Celebrity Silhouette - Routes and Evaluation

The route - 11 nights Italy and Croatia

From Venice to Dubrovnik / Croatia, Civitavecchia / Rome, Naples, Catania / Sicily, Valletta / Malta, Kotor / Montenegro, Split / Croatia and back to Venice.

The route guidance is extremely successful. Each of the ports approached offers guests multiple excursion options.

Celebrity silhouette in Kotor

Our rating of the Celebrity Silhouette

The Celebrity Silhouette is not a ship like any other. She is a remarkably beautiful and no-frills premium ship. We really liked the cabin interior and the design of the public spaces.

The visual condition and cleanliness on board the “Silhouette” are exemplary.

The ship's kitchens always prepare high-quality, appetizing and, above all, very tasty dishes.

All crew members with guest contact make the guest's stay on board as pleasant as possible.

We didn't like two things. In the area of ​​bars and lounges we mostly missed the comfort. In this respect, we felt more comfortable on the ships of the sister company Royal Caribbean.

Another criticism applies to the music in public spaces. Regardless of whether live or canned, the music mix and above all the volume were a nuisance to us. You can hardly escape the music outside the cabin and the balcony.

Both points of criticism do not change the fact that we really enjoyed our stay on board the Celebrity Silhouette. She is a beautiful ship that is pleasant to look at compared to other cruise ships. We would go again with this or any other celebrity ship at any time.

May 2013