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Mein Schiff Herz ♥

Mein Schiff Herz ♥: An old ship with a new name. A proven cruise ship that is popular with the fan base.

Originally should Mein Schiff Herz ♥ left the TUI Cruises fleet in spring 2019. Due to capacity reasons, however, the ship will remain in service with TUI Cruises until 2023. The old-timer, the "old" Mein Schiff 2, was overhauled in January 2019 and renamed Mein Schiff Herz ♥. It will operate under this name in southern Europe and the Mediterranean region in summer. The Canary Islands as well as South Africa and Namibia are used as winter destinations.

Mein Schiff Herz ♥ - cabins

Mein Schiff Herz offers everything from the inside cabin with 16 m² of living space to the well-designed suite of 49 m² and a respectable 24 m² veranda sufficient options for its guests. An overview of the cabin offer:

Essential cabin and suite variants


Living space in m²

Balcony area in m²

Maximum occupancy

Inside cabins



4 people

Outside cabins



4 people

Balcony cabins



3 people

Veranda cabins



3 people

Family cab. m. Ver.


7 – 9

5 people

Junior Suite


13 – 19

3 people




4 people

The inside, outside and balcony cabins are adequately sized. As usual on other ships, the bathrooms are rather narrow. In terms of cupboards and storage space, it should be a bit more. It gets tight on a 14-day tour with enough clothes in your luggage.

Balcony cabin # 8073

Balcony cabin # 8073

The furniture includes: a flat screen TV, telephone, minibar, the Nespresso machine, which seems to be indispensable at TUI Cruises, and the safe. The air conditioning works well. Bathrobes and a hairdryer are standard.

The cabin looks bright and friendly. Wood tones dominate. The veranda cabins are equipped with a hammock. There are also barrier-free outside cabins.

Cabin # 8073 balcony

Cabin # 8073 balcony

The concierge offers guests of the suite and junior suites an “Excellence Service”. These include - finely differentiated - newspapers, free internet access and some good things more. The food and drink service offered in the X-Lounge is very much appreciated.

The total number of 956 cabins includes 12 suites and 39 junior suites.

Current offers Mein Schiff Herz ♥

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Mein Schiff Herz ♥ - Gastronomy

Five restaurants included in the price and four specialty restaurants that are subject to additional payment provide the expected culinary moments of well-being on board the Mein Schiff Herz ♥. On a total of 4.500 square meters, guests feel well looked after.

Restaurants included in the price

Atlantik Klassik restaurant

The double-storey central service restaurant on board the Mein Schiff Herz ♥ is open for all main meals. The consistently high quality of the dishes, their presentation and the pleasant and quick service leave nothing to be desired.

Atlantic restaurant

Atlantic restaurant

The Atlantic is already well attended for breakfast; however, there is always a place. In the morning, guests can choose between dishes à la carte or from a rich, high-quality buffet. Johann Lafer, one of the most famous chefs in Germany, has recently started acting as a culinary ambassador for Mein Schiff Herz ♥. He has created a 3-course lunch menu and a 5-course evening menu for the guests.

Atlantik Restaurant - queuing at the cheese buffet

Atlantik Restaurant - queuing at the cheese buffet

The following three restaurants are located close to each other on the 11th deck.

Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant

At the main meals, things are generally turbulent in Anckelmannsplatz. The well-organized buffets with many delicious dishes are to be commended. That is also noteworthy Wok station, where warm dishes are freshly prepared.

Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant - cheese selection


GOSCH Sylt: The name brings back positive memories among Sylt fans for good reason. The fish restaurant aft should definitely be visited. The map could be a bit more extensive; The quality of the food cannot be shaken.



Bistro La Vela

Pasta specialties, pizzas and daily Italian dishes are served in La Vela. If the Anckelmannsplatz is too crowded or too busy, you can go to the smaller and quieter La Vela.

Bistro La Vela Bistro La Vela - buffet

Cliff 24 grill

The Cliff 24 Grill, located near the pool, is open almost around the clock. The service staff credibly assure you that hungry people stop by at any time of the day to get a bite to eat.

Specialty restaurants subject to surcharge

La Spezia - Enjoy Italian

Mediterranean delicacies and Italian flair are reminiscent of Liguria's world of pleasure. The La Spezia didn’t just replace the former restaurant “Richards - Feines Essen” on Mein Schiff Herz ♥. Previous guest surveys showed that the guests wanted an upscale Italian restaurant. That was created with the intimate, stylish restaurant on deck 5. The offer includes traditional Italian dishes and the matching regional wines. Celebrity chef Theodor Falser from Welschnofen in South Tyrol is responsible for the gastronomic concept.

Entrance to La Spezia

Entrance to La Spezia

Surf & Turf - Steakhouse

The Surf & Turf with the open show kitchen on deck 7 has always been a magnet for meat lovers. Meat from Kobe beef or steaks and lobster, enriched with high-quality ingredients, are among the standards of this TUI specialty restaurant. Everything comes together in Surf & Turf: great food, very good service with good advice beforehand and an upscale atmosphere. What more do you need to feel good?

Entrance to the Surf & Turf Surf & Turf

Dinner room

A separate dining room for groups of 20 to 30 people. Access is through the Surf & Turf Steakhouse. A room for small festivities, wine tastings and the like.

Blue World Bar Sushi

The sushi masters of the Blue World Bar Sushi are clearly making every effort to satisfy their guests on deck 5. The top address for people who like sushi and sashimi.

Blue World Bar Sushi Blue World Bar Sushi

Bars & Lounges

We have ten bars and lounges on board the Mein Schiff Herz . Some bars in the individual review:

TUI bar

The TUI Bar is without doubt the number one communication meeting point on all TUI Cruises cruise ships. On Mein Schiff Herz ♥ the bar looks quite cool at first glance. However, the bar on the sixth deck with 140 seats scores with excellent service.

