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MSC Lirica

The Mediterranean Shipping Company's success story began forty-two years ago. From a ship that Patricia,a group was established that in August 2012 had 450 cargo ships, 31 ferries and 12 cruise ships. 40 cargo ships are currently being built. In 2013, the MSC Preziosajoin the fleet.

The first "own" new building was the MSC Liricawhich was completed in March 2003 by the French shipyard Alstom Chantiers de l'Atlantique. Godmother was, how could it be otherwise at MSC, the actress Sophia Loren.

msc lirica in hamburgMSC Lirica in Hamburg

MSC Lirica will celebrate its tenth birthday next year. Judging from the general condition, you can't tell the age of the ship. It is in excellent condition. In terms of size and equipment, the Lirica looks more "old fashioned" than the newer MSC ships. The ship is nowhere near the dimensions of the giant ships that we are used to today. After all, until the MSC Musica went into service in 2006, it served as the flagship of the MSC fleet. And besides, it still looks like a “real” ship.

MSC Cruisesnow has much more spectacular ships on offer. It is interesting to read how the MSC Lirica is currently being advertised. The key message is: "The MSC Lirica ... is a cruise ship that offers you cozy comfort in a traditional yet elegant ambience".

That's it. A traditional atmosphere awaits guests on the MSC Lirica. There are no water slides, climbing walls and similar magic. We were already able to convince ourselves of their down-to-earth ambience at the Hamburg Cruise Days 2012. We got to know the MSC Lirica in detail on a trip with the cruise ship in autumn.

Ship details MSC Lirica

Ship class Lirica class
Commissioning 24.03.2003
Renovated Ongoing optimization process
Size: Length 251 m, width: 29 m,
measurement 59.058 GT
Decks 13, including 9 passenger decks
top speed    21, 5 knots
Machine diesel-electric
passengers 2.199 max.
Cabins and Suites 780
Crew 732 people
Flagge Panama
shipyard Alstom Chantiers de l'Atlantique
Board language multilingual

Current position MSC Lirica