MSC Poesia

MSC Poesia

MSC Poesia, The flowery language of the advertising promises that vacationing on this cruise ship will introduce us to a new, unforgettable dimension of stylish travel. The MSC ship, which belongs to the Musica class, was launched in 2008. Sister ships are those that entered service in 2006 MSC Musicawho went on a great journey in 2007 MSCOrchestra and the one acquired in spring 2010 MSC Magnifica.

The Italian word Poetry corresponds to the German Poems. With this term u. a. something quiet, something that eludes everyday life, something sublime. Well, ships have names. And the name should sound good too. Advertising strategists have certainly pondered the ship's name for a long time. Does the name match the ship? We think the whole thing has little or nothing to do with poetry and it goes quite so quietly and withdrawn from everyday life, thanks to the shipping company, it doesn't close on the ship after all.

In the following we want to report on the ship and what happened on it.

Ship data



Length 294 meters, width: 32 meters, draft 8 meters
measurement 92.600 GT
Decks 13
Machine Electric motors with diesel generator
Staterooms 1.275, passengers: 2.550 with double occupancy
Crew 1.027 people
Flagge Panama

Current position MSC Poesia


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