Costa Magica

Costa MagicaCosta Cruises advertises the Costa Magica in the catalog as a luxury liner and floating grand hotel. The most beautiful places in Italy, e.g. B. Capri, Portofino and Bellagio on Lake Como are said to have inspired the designers in the design and naming of all the halls, all the restaurants and the pool area.

Well roared lion, one might say on it. Let's take a practical test. The test was put to the test by our testers, a married couple of advanced age friends with sufficient experience on cruise ships. You are known to the editors, but you do not want to be named. The ship traveled on a 2010-night trip through the Mediterranean in November 7.

As far as we are informed, the ship is based on the original plans of the Destiny class of the parent company Carnival Cruise Lines. This design was adopted by Costa for the Costa Magica and Costa Fortuna. The result is a ship that is approved for a maximum of 3.470 passengers.

With every ship, it's not just the "hardware", i.e. the ship, that plays a significant role. The “software” of such a huge company also has to be right. That means: everything has to interlock. The kitchen and cellar must be efficient. The drinks on offer must be affordable. Wellness and sport shouldn't be neglected either. Sufficient and high quality entertainment must be provided, especially on long days at sea. This mixture of everything makes up the whole package. Before we turn to the details and see what our friends think, here are some ship details.

magical coast
Costa Magica

Ship data

Ship class
Sister ships
Passenger decks
Power Type
Wellness Center

Destiny (Carnival)
Costa Fortuna
272 meters
35,5 meters
102.600 GT
Diesel electric, speed: maximum 22 kn
1.358; of which 857 exterior and 501 inside cabins; including 58 suites
3.470 maximum including the duvets
1.300 m²
1.090 people
Fincantieri, Trieste