costa pacifica

Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica

The Costa Pacifica is currently still the fifth largest ship of the Italian cruise line Costa Crociere SpA. On June 5th, 2009, the 290 meter long and 35 meter wide ship was christened together with the Costa Luminosa in Genoa. The Costa Pacifica and three other, slightly smaller sister ships are among them Concordia ship class.

The name

The name

The Costa Pacifica was built by the Fincantieri shipyards. The construction costs were around 450 million euros. For the award, the shipping company received a powerful cruise ship dedicated to music. To speak with Costa: “L'Italia è la musica!” More than 6.000 art objects on board the ship take up the musical theme.

costa pacifica 227 is all about music

A ship dedicated to music

The first eye-catcher is the atrium. The reception, tour office, shops, bars and other branches branch off from the central area of ​​the ship, which extends over three decks. The atrium is partly open to the top. Glass elevators run from the third to the tenth deck.

View into the atrium

View into the atrium

Bars, restaurants, the two show lounges, the on-board theater and other public areas are located on decks 3 to 5 and 9 to 12. The space available in the public areas below deck is generous.

Costa Pacifica Deals

Current offers for cruises with the Costa Pacifica can be found on the website of Costa cruises .


A distinction is made between interior, sea view, balcony cabins and suites. Individual cabins are designed to be handicapped accessible. Most of the cabins are on decks 1 and 2 as well as 6, 7 and 8. Samsara cabins and Samsara suites have been set up on the higher decks. These elegant and particularly comfortable cabins offer their residents free access to the spa area.

Our impression of the cabin

We live in balcony Stateroom 8368 on deck 17. Cabin size: approx. XNUMX square meters plus the balcony area. As a standard cabin, it offers enough space. Up to four people could live in this family cabin. The double bed is placed next to the window. The cabin's styling and decor are appealing: the carpeting contrasts well with the furnishings. It consists of a mixture of warm wood tones and patterned cream-colored surfaces. Two large-format lithographs vary the musical theme of the ship.

Musical themes in the cabin too

Musical themes in the cabin too

Cabinets and chests of drawers offer sufficient storage space; the wardrobe of a two-week trip can be conveniently stowed away.

A small make-up desk or desk is available. A sofa bed and a small table complete the facility. The fourth bed is hidden in the cabin ceiling. A modern TV monitor, telephone, safe and air conditioning are part of the basic equipment. The lighting is optimal.

The wet room also looks spacious. The balcony offers enough space. Two chairs and a small table are part of the basic equipment. One drawback: the armrests of the balcony chairs cannot be tilted.

The service from our cabin steward is impeccable. The cabin is always perfectly organized. Special requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible. And he also masters the superfluous folding of soft toys out of towels.

Food and drink on board


With double occupancy of the cabins and full occupancy, 3.008 guests travel with the Costa Pacifica. The maximum number of travelers is 3.780 people. They need spacious restaurants and good processes. Eat in six restaurants. Three of the restaurants are included in the price; the two specialty restaurants and the pizzeria are subject to a surcharge.

The restaurants included in the tour price

The majority of passengers use the two service restaurants on decks 3 and 4 for dinner New York New York and My Way . They eat there in two sessions. 1.700 guests are served at the same time in both restaurants per meal time. A central kitchen supplies both restaurants.

Restaurant New York New York
The New York New York is located aft on decks 3 and 4. As the larger of the two restaurants, it has around 1.000 seats. The equipment is pleasing and the volume is bearable when the load is high. The distances between the seats, however, are unsatisfactory.

Restaurant New York New York

Restaurant New York New York

The kitchen is dedicated to the delicacies of different Italian regions. The guests choose from a variety of dishes. This ensures variety. The decoration and the taste of the dishes are convincing. The service tries hard, but is not always satisfactory: There are sometimes waiting times, the dishes have cooled down, simple rules of gastronomy are not adhered to. In contrast, the beverage service works. - The New York also offers breakfast and lunch.

Ristorante My Way
The My Way is located amidships on decks 3 and 4. It has around 700 seats. The guests also feel at home in this restaurant. The distances between the tables are better than in New York. My Way is only open in the evenings. Incidentally: In My Way and New York New York, the menu of the day also regularly features specialties that are subject to a surcharge, in addition to the included dishes.

Ristorante My Way

Ristorante My Way

La Paloma buffet restaurant

Guests who tend to self-service use the spacious buffet restaurant. The self-service restaurant, which is heavily frequented in the mornings and lunchtime at peak times, is aft on the 9th deck. The furniture is satisfactory. When the load is high, the guests turn to the Pizzeria Pummid'Oro and the expansion areas of Lido Ipanema and Lido Calypso. A beverage service is not offered. The guests supply themselves at vending machines or at drinks stations.

