Costa Magica atmosphere

The Italian moments in life dominate the Costa Magica. That's understandable, after all, Costa is an Italian cruise company. So it is not surprising if Italian is the language on board and if announcements in other languages ​​come later. The magnificent interior of the ship does not completely harmonize with the overly casual clothing style that is often lived. Or would it be more correctly worded the other way round?

Costa Magica - atrium
Atrium © Costa Cruises

The buffet restaurant area is usually very informal. This informal behavior of the guests in connection with certain service inadequacies when clearing and cleaning the tables does not make us think of a grand hotel.

The ship, on the other hand, is in good shape. The public areas are constantly being cleaned and serviced. Here it would be permissible to think of a grand hotel in terms of size and optical effects.