Celebrity Silhouette - entertainment

The Celebrity Silhouette offers its guests a sophisticated and opulent on-board program. You don't have to be bored. Regardless of whether it is about lectures on Venetian art, the Liar's Club, karaoke competitions, art auctions or the “Officers Blackjack Challenge” in the on-board casino, there is a grateful audience for everything.

Regular entertainment also takes place in the three-story theater. The technical equipment alone is excellent.

Celebrity Silhouette - TheaterCelebrity Silhouette - control desk

Celebrity Silhouette - Always stay relaxedThe services offered by the on-board musicians and the 10 dancers are first class. - Hand-picked guest artists also offer excellent performances. In different areas of the ship is during the day Live music made. Board games, bingo and similar fun keep the guests happy.

But what would a US ship be without its casino? in the Fortunes Casino Apparently decent sales are achieved at machines and tables, which can be seen in the daily reports about the winnings paid out. The previous trip paid out more than $ 585.000.

Celebrity Silhouette - gaming tables at Fortunes CasinoCelebrity Silhouette - slot machine games at Fortunes Casino

Celebrity Silhouette - Grand CentralEntertainment is also placed in the center Grand Foyer geboten. It opens spectacularly upwards from deck 3 to deck 14. It is framed on both sides by four glass elevators. The rows of shops on decks 4 and 5 branch off from the grand foyer.

Celebrity Silhouette - Shops on Deck 4Celebrity Silhouette - Shops on Deck 5

Celebrity Silhouette - iLoungeThe public one closes on deck 6 Internet area (Online @ Celebrity) to this central area. The use of the PC workstations is chargeable. Workshops on PC topics are held regularly in the web area.

Also centrally located on decks 7 and 8 The Hideaway , a well-kept retreat and above it on decks 9 and 10 the exquisitely designed, extending over two decks Library. Comfortable seating areas and daylight invite you to sit and read. Unfortunately, the tranquil calm ends in both areas when the live music starts in the Grand Foyer.

Celebrity Silhouette - The HideawayCelebrity Silhouette - Library
Children and adolescents have their own areas on board that are only open to them - with the appropriate care.

The more than four-hour “See how it's done tour” is both informative and entertaining. This event gives the guests impressions of life away from the guest world. It shows how it works in the main areas of the ship, as if there were the bridge, the mooring area, the engine control room, the backstage of the theater, part of the storage areas, the galley of the main restaurant and certain crew areas. The pleasure costs $ 150, however. A subsequent lunch with selected wines in the Tuscan Grille concludes the tour. The number of participants is limited to a few people.

We also find the program item “Taking off together with the captain” very nice. Participants can register for 75 US dollars while the departure from a port on the bridge. You experience the casting off maneuver from the perspective of the ship's command. The processes are also explained. As a reminder, there is a photo with the presentable captain.