In the La Paloma buffet restaurant

In the La Paloma buffet restaurant

There is no cause for complaint with regard to the variety of dishes and the taste. The structure of the buffet is difficult to understand. The restaurant concept dispenses with individual stations such as those found on Celebrity Cruises, TUI Cruises, etc. ships. The separate stations prevent waiting times. The Costa guests, on the other hand, are forced to work on two mirror-image buffets. When the La Paloma is very busy, this inevitably leads to queues and waiting times.

In the buffet restaurant La Paloma - standing in line to eat

In the buffet restaurant La Paloma - standing in line to eat

The clearing and cleaning of the tables leaves a lot to be desired, not only at peak times. An afternoon snack is also served at La Paloma between 16pm and 00pm It should be noted that none of the restaurants featured serve ice cream for dessert. If you want to eat ice cream, go to Café Amarillo and pay for the pleasure.

The Hamburgeria is open for lunch between 11am and 00pm Those who prefer burgers to the dishes in the buffet may find them there. The Hamburgeria is located at the Lido Ipanema.

il grill
Between 14pm and 00pm the Hamburgeria mutates into a grill bar.


The restaurants with extra charge

Much more dignified and cultivated than in the included meals in the paid restaurants Samsara fleet and Blue Moon. The selection and the quality of the food do not necessarily surpass the service restaurants included in the tour price; the service, however, is much better.

Samsara restaurant
The Ristorante Samsara on deck 3 advertises with the "Pacific Fusion Menu". The Asian and South American-inspired cuisine is combined with Mediterranean culinary art. We test the samsara and come to the conclusion: In samsara one cooks skillfully. The restaurant, which seats around 100, is only open in the evening.

Samsara restaurant

Samsara restaurant

Blue Moon restaurant
In contrast, the Ristorante Club Blue Moon on deck 11 is open mornings, lunchtimes and evenings. The dignified restaurant also offers around 100 seats. For a surcharge of around 40 euros per day, passengers can have their main meals there. We use the restaurant for the main meals for one day. Our verdict: highly recommended.

Blue Moon Restaurant

Blue Moon Restaurant

Pizzeria Pummid'Oro and Burger d'Atore
The pizzeria above the buffet restaurant on deck 10 is open between 6:30pm and 0:30am An unadorned restaurant with a retro look that is used as an alternative area for the buffet restaurant during the day. Besides pizzas, it also offers burgers.

Pizzeria Pummid'Oro

Pizzeria Pummid'Oro

Breakfast in the cabin
This little luxury debits the on-board account daily with 5 euros per person.

Cafés, Bars & Lounges

On our tour through the cafes, bars & lounges of the Costa Pacifica, we work our way from deck 3 up to deck 12.

Deck 3
The central one falls there immediately Atrio Welcome in the eye. It is within sight of the reception and the excursion desk. A well-frequented bar in a mostly turbulent environment, to which special sales promotions also contribute.

Atrial Welcome
Atrial Welcome
Deck 4
Lovers of disco music will enjoy Discoteca Fever . We think, the two-storey dance area ist very modern, even a little sober.
Discoteca Fever
Discoteca Fever
Deck 5
The central lounge par excellence is the one that is always well attended Grand Bar Rhapsody. It is one of the preferred places for daily entertainment. Regardless of whether it is a bingo event or dance lessons. For the Bar Sports Route 66 we cannot warm ourselves. The Amarillo ice cream parloris very popular. We are not surprised about this because there is no ice cream at meal times. As a result, ice cream lovers are drawn to Amarillo for coffee and ice cream.
Grand Bar Rhapsody
Grand Bar Rhapsody
Bar Sports Route 66
Amarillo ice cream parlor

Friends of classical music meet for violin and piano music in the Sala de Ballo Vienna. Opposite the small concert hall we find Rick's Bar. In the noble wine bar, to the muted music of a fantastic duo, an abundance of good wines and sparkling wines is served. Rick's Bar is our favorite bar on board the Costa Pacifica. The subsequent Salone Around the Clock is in turn a versatile lounge. It is also easy to linger there in the evenings.

Sala da Ballo Vienna Vienna
Rick's Bar - Performance by the duo Daniel and Giselle
Salone around the clock
Salone around the clock
Deck 9
To the pool areas Calypso (amidships) and Ipanema (aft) connect two small bars. They mainly serve to supply pool guests with drinks.

Bar Lido Calypso

Bar Lido Calypso

Deck 12
The little one ScuderiaCosta Formula 1 bar on starboard in the forward segment of the ship is the only outside bar. It is well frequented on sunny days.

Scuderia Costa Formula 1 Bar

Scuderia Costa Formula 1 Bar

Beverage prices

The menu and bar menus offer a rich selection of drinks. The price level is still acceptable compared to US ships. Costa also offers different beverage packages.

