Island princess

In 2012 cruising under the command of Princess Cruises 16 "Princesses" with the logo of the sea witch on the chimney across the oceans. One of the ships that iceland Princess, let's take a closer look.

Island Princess - The Sea Witch

That for Coral class counting cruise ship ran out in July 2003 on its maiden voyage. The travel portal e-hoy rates the Island Princess with a good 4 stars. It operates the routes from Vancouver to Alaska and also sails through the Panama Canal. On this route, Beluko, our co-author, and her husband got to know the ship better.

Island princess

General information about the Island Princess



Outdated summer 2010
Size: Length 294 meters, width 32,20 meters, draft approx. 8,00 meters
measurement 91.627 GT
Decks 16, including 12 passenger decks
Machine Two diesel-electric generators and a gas turbine
Speed 22 knots
passengers 1.974 (max. 2368)
Crew 900 people
Flagge Bermuda
Board language English

Current position Island Princess