new my ship 1

New Mein Schiff 1

New Mein Schiff 1

With Mein Schiff 1, TUI Cruises latest newbuilding, a new generation of ships has been created. The current flagship of the Hamburg shipping company is 20 meters longer than the previous newbuildings with the same width. The bed capacity has increased by 360 sub-beds to a total of 2.894 guest beds. The generous passenger-space ratio familiar from TUI Cruises' cruise ships continues.

Mein Schiff 1 - side view

Mein Schiff 1 - side view

The cruise ship was assembled from 20 steel blocks over the course of 86 months. It was created in the dock of the Finnish MEYER TURKU shipyard. The new building in Hamburg was christened on May 11, 2018. The godmothers were the beach volleyball Olympic champions Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst. The "old" and significantly smaller Mein Schiff 1 was passed on to the British cruise company Marella Cruises within the TUI Group.

Mein Schiff 1 - bridge

Mein Schiff 1 - bridge

So far, the Hamburg-based cruise company has not only used two old used ships but also four newbuildings from a largely identical series of ships. To the delight of regular customers, every member of the fleet came up with some changes. It's no different with Mein Schiff 1.

But this time the changes are more serious, because Mein Schiff 1 ...

  • is noticeably larger

  • has more cabins and suites

  • brings new gastronomic experiences

  • offers more space for sport and wellness

  • presents new entertainment formats

  • sets standards in environmental protection.

Mein Schiff 1 current routes and offers

My ship 1 Canary Islands 2024
My ship 1 Canary Islands 2024

Overview of Canary Islands cruises with Mein Schiff 1 in the 2024 season

Mein Schiff 1 has grown in size

The increase in the length of the ship by 20 meters creates space for an additional deck and 180 cabins and suites. The ship's length of 316 meters also enables the rooms to be used more flexibly. Something new was created: among other things, the closed “arena” on deck 14. The jogging track is 438 meters long and has a built-in incline and is far less boring than its predecessor, which was too short. The diamond on the stern of the cruise ship, so typical of the predecessor ships, has also been redesigned. The new Mein Schiff 1 In terms of their equipment, this corresponds to TUI Cruises' premium standards even more than the previous ships. A tour of the ship on board the new Mein Schiff 1 shows the differences to the previous newbuildings.

Rear view with a diamond and an uphill jogging track

Rear view with a diamond and an uphill jogging track

More cabins and suites

The new Mein Schiff 1 has 1.447 cabins and suites. The one previously put into service Mein Schiff 6 has 180 fewer cabins and suites. A distinction is now made between 13 cabin categories. 158 inside, 127 outside, 1.056 balcony cabins and 2 premium veranda cabins are on offer. The proportion of balcony cabins is again around 80 percent. As with the predecessor ships, the standard cabins are all 17 m² in size. The family outside cabins, which are designed for 4 to 6 people, also have a living space of 29 to 44 m².

Mein Schiff 1 new - balcony cabin 9256

Mein Schiff 1 new - balcony cabin 9256

There are 64 junior suites and 38 suites for the “upscale” guest segment. With 26 m² of living space and 7 m² of balcony area, the junior suites are somewhat smaller than those of the predecessor ships. But nobody has to limit themselves.

Compared to Mein Schiff 6, the number of suites has more than doubled from the original 16. The demand is obviously there. New suite categories have been created and the size of the luxury cabins varies between 38 and 77 m².

Suite and junior suite guests use separate lounge areas in the bow area. These are the X sun deck with the X bar on deck 15 and the X lounge below on deck 14. It is significantly larger than that of the predecessor ships. A staircase connects the two non-public decks. However, passengers without suite status complain that it is impossible for them to glimpse ahead due to the new floor plan.

My Ship 1 X Lounge X lounge

Another refuge reserved exclusively for suite residents is located aft on the X panorama deck (6th deck). Suites were also set up there. With the X-Panoramadeck, the shipping company would like to save passengers living aft from having to go to the separate X-Lounge. Well ...

The new gastronomic experiences

“Gastronomy for connoisseurs: 15 bars and 12 restaurants & bistros” (original sound from TUI Cruises) is what the new Mein Schiff 1 offers its guests. Some bars and restaurants are new.

New and proven in the restaurant offer

The Mein Schiff fleet stands for the premium all-inclusive concept. All restaurants included in the price offer the high quality that TUI Cruises has come to expect. In and of itself, none of the additional dining options would be required. And yet they exist: After all, you only live once, maybe there is something to celebrate or the guest simply feels the need for culinary highlights.

The two Atlantic restaurants

The two Atlantic restaurants

The passengers are familiar with the two “classic” and “Mediterranean” versions of the Atlantic, the buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz with the adjoining bakery, the surcharges for Surf & Turf, the day & night bistro and the ice bar by Bruno Gelati.

Atlantic Classic Restaurant Atlantic Mediterranean Restaurant The day and night bistro Mein Schiff 1 - The Bruno Gelato Ice Bar

One innovation is that Fish Market on the 12th deck. Like the bakery, it is part of "Anckelmannsplatz". It replaces the "Gosch / Sylt". In the 182-seat restaurant, specialties from the sea are served on the seat. The outdoor area behind the fish market is reserved for guests at Anckelmannsplatz. Some of the food and drinks in the restaurant are chargeable. An integral part of the fish market is the Sushi bar. Guests can order sushi & sashimi from a small, fine menu for an additional charge. Incidentally, Anckelmannsplatz was given a new, more advantageous design. As far as looks are concerned, we feel reminded of the Solstice ship class of the (related) Celebrity Cruises ships.