Sport & Wellness

The sports offer

Costa Pacifica offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities. Team players use the multi-purpose sports field for football, volleyball or basketball.

Individualists run on the short jogging course on the 12th deck. Our tip: On the always deserted boat deck (Deck 3), you can walk or run on both sides of the ship.

The fitness center is very well equipped. The devices are state of the art.



The pool landscape includes three swimming pools and five whirlpools. Two of the pools are under a retractable glass roof. As is so often the case on cruise ships, the size of the pools is more suitable for refreshment than for sporting activities. Children have their own child-friendly paddling pool with a slide.

Basin of the Lido Calypso

Basin of the Lido Calypso

Even the big ones can slide. A winding slide leads two decks down from the top deck. You saw that in a more spectacular way, but it is enough for the beginning and in northern latitudes.



Sun worshipers use the spacious sundecks. It is probably not a problem to get hold of a deck couch. However, there is a lack of shady places. In the cool north, guests are offered warming blankets.

The Samsara Spa

The spacious Samsara Spa on decks 11 and 12 has a lot to offer guests. Saunas, steam baths, massage therapies and a solarium with tea bar create wellness experiences. Guests with additional requirements use the offers of the elegant, dignified wellness oasis. Among other things, it offers a relaxation pool. The wellness area is operated by the renowned international spa specialist Steiner.

Samsara Spa
Heated loungers in the spa
Samsara Spa relaxation pool
Samsara Spa relaxation room



The entertainment offer is versatile and varied. Bingo events, ice and fruit carving demonstrations, seminars, dance lessons, captain's receptions and more are offered in abundance.

The evening Stage shows take place in the three-storey on-board theater. Its seats are comfortable and people with long legs can also find a relaxed sitting position. We are always amazed by the quality of the performances. The dance troupe deserves special praise, with its fast-paced dances and beautiful costumes that regularly cast a spell over the audience. The technical equipment of the theater is state-of-the-art. The connection of video effects with the stage reality is remarkable.

Show in the theater

Show in the theater

All live musicians in the bars and lounges deserve praise. From classic to pop, there is something for everyone. The ability and repertoire of the musicians can be admired.

Diverse entertainment is offered especially on the 5th deck. There is, among other things, that Flamingo Casino . Tables and machines are played in the spacious area. No Italian cruise ship comes without that Card room , the card room. He's on deck 5 too. That goes for them too Biblioteca Imagine and the Shopping gallery , friends of video games you will also find something on this deck in the sports bar. One deck below is the one regularly used for church services Prayer room.

Biblioteca Imagine

Biblioteca Imagine

In 2018, Costa celebrates its 70th company anniversary. Individual events honor this remarkable occasion.

In the racing car simulator of the ScuderiaCosta On the 12th deck, racing enthusiasts treat themselves to the illusion of driving the world's most famous racetracks behind the wheel of a racing car.

The Scuderia Costa

The Scuderia Costa

The Internet Pointis on deck XNUMX. Children are supervised and looked after in the Squok Club on deck 10.

Information about the Costa Pacifica




Length 290 meters; Width 35,50 meters


114.288 GT

Passenger decks

13 decks


6 Wärtsilä diesel engines

Cruising speed

21,5 knots








3.008 with double occupancy; 3780 max.


about 1.110 persons



home port


Board language

Italian; Notifications are made in German

Currency on board


Current position Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica rating

We are testing the Costa Pacifica in June 2018 as part of a trip from Hamburg to the North Cape. Visually it is a spacious and successful ship. The design of the booths, the booth corridors, the stairwells and the public rooms varies throughout with musical themes. The design is of that certain opulence that is typical of Costa ships. The Costa Pacifica is really not a ship for lovers of Nordic birch wood designs. She is more of a ship for the "Italian moments" in life!

Costa is celebrating its 70th birthday

Costa is celebrating its 70th birthday

The following speaks for the ship:

  • The generous amount of space in the public areas,
  • The meticulous cleanliness on board the ship,
  • The food in all tested restaurants,
  • The committed crew, starting with the cabin steward and ending with the “Master of the Ship”, the captain Antonio Modaffari
  • The international atmosphere

Costa Pacifica is a cruise ship that accommodates 3.000 guests and more at full capacity and double occupancy. The ship's command and the entire crew manage to make the stay of so many people of different nationalities on board harmoniously. Apart from the system-related inadequacies in individual restaurant areas, the Costa Pacifica is a recommendable cruise ship from our point of view. Current cruise offers with the Costa Pacifica can be found on the website of Costa cruises .

The trip was supported by Costa Crociere. Our special thanks go to the shipping company and our contacts on board. With regard to our journalistic independence, we refer to the chapter "We are independent". 

Update December 2021