Costa Magica gastronomy

Let's start with the restaurants. Costa Magica offers its guests four restaurants.
The ...

  • Ristorante Costa Smeralda aft on decks 3 and 4
  • Ristorante Portofino amidships on decks 3 and 4
  • Ristorante Buffet Bellagio aft on decks 9 and 10
  • Club Vicenza deck aft on deck 11

To the buffet restaurant
In the two-story Bellagio buffet restaurant we could eat well and delicious. In quieter times, the interior is friendly and inviting. Still, we didn't really like the atmosphere and the overall ambience. When the load is high, it is too narrow and too loud. The cleanliness, i.e. the cleanliness of the tables, sometimes left a lot to be desired. Incidentally, we had the same experience on individual MSC ships. Anyone who has ever traveled with Royal Caribbean will experience buffet restaurants differently than those on the Costa Magica cruise ship and at MSC. So we quickly avoided the practical buffet restaurant.

To the serving restaurants
On this trip, which was primarily intended to serve relaxation, we preferred one of the restaurants with service at any time of the day because of our impressions of the buffet restaurant. We especially liked the Costa Smeralda. The service was right here. Quality and quantity of the dishes were also good. However, you had to be patient, especially at breakfast. After all, we weren't the only breakfast patrons who wanted to bypass the buffet restaurant.

We preferred fish dishes for main meals. Overall we were very satisfied with that. With regard to meat dishes, we heard that the quality of the meat sometimes left something to be desired or that the meat was cut incorrectly. Sorry, not our topic.

Club Vicenza is in a class of its own. A reservation is required to visit the elegantly furnished restaurant. Here meals are served in a high-quality ambience for a reasonable surcharge. That’s something. - Nevertheless, here and on other ships, we always ask ourselves why should we eat in an admittedly first-class restaurant on the ship, which is subject to a surcharge, when we are served up to 6 courses of very good quality with a lot of empathy in the restaurant with service?

Costa Magica - Costa Smeralda restaurant
Costa Smeralda restaurant © Costa Crociere

Costa Magica - Portofino Restaurant
Portofino restaurant © Costa Crociere

The deck plan shows 11 bars. The Grand Bar Salento in the middle of the 5th deck seemed mighty to us. We enjoyed staying in the piano bar on the same deck aft. And the Bar Italia Magica in front of the theater on deck 3 was also able to lure us. When we were still smokers, we would have withdrawn to the Cognac & Cigar Bar with a brandy.
Costa Magica - piano bar
Piano bar © Costa Crociere

Nobody has to die of thirst on board. However, the drink prices seemed to us to be more than "properly" calculated. Here, as on other ships, the absolute recommendation is to order a beverage package in advance. It looks like this. The drinks package All Inclusive à la Costa includes a selection of drinks for lunch and dinner in the buffet and main restaurant, consisting of beer, white and red wine (house-brand wines). And Costa is not stupid: This offer can only be booked for all travelers with one booking number! The package costs 13 euros per person per day. From the Costa catalog 2012 there will be an Ultra All Inclusive offer for 20 euros per person per day, which includes a more extensive range of alcoholic beverages. Bottled wines that we enjoy every time are excluded from this.
Costa Magica - Gran Bar Salento
Gran Bar Salento © Costa Crociere