Celebrity Silhouette - Gastronomy


The ships of the Solstice class offer both: freely accessible restaurants and specialty restaurants subject to a surcharge. The freely accessible restaurants include:

The Grand Cuvée Dining Room - It extends over decks 3 and 4. Inside, a staircase connects the two decks. The eye-catcher of the restaurant is the two-story wine tower designed by Tihany, in which more than 1000 bottles of wine are stored;

Celebrity Silhouette - Brunch in the Grand Cuvee Dining RoomCelebrity Silhouette - Wine Tower in the Grand Cuvee Dining Room

The Oceanview Café - The defining buffet restaurant (deck 14 aft). It takes up about 1/3 of the area of ​​the 14th deck. The entire range of dishes is offered here: breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner.

Celebrity Silhouette - Oceanview Cafe - Salad BarCelebrity Silhouette - Oceanview Cafe - Bakery

Celebrity Silhouette - Oceanview Cafe - Beverage StationFrom our point of view, the Oceanview is particularly recommended for breakfast and lunch. The stations for production (grill, egg dishes, etc.) and serving of the dishes look well thought out. There are practically no disruptions in the process and waiting times as we got to know on other ships. The restaurant is always efficient, even with heavy traffic. The cleanliness is very good. The tables are cleared and cleaned quickly. The drink stations are well placed. Free drinks are: various juices, water, lemonade, coffee and tea.

The Oceanview offers a partially covered open deck aft Oceanview Bar. Here you can sit perfectly in calm times;

The AquaSpa Café - It offers a limited, alternative breakfast and lunch (Deck 12);

Celebrity Silhouette - Aquaspa Cafe

The Mast grill - Hamburgers and hot dogs are prepared outside on the 14th deck;

On deck 3 of the Grand Cuvée Dining Rooms Breakfast is served in the morning. In the evening, half of the restaurant is used for the two meal sessions. The other half is reserved for Select Dining guests. Those guests appreciate the time independence. Dinner is served within a core time of 17.45pm to 21.30pm. Select Dining must be booked in advance. Any tips will be billed when booking the trip.

According to our observations, only a few German-speaking guests use the Select Dining offer. Maybe also because the English skills have to be right. Those who feel more comfortable with the German language are in better hands within the fixed table times. In this case, the guests are set according to their languages.

The table waiters and their assistants deserve special praise. The Waiter present the daily recommendations with additional explanations. The sommeliers work reliably. For cost reasons it is advisable to order wine packages. Of course, wine is also served by the glass. Table water is served continuously and free of charge.

Specialty restaurants

Most of these restaurants are only open in the evening and are subject to a surcharge. A cost of US $ 40 should be calculated per menu. Then there are the drinks. The equipment and the quality of the food in the restaurants justify the statement: Great! We ate in two of the restaurants and were very satisfied. Whoever we asked, guests at these restaurants praised the ambience and quality of the food. The restaurants are in detail:

The Murano - The claim: Excellent menus of classic and modern cuisine with a French touch;

The Qsine - There new worlds of taste are discovered;

The Tuscan Grille - An Italian steak house and excellent wines, that fits and also inspired us;

Celebrity Silhouette - Murano RestaurantCelebrity Silhouette - Qsine Restaurant

Celebrity Silhouette - Tuscan GrilleCelebrity Silhouette - Tuscan Grille

Celebrity Silhouette - Aquaclass Dining Room BluThe AquaClass Dining Room Blu - Open for breakfast and dinner. The restaurant is reserved exclusively for guests in the AquaClass cabins;



The Bistro on Five - The creperie, subject to a surcharge;

Ice-cream shop - With their delicious ice cream offers that are subject to a surcharge;

Celebrity Silhouette - Bistro on Fife     Celebrity Silhouette - Gelateria

Celebrity Silhouette - Lawn Club GrillThe Lawn Club Grill - Celebrity Cruises calls this area the first interactive grill restaurant in the open air on a cruise ship. Here, guests can lend a hand in the preparation of their meals or assist the chef;

Celebrity Silhouette - The PorchThe The Porch - The “veranda” is on the starboard side on deck 15. Breakfast, soups, salads and delicious paninis are served between 7:00 am and 15:00 pm. With a fair calculated 5 US dollars, you can take part in the meal. From up there we enjoyed entering the Venice lagoon.

Bars & Lounges

The daily program includes 13 differently designed bars & lounges. We don't like all of them. Here is a small selection of the bars we appreciate.

Martini Bar & Crush - This is where people stir, shake and enjoy (deck 4 port side);

Celebrity Silhouette - Martini Bar

Cellar Masters - The elite wine bar to starboard on deck 4 (opposite the Martini Bar);

Café al Bacio - Centrally located. A nice place to watch and hang out (deck 5). The captain and the ship's officers are also often drawn to this area;

Celebrity Silhouette - Cellar MastersCelebrity Silhouette - Cafe al Bacio

Michael's Club - Michael's Club is in front of the Murano specialty restaurant. On the "Equinox" the bar was designed as a fine English club. On the “Silhouette”, Michael's Club comes as an English sports and beer bar with live broadcasts of sports events on flat screens and an overwhelming selection of beers. The bartender is a proven beer expert;

Celebrity Silhouette - Michaels ClubCelebrity Silhouette - Michaels Club

Sunset Bar - She is aft, behind that Lawn Club. Very nice, but often very drafty (deck 15).

celebrity silhouette sunset bar

Something else remarkable and typical: Alcoholic drinks are only served to people who have reached the age of 21. Never forget that we are on a US ship.

Our conclusion is: We know a lot of bars on ships. As far as the “silhouette” is concerned, the range is quite extensive. In most bars, however, we missed the comfort. The desire for a relaxed conversation is too often disturbed by the loud music. Both would certainly work better.