mein schiff 2

Mein Schiff 2

In January 2019 Mein Schiff 2 put into service. Together with Mein Schiff 1, the cruise ship represents a new, larger generation of ships from Hamburg's TUI Cruises. At first glance, the ships look like eggs. Both grew by 20 meters to 316 meters in length. The bed capacity increased by 360 sub-beds to 2.894 guest beds. The generous passenger / space ratio familiar from TUI Cruises ships continues.

Mein Schiff 2 in the port of Puerto del Rosario / Fuerteventura

Mein Schiff 2 in the port of Puerto del Rosario / Fuerteventura

Mein Schiff 2   Like the predecessor ships, it was built by the Finnish MEYER TURKU shipyard. The new Mein Schiff 2 received the final touches in the port of Kiel, and the christening took place on February 9, 2019 in Lisbon. The godmother was Carolin Niemczyk, singer of the Glasperlenspiel group. The previous and much smaller Mein Schiff 2 will operate until 2022 as “Mein Schiff ♥” for the TUI Cruises fleet.

Mein Schiff 2 - under the sign of wellbeing

Mein Schiff 2 - under the sign of wellbeing

Mein Schiff 2 current routes and offers

Mein Schiff 2 - Mediterranean Sea 2024
Mein Schiff 2 - Mediterranean cruises 2023

Overview of the Mediterranean cruises Mallorca with Mein Schiff 2 in the 2024 season

My Ship 2 - Caribbean 2024/2025/2026Mein Schiff 2 Caribbean cruises 2024/2025

Overview of Caribbean cruises with Mein Schiff 2 in the 2024/2025 season

meinschiff 2 cruise offers 

More cabins and suites

The new Mein Schiff 2 has a total of 1.447 cabins and suites. Opposite to Mein Schiff 6, the last new building in the previous class of ship, this is an increase of 180 cabins and suites. The shipping company differentiates between 18 cabin and suite categories. 

Essential cabin variants - standard cabins

designation Living space in m² Balcony area in m² Maximum occupancy
Inside cabins 17   4 people
Outside cabins 17   4 people
Balcony cabins 17 5 – 7 4 people
Premium veranda cabins 17 30 3 people
 SPA balcony cabins 17 5 4 people
Family cabins outside 29 – 44   6 people
Family cabins balcony 25 15 5 people

The standard cabins are well thought out and unobtrusive. 17 square meters is enough for two people. There is enough storage space. In addition to the size, the cabins differ in terms of location and equipment (deck chairs, hammocks, care products, etc.). 

Balcony cabin 9083 Balcony cabin 9083

Essential cabin variants - suites

Panorama Suite

Panorama Suite

designation Living space in m²  Balcony area in m² Maximum occupancy
Junior Suite 26 7 4 people
Nice view suite 39 13 – 14 4 people
Horizon suite 38 – 40 16 4 people
Horizon suite 40 9 4 people
Sky & Sea Suite 42 29 4 people
Panorama Suite   73 – 77 31 – 36 6 people

Nice view suite Sky & Sea Suite Panorama Suite Separate bedroom in the Panorama Suite

Extra services for suite guests

Suite guests experience a separate check-in, receive free internet access and concierge services. The drinks in the minibar are "on the house" and exclusive X lounge separates the noble guests from the standard travelers.

The X sundeck for suite guests

The X sundeck for suite guests

Another refuge reserved exclusively for suite residents is the one located aft X panorama deck (6th deck).

Old & new gastronomic experiences

“Gastronomy for connoisseurs: 12 restaurants & bistros and 13 bars & lounges” is what the new Mein Schiff 2 offers its guests. Some restaurants and bars were first introduced with Mein Schiff 1 and have now been transferred to Mein Schiff 2.

Restaurant included subject to a surcharge  Service at the seat
Atlantic - Classic    
Atlantic - Mediterranean      
Bosphorus - snack bar      
Cucimare - Ristorante in the manufactory       
Fish Market    partially  
Pretty healthy - bistro      
Dining room - favorite dishes       
Surf & Turf - Steakhouse        
Day & Night - Bistro      

Familiar and indispensable included restaurants

The Mein Schiff fleet has always stood for that Premium all-inclusive concept. All restaurants included in the price offer the high quality you have come to expect from TUI Cruises. The passengers are familiar with the two variants of the main restaurants as "long-running hits" Atlantic “Classic" and Atlantik "Mediterranean“And the buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz with the connected bakery.

