MSC Musica

MSC Crociere SA, a private shipping company, has invested six billion euros in cruise ships over the past ten years in an unprecedented feat. One of the ships is the MSC Musica. A ship class consisting of four ships was named after her. Ships in the Musica class range between the Festival class (MSC Lirica and MSC Opera) and the Fantasia class (MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida, etc.).


“Italian elegance, extensive entertainment and from the moment you see the MSC Musica step in, feel the music on your skin ”MSC Cruises celebrates MSC Musica with such a palatable wording. The cruise ship, which went into service in 2006, stands for elegance and luxury from the perspective of the shipping company.

MSC MUSICA - The foyer

Our big sister loves both. In July 2013 she went on another cruise. She had chosen MSC Musica for a few relaxing days on the Baltic Sea. In order not to travel too alone, she took her two teenage grandchildren with her on the trip. All three were traveling by ship for the first time. Let us share your experiences below.

MSC MUSICA in Tallinn

The essential ship data of the MSC Musica

Commissioning 01.07.2006
Length 294 meters, width: 32 meters, draft 7,85 meters
measurement 92.409 GT
Speed 24 kn
Decks 16, including 13 passenger decks
Power Type diesel-electric; two fixed propellers
Cabins in total    1.275; 17 of them are wheelchair accessible
Balcony cabins 827; Balcony quota - 65 percent
passengers 2.550 with double occupancy - 3.223 maximum
Crew 987 people
Flagge Panama

Current position MSC Musica