Celebrity silhouette trips

There are three options for booking excursions:

  • In advance via the English language Celebrity Cruises website;
  • On board the ship using the interactive TV set in the cabin;
  • On board at the Shore Excursion counter.

When booking online in advance, the interested cruiser will find his or her details under "Already Booked? " the button Shore & Land Excursions. First of all, excursion packages are suggested to the guest. On the Mediterranean tour with the silhouette beginning on May 11, 2013, there were two packages with the names Connoisseur Package and Signature Package. Five trips with the “Connoisseur” charge the on-board account with 489,50 euros.

If you don't want that, look under A la carte excursions according to general suggestions. For example, culinary tours, entertainment & sightseeing tours, sand & sea tours (e.g. the boat trip to Capri's Blue Grotto) and more are offered.

All in all: the number of excursion offers is overwhelming. If we counted correctly, there are 141 tours and excursions in the program. Some of them are useful and attractive. The guest learns a lot about the contents of the excursions in advance. If it weren't for the prices. As experienced ship travelers, we know that independent tour operators and individual bookings in advance or on-site charge significantly lower prices for tours of the same value. Not to mention the bus and train network with which many of the destinations in countries like Italy can be easily reached.

We spoke to American fellow travelers about the subject. They confirmed our impressions of the high costs of the tours, but emphasized that they tended to go on guided tours in an unfamiliar European environment. Overall, they were very satisfied with the respective group size and the information received.

We generally tend to plan individual tours. This time, however, we booked a tour at the end of our trip for $ 94,75 per person. It included a visit to nearby Padua and from there the transfer to Venice's Marco Polo Airport.

Padua - Palazzo della Ragione

And once again we found out that the price / performance ratio wasn't right. We should have left our luggage in Venice, taken public transport to Padua and, after returning to Venice, took the fast airport shuttle to the airport.