Atlantic "Classic" Atlantic "Mediterranean" Atlantic "Classic" Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant

 Since the introduction of the new Mein Schiff 1, the Fish Market the "Gosch" restaurant on the 12th deck. The fish market connects to the "Anckelmannsplatz".

Fish Market

Fish Market

In the 182-seat restaurant, specialties from the sea are served in a casual bistro atmosphere. Some of the food and drinks are chargeable. The food in the fish market also costs a premium Sushi bar. Guests order sushi and sashimi from a small menu. The spacious outdoor restaurant area behind the fish market is used by the guests of the buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz.

Sushi bar in the fish market

Sushi bar in the fish market

Another highlight is that Very healthy - bistro. It is located amidships on deck 5 and offers indoor and outdoor seating. The name is program. The airy restaurant is focused on light, healthy food. Some of the food and drinks require additional charges. Opposite on the starboard side is the tried and tested and always well attended Day & night bistro. This also has an outdoor area.


The "Quite Healthy" bistro

The one on deck 12 next to the lagoon Bosphorus snack bar does not stand for noble gastronomy. The simply styled snack bar offers: doner kebab, Arabic-inspired vegetarian falafel as well as Belgian potatoes and waffles. The three-wheeled one is also funny food mobile. It is parked near the pool on the 12th deck. Its crew makes hot dogs.

Bosphorus snack bar Guests in front of the food mobile

Specialty restaurants

With the quality of the food on offer, none of the food options that are subject to a surcharge are in and of themselves required. And yet they exist. They are found aft in the area of ​​the Diamonds on decks 4 and 5. Since the introduction of the new Mein Schiff 1, the diamond has again extended over two decks. The former open spaces are missing.

My ship 2 - the diamond

My ship 2 - the diamond

We see the proven Surf & Turf - Steakhouse. It's on starboard. Creative cuisine offers that Cucimare - Ristorante in the manufactory. From 12:00pm, Mediterranean-inspired dishes are prepared throughout. The Cucimare is also a place for workshops, tastings and dinner evenings with exquisite 5-course menus.

Surf & Turf Surf & Turf Manufactory - creative cuisine Cucimare in the manufactory

The small, manageable one Dining room is one deck below. Its ambience should be reminiscent of private dining rooms. Guests' favorite dishes such as Hamburg fish soup, beef roulades or Königsberger Klopse are served. So that there is no boredom while eating, crime or magic dinners are organized. Guests from deck 5 enter the dining room. 

View into the dining room

View into the dining room

Bars & Lounges

Bar included subject to a surcharge Service at the seat
Dance bar      
Outer Alster - Bar & Grill      
Juice yard      
Casino & Lounge      
Ebbe & Flood - Beer Bar      
Hoheluft Bar      
Diamond bar      
Haven of peace - bar & lungs      
Look bar      
TUI bar      
Indispensable bar      
Survey bar      
LUMAS bar      


The TUI bar

The TUI bar

TUI bar (Deck 4) and the Look bar (Deck 5) the ship offers two successful, large and always well-attended bars with entertainment effects. It looks very different on deck 12 in the ruhepol out. The bar and lounge is really a haven of peace, a place of silence and relaxation. Regular TUI Cruises customers know it as the “Sky and Sea Lounge”.

The haven of calm

The haven of calm

The aft location enjoys a high level of acceptance among guests Outer Alster Bar (Deck 14). It is the best place for a drink outside at all times, and especially when you are running out. One deck higher is the Hoheluft Bar.

Outer Alster Bar Hoheluft Bar

Opposite the Neuer Wall shopping mall lies on deck 5 the Ebbe & Flood - Beer Bar. Beer drinkers are in their element there. In cooperation with the Hamburg Ratsherrn Brewery, different draft beers and various types of craft beer are served in addition to the standard beer range on board. These services require moderate surcharges. If you have an appetite, rustic snacks included in the price are served.

