could it be explained that unsupervised children are there outside of regular “family time”?



It should also be noted that the Celebrity ships have developed into floating sales events over the past few years.


The criticisms made do not change the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay on board the Celebrity Eclipse.

She is an attractive ship that is pleasant to look at from every perspective. As a cruise line, Celebrity Cruises is always recommended to guests with an international focus. If the route is suitable, we would take another cruise with this or another Celebrity Cruises ship.

The trip was supported by Celebrity Cruises. Our thanks go to the shipping company. With regard to our journalistic independence, we refer to the chapter "We are independent".

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