TUI bar TUI bar

Sky & Sea Lounge

The Himmel & Meer Lounge (Deck 12) in the front of the ship is also one of our preferred bars. Large panorama windows give a view of the horizon. Live music is played and danced in the 114-seat lounge.

Sky & Sea Lounge Sky & Sea Lounge

Outer Alster Bar

GOSCH Sylt and the La Vela - Bistro frame the Außenalster Bar. The special attraction of the bar is that it has an indoor area (almost 100 seats) and an outdoor area (a good 150 seats). In addition to drinks, small snacks are served. The outside area is an absolute must on nice days.

Outer Alster Bar Outer Alster Bar

Look bar

Aft on deck 7 is the show bar, which seats almost 250 people. In the coolly furnished bar with its stiff seating, live music is played from time to time and there is dancing. The small outdoor area of ​​the Schau Bar is not only used by smokers.

Look bar Show bar stage

Wine & Truth - Vinotheque

The somewhat awkward name promises wine lovers heaven on earth. Fine wines from different countries of origin and different vintages are served by the sommelier. Wine drinkers will find heaven on earth, which is subject to a surcharge, on deck 7 next to the Surf & Turf Steakhouse.

Wine & Truth - Vinotheque - Wine tasting

 Wine & Truth - Vinotheque - Wine tasting

Mein Schiff Herz ♥ - Sport & Wellness

Today, cruise ships are defined by the size of their wellness areas and sports facilities. If not on vacation, when else should you take care of your body? This is what the guests think, and the shipping companies are responding to the wishes of their clientele with ever larger wellness temples and sports facilities. How is it on my ship heart  ordered with these offers?


The space offered for sports courses is too small and quickly overcrowded. The same applies to the sports equipment. The gym is also not very big and is regularly well attended. Exercising in such conditions is not much fun.

Athletes are only offered a very short run on deck 12. The outdoor sports area and golf tees are also located aft on deck 12. The two swimming pools and the three whirlpool pools are located on the aqua deck, one deck below. It goes without saying that bike tours with the ship's own bikes are offered on state parliaments.

Pool and sundeck Pool area pool Golf tees


The sauna area is recommended. The panorama sauna should be emphasized. The large sauna offers a wonderful view of the sea. In the inner relaxation area, however, annoying noises penetrate from the fitness room above.

SPA & sea area

SPA & sea area

In addition to its good sauna area, which is included in the tour price, the SPA & Sea area also offers a special Thalasso center in which the healing powers of the sea can be used and enjoyed. In addition, the usual spa services can be booked.



The sun decks measure a total of 12.000 square meters. Relaxation islands for a fee can be booked up front on deck 14. All in all, we rate the sports and wellness offer at Mein Schiff Herz ♥ as varied and rock solid.

Relaxation islands protrude over the ship's side The relaxation island

Mein Schiff Herz ♥ - entertainment

TUI Cruises is not limited to home-made entertainment. The guests experience good entertainment and excellent edutainment. Daily theater and revue performances are standard. The relatively small, two-storey on-board theater serves as the main venue. There is room for around half of the guests. For the Mein Schiff Herz ♥ Theater, arriving early ensures a seat.

theater Stage show

Music is presented live in many musical styles and variations. The entertainment also includes artistic performances. They take place in the multi-storey atrium. The cooking shows or the ice carving demonstrations in the pool area are less artistic. Art workshops, author readings, lectureships, the officers' nautical and technical hour and much more fill the programs.

Introduction of the crew

Introduction of the crew

Not only the “big ones” are thought of. Families with children are welcome on Mein Schiff Herz ♥. Children of all ages and teenagers are offered a variety of age-appropriate programs.

Sturmfrei Teens Lounge

Sturmfrei Teens Lounge

Information about Mein Schiff Herz ♥


1997 as Celebrity Mercury - conversion 2011 to Mein Schiff 2 - overhaul in January 2019 and renaming to Mein Schiff Herz


Length 263 m, width: 32 m, draft approx.8,50 m


77.302 GT

Passenger decks

10 decks

Outside decks  

 12.000 M² 

Power Type



approx. 21,5 knots


1.912 with double occupancy


956, including 304 inside cabins


about 780 persons


Malta, home port Valletta


Meyer Turku Oy, Turku / Finland

Board language


Currency on board


Current Position My Ship Heart

Mein Schiff Herz ♥ - conclusion

With Mein Schiff 1 until Mein Schiff 6 TUI Cruises present an impressive fleet of new and contemporary cruise ships. Compared to that, Mein Schiff Herz ♥ is a lovable and well-equipped classic car. The ship was first put into service in 1997 under the name "Celebrity Mercury". The balconies that were added later as part of the ship's redesign did not necessarily improve the ship's appearance. Outwardly the elegance is missing; but the beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder.

Curtained balconies

Curtained balconies

Guests immediately feel at home on board the ship. The equipment is successful. The ambience looks high-class and dignified. Nothing was spared. The cabins are also pleasing: They are designed with no frills and high quality. The high-class gastronomic offers are also to be mentioned. It is a pleasure to sail with the Mein Schiff Herz ♥.

View into the atrium

View into the atrium

Hamburg's TUI Cruises are following - spurred on by success - the trend towards ever larger ship units. In 2024 a TUI Cruises ship with around 160.000 GT will sail the seas. Such ship sizes are not for everyone. There are probably enough loyal TUI Cruises cruisers who can do little with such large newbuildings, because they are too big, too impersonal, etc. It must be a revelation for these guests Mein Schiff Herz ♥ The fleet will be maintained until April 2022 and will also travel to attractive regions.

Update - July 2022

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