Ebbe & Flood - Beer Bar Ebbe & Flut - beer bar - snack

The Juice yard on deck 3, within sight of the reception, there is little traffic. Together with the Austrian fruit juice manufacturer Rauch, TUI Cruises serves freshly squeezed juices or smoothies for a fee.

Juice yard

Juice yard

Our special recommendation applies to the LUMAS bar (Deck 4). The clear bar offers everything a bar needs: comfortable seating, friendly service staff, communicative fellow travelers and the wide range of drinks that TUI Cruises is used to.



Enough space for sport and wellness

“Feel good” is written in capital letters on the bow of Mein Schiff 2. For many passengers, the special moments of well-being on a cruise include the ships' spa and fitness facilities. A total of 2.400 m² of space on board the new Mein Schiff 2 can be used for spa and sports purposes both indoors and outdoors.

Lying in the spa

Lying in the spa

About the exemplary 25-meter outdoor pool of all TUI Cruises newbuildings we have not been amazed for a long time. It is beautiful to look at and useful Lagoon. It could be an ideal haven of calm. Amazingly, during our trip it is used almost exclusively by families with small and very small children. There is no question of rest!

25 m pool Lagoon

That is remarkable Jogging track. At 438 meters in length, it is significantly longer than that of the older ships. The built-in approximately ten percent incline poses a challenge.

Jogging route with an incline

Jogging route with an incline

While the track is open twice a day for two hours, the one known from Mein Schiff 1 is open Sand available all day for active holidaymakers, especially for ball sports. Guests are also offered indoor cycling, a small climbing wall and full-body workouts with the TRX harness system. From the rising rows of seats on one side of the hall, entertainment formats and live broadcasts of sporting events can be followed. And the arena is also used as a children's playground.

Climbing wall in the arena

Climbing wall in the arena

In front of the arena was the real one Fitnessbereich arranged on the 15th deck around the chimney. Athletes will find the best sports equipment on an area of ​​around 500 m². "Personal training" as well as various workshops and health checks can be booked for a fee. The ICAROS virtual flight simulator will also be used again. Equipped with virtual reality glasses, users glide through deep water or fly at breathtaking heights over mountain peaks. Is controlled by shifting weight. The spectacular 15-minute “flight experience” debits the on-board account with 15 euros.

Im SPA & sea Area, around 1.800 m² of space are available. The design of the rooms is becoming more and more beautiful, and the offers are becoming more and more well thought out. Various saunas and steam rooms are included in the tour price. Experience showers as well as various cabins for paid beauty treatments and couple massages complete the offer.

Spa preparations Spa - Finnish horizon sauna Spa - sauna relaxation area Spa - ice room

Eight closed decks can be locked outside on deck 14 for a fee Relaxation lodges can be booked with variable additional services.

Relaxation lodges Relaxation box prepared for guests


All TUI Cruises ships offer a sophisticated entertainment program with shows, concerts and variety performances. The central location of Mein Schiff 2 is the three-story in the bow area Theater. It is equipped with the latest stage technology. The shows, a mixture of song, dance and acrobatics, are well received by the audience.

View into the three-story on-board theater

View into the three-story on-board theater

For more intimate formats, the 150-seat deck on the fifth deck has been added stage set up. In the previous new ships, the small theater was called "Klanghaus" or "Studio". The Schaubühne enriches on-board entertainment above all with boulevard theater, stand-up comedy or magic. The technical equipment includes fine-pixel LED screens and a sound system that creates the illusion of a concert hall.

Entrance to the Schaubühne

Entrance to the Schaubühne

Classics on TUI Cruises ships are the small ones Thalia reading lounge (Deck 3), the LUMAS gallery (Deck 4) as well as the small one on deck 5 Casino with the associated lounge and the indoor smoking area. Also the Danceable there are still. It got a different design.

