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Restaurants and cafes

Decent restaurants are part of a cruise. The mixture of service and buffet restaurants makes the success. Royal Caribbean International ships are mainly booked by international guests, mainly US citizens. They value solid restaurant service with occasional gala evenings. Some of the six on-board restaurants are subject to a surcharge.

Legend of the Seas - advertising for pay restaurants


Restaurants included in the price

Main restaurant Romeo and Juliet
The most important restaurant on board is the two-story, elegantly furnished one on decks 4 and 5 Romeo & Juliet Dining Room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be taken here. The dinner takes place in two sessions. In addition, the “My Time Dining Option” is offered. This allows the dinner to be taken flexibly at any time the guest wishes. Although there is space for 1.020 guests, the tables are well spaced. The impression of tightness does not arise. Everything is offered, from tables for two to ten.

Legend of the Seas - Romeo & Juliet Restaurant    Legend of the Seas - Romeo & Juliet Restaurant    Legend of the Seas - Romeo & Juliet Restaurant - Lower Level

Windjammer buffet restaurant
The buffet restaurant designed with nautical motifs is located on deck 9 in the front area of ​​the ship. The view from the front window seats through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the mooring deck below and the surrounding sea or land is first class. Some high tables with seating resembling those in coffee bars are ideal for a quick bite.

Legend of the Seas - Windjammer buffet restaurant

The restaurant has a maximum of 546 guests who take care of themselves at various buffet stations. They are well distributed in the room. There is a rich selection of salads, pasta, different, changing main courses, soups, sandwiches, fruit and desserts. We tested the offer. The quality of what was offered was good. Ice water, lemonade, various types of tea and coffee are offered free of charge. Other drinks have to be paid for. The service is good; the "waiter" serve quickly and kindly offer to get the free drinks.

Legend of the Seas - Windjammer buffet restaurant - drinks station

Park Café

The area around the solarium is quiet Park Café. After the renovation in 2013, it improves the dining options. During the day, salads, paninis, soups, meat dishes, desserts and small cakes are served at certain meal times.

Legend of the Seas - Park Café self-service restaurant     Legend of the Seas - Park Café self-service restaurant - The menu


Restaurants subject to surcharge

Steakhouse Chops Grille
On deck 11, the highest place accessible to ship guests, lies the rear of the Viking Crown Lounge, the elegant restaurant specializing in steaks and seafood. In addition to high quality food, excellent service is offered. For this "luxury" an additional payment of US $ 30 per person (tip is included in the amount) is required.

Legend of the Seas - Chops Grille     Legend of the Seas - Chops Grille restaurant

Izumi restaurant
Anyone who believes in Japanese cuisine, meaning noodles, soups, sashimi or sushi, visits this Izumi. It is located at the front of the Viking Crown Lounge overlooking the pool deck.

Legend of the Seas - Izumi Asian Cuisine     Legend of the Seas - Restaurant Izumi Asian Cuisine

Chef's Table
A maximum of twelve guests are allowed on the Chef's Table take a seat on deck 5. The 5-course menus on offer on a large table are explained and presented personally by the chefs. The sommelier serves five different wines to accompany the individual courses. The whole thing has its price with 95 US dollars (tips are also included). Compared to the specialty restaurants on board certain German ships, which are subject to a surcharge, this only appears to be high. If you add a good bottle of wine and a tip on German ships, the price of the Chef's Table seems rather moderate. For understandable reasons, children under the age of 13 are denied access to the Chef's Table.

Café latte tudes

On deck 6 is next to the Library near the center that Café latte tudes. For a fee, guests are offered first-class tea and coffee specialties, milkshakes and delicious ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. There is also a free selection of pastries. In the evening, the staff also prepares mixed drinks.

Legend of the Seas - Café Latte-tudes

Cabin service

The cabin service is available twenty-four hours. This works free of charge during the day. A service fee will be charged between midnight and 5:00am

Bars and lounges 

Bars and lounges are standard on all cruise ships. After all, the guests should feel good and consume plenty of drinks during a cruise. Our overview of bars and lounges starts on deck 4. 

Schooner Bar
Between the theater and the casino is the maritime one Schooner Bar. It is a pleasant place to stay. Live piano music is available in the bar. The pianists react spontaneously and skilfully to the music requests of their guests.

Legend of the Seas - Schooner Bar     Legend of the Seas - Schooner Bar

R Bar
The new, pretty plush one closes next to the schooner bar R Bar on. It is furnished in the style of the 60s and offers the best seats for the breathtaking artistic presentations in the center, which extends over five decks.

Legend of the Seas - R Bar

Anchors Aweigh Lounge
The Legend of the Seas has been one of the shipping company's most modern ships since its $ 50 million redesign. On the other hand, the one on deck 5 in the front area seems a little out of date Anchors Aweigh Lounge. Their ambience is reminiscent of the bar ambience of the early 70s. The lounge is used for bingo and karaoke events, art auctions or other general events. 

Legend of the Seas - Anchors Aweigh Bar     Legend of the Seas - Anchors Aweigh Bar

Pool Bar
On deck 9 there is the movie screen in front of the mighty pool Pool Bar.

Legend of the Seas - Pool Bar     Legend of the Seas - Pool Bar

Concierge & Diamond Club
These private clubs, also located on deck 9, are reserved for suite guests and highly decorated members of the Crown & Anchor Club (from Diamond status).

Legend of the Seas - retreat for established club members

Viking Crown Lounge
It is located on deck 11 above the center and gives the impression of a cold nightclub with a large bar and dance floor. During the day, the lounge is an ideal retreat for reading and relaxing; in the evening it is a dance floor.

Legend of the Seas - Viking Crown Lounge - captain's address