LUMAS gallery Dance bar

We are amazed at the wide variety of paid entertainment formats. Just a small selection of topics: making jam, coffee tasting, baking artisan bread, rum tasting, gin workshop, craft beer tasting, the perfect host, etc. In the restaurants and bars alone, we count 34 events that wash money into the shipping company's cash register . Chapeau!

Nobody on board should feel bored. The entertainment offers are varied and many interests are served. Like the previous ships, Mein Schiff 2 presents works by contemporary artists. We really like the video installation in front of the Schau Bar. If you like, you can visit the Atelier Follow your own artistic ambitions under expert guidance.

Video installation In the studio

TUI Cruises cruise ships are family ships. Parents with small children appreciate this. It goes without saying that children of all ages and teenagers will find suitable and age-appropriate lounges on board. To this end, they are offered events appropriate to their age.

Standards in environmental protection and energy efficiency

Older cruise ships are rightly classified as polluting by environmentalists. They mainly burn heavy oil, which is harmful to the environment. TUI Cruises relies on constructive measures with regard to environmental protection and energy efficiency for the new buildings from the start. Over the years these systems have been further refined.

The new Mein Schiff 2 and its sister ship use a combined exhaust aftertreatment system in continuous operation. It consists of a permanently working exhaust gas washer (scrubber) and catalysts for the main and auxiliary machines. This technology helps to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, especially in coastal and port areas.

Purified exhaust gases in port operations

Purified exhaust gases in port operations

The shipping company emphasizes that the new Mein Schiff 2 uses more than a third less energy than comparable ships. Other effective measures to save energy are: an effective energy management system, an innovative light control system, highly efficient air conditioning, the hydrodynamic hull shape of the ship and environmentally friendly underwater paintwork. Energy is not wasted: the waste heat from the engines is used, for example, to heat the pools and to generate steam in the laundry.

However, TUI Cruises is only using the more environmentally friendly and low-emission fuel LNG liquefied natural gas for the two newbuilds announced for 2024 and 2026.

Information about Mein Schiff 2


January 2019


Length 316 meters; Width 35,80 meters


approx. 111.500 GT

Passenger decks

16 decks

Power Type



approx. 22,0 knots


2.894 with double occupancy




about 1.100 persons


Malta, home port Valletta


Meyer Turku Oy, Turku / Finland




Carolin Niemczyk, singer of the group Glasperlenspiel

Board language


Currency on board


Current position My ship 2

Rating of Mein Schiff 2

The new Mein Schiff 2 is the last of the current seven-ship fleet. With the sixth new building in a row, the Hamburg shipping company is presenting a successful and presentable cruise ship.

Mein Schiff 2 - a cruise ship for the discerning

There is no doubt: the new Mein Schiff 2 is a cruise ship for demanding and quality-conscious German-speaking cruisers. Passengers who choose this ship can rightly have high expectations of the shipping company's new flagship and the service it offers.

Speaking of service: According to our observations, there is still a little lack of service in some restaurant areas. We expect that these weaknesses will soon be a thing of the past.


Children are unique and lovable. It took some getting used to, however, that we were traveling with 250 toddlers and toddlers. In the following Easter voyage, more than 500 children of all ages are expected on board. The consequence: strollers regularly block elevators and paths. The screams of children fill the restaurants and bars. Unaccompanied 10 to 12 year olds romp around the ship after 22:30pm Three year olds frolic on the open air dance floor around 23:30pm And we don't understand what small children are doing at a 75-minute, very technical information event held by the captain in the theater. The ship's command tolerates the behavior of the parents. Based on our experience, such behavior would hardly be conceivable on US or English ships.

Pool party - not without my child

Pool party - not without my child

Not only babies and toddlers and their parents should feel good. The other guests, who make up the majority, are entitled to the promised moments of wellbeing. Apparently it is difficult to balance the different interests: Concise comment from an older fellow traveler: “I no longer go on vacation to a diaper changing station. They'll never see me here again! "It can happen that way.

Cruise Turtle tested the new one Mein Schiff 2 on a 12-day cruise from / to Palma de Mallorca -> Mein Schiff 2 - From Palma to the Canaries. The trip was supported by TUI Cruises. With regard to our journalistic independence, we refer to the chapter "We are independent".