Mein Schiff 1 Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz buffet restaurant - waffle station

This is new Very healthy - bistro. It replaces the "Osteria". The bistro is located amidships on deck 5 and offers indoor and outdoor seating. The name is program. The airy restaurant is focused on light, healthy food. Some of the food and drinks require additional charges. Opposite on the starboard side is the tried and tested day & night bistro.

The Quite Healthy Bistro

The Quite Healthy Bistro

Aft on deck 5, the "Große Freiheit" has been completely redesigned. The glass surface of the "Diamant" again extends over two decks. The previous open areas were dispensed with. As with the previous new buildings, specialty restaurants and the Diamant Bar were established across all rooms in the Große Freiheit. An eye catcher is the humanoid robot "DJ Rob", who is responsible for the musical entertainment.

My Ship 1 DJ Rob

DJ Rob

Also new is the manufactory to port. It replaces the previous "delicacy". The restaurant, which is dedicated to creative cuisine, serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes from 12:00 noon. It is also a place for workshops, tastings and dinner evenings with exquisite 5-course menus.

No doubt - the manufactory Mein Schiff 1 the manufactory

Opposite the manufactory is the proven Surf & Turf steakhouse on starboard.

It was one deck lower Dining room set up. The last time there was “Hanami By Tim Raue” at Mein Schiff 6. The ambience should be reminiscent of private dining rooms. Selected favorite dishes of the guests such as Hamburg fish soup, beef roulades, chicken fricassee or Königsberger Klopse are served. So that there is no boredom while eating, crime dinners are organized or travesty formats are presented. Access is via deck 5. Only one word about the price level of the restaurants mentioned: ambitious!


In the dining room

In the dining room

The simply styled deck 12 is less elegant Bosphorus snack bar next to the "lagoon" too. It helps to fight the small hunger in between. The snack bar's specialties are: doner kebab, Arabic-inspired vegetarian falafel, and Belgian potatoes and waffles. The “small snack in between” that is offered at a kind of mobile stand is funny.

Bosphorus snack bar Mein Schiff 1 the little snack in between

Notable bars & lounges in the new Mein Schiff 1

A new addition to the range of bars and lounges is the well-made one located aft on the 15 deck Hoheluft Bar. It replaces the previous "champagne bar". TUI Cruises regulars however complain about the "cruel" chill music, which probably contributes to the fact that the bar is badly frequented. Below, on deck 14, is the popular one Outer Alster Bar.

Hoheluft and Outer Alster Bar Hoheluft Bar Mein Schiff 1 Outer Alster Bar Outer Alster Bar

On deck 5 is opposite the shopping arcade New wall the dim one Ebbe & Flow beer bar. In cooperation with the Hamburg brewery Ratsherrn, five draft beers and a selection of 25 types of craft beer are served in addition to the “normal” on-board beer selection. These services require moderate surcharges. Including rustic snacks can also be served on request.

Shop in Neuer Wall Mein Schiff 1 Ebbe & Flow Beer Bar

Amidships on deck 4 is the location of the tried and tested TUI bar. She is the heart of the ship. Your location and facilities are extremely good.

Mein Schiff 1 TUI bar

TUI bar

One deck below, right next to the reception, is the new one Juice yard. The juice bar, designed in cooperation with the Austrian fruit juice brand Rauch, serves freshly squeezed juices or smoothies for a fee.

Juice Shipyard Juice Bar

Juice Shipyard Juice Bar

More space for sport and wellness

"Feeling good" is written in capital letters on the bow of the cruise ship. For many passengers, the moments of wellbeing on a cruise include the spa & fitness offers. A total of 2.400 m² is reserved for the spa & sports decks and the outdoor sports areas.

My ship 1 the pool deck Pool deck with sunshades Mein Schiff 1 pool deck The lagoon

We are no longer surprised by the exemplary 25-meter outdoor pool at TUI Cruises' new buildings. The Jogging track has increased from the original length of 280 meters to 438 meters. The built-in 6,7 percent incline is exciting.

Mein Schiff 1 the jogging track Slope of the jogging track in the rear area

While the running track is open twice a day for two hours, the newly designed one is standing Sand available for active holidaymakers all day. It mainly serves as a sports hall for ball sports. Guests are also offered indoor cycling, a small climbing wall and full-body workouts with the TRX harness system.

Mein Schiff 1 - The Arena

The arena

In front of the arena was the real one Fitnessbereich placed on the 15th deck around the chimney. Sports enthusiasts are offered the best sports equipment on 490 m². Personal training with nutritional coaching as well as various workshops and health checks can be booked for an additional charge. One innovation is the ICAROS virtual flight simulator. Dressed in virtual reality glasses, users glide through deep water or fly at breathtaking heights over mountain peaks. Is controlled by shifting weight. The spectacular 15-minute “flight experience” debits the on-board account with 15 euros.

Mein Schiff 1 the fitness center seen from the lagoon Fitness equipment Fitness equipment Fitness - treadmills and steppers

For the SPA & sea Area, 1.800 m² of space are available. The offer includes saunas, adventure showers and sixteen cabins for different beauty treatments. Eight relaxation lounges with variable additional services can be booked on deck 14 for a fee.

Mein Schiff 1 SPA & Meer

SPA & sea

New entertainment formats

On all TUI Cruises ships, passengers enjoy a sophisticated entertainment program with shows, musicals, concerts and variety performances. The central play area on the new Mein Schiff 1 is the three-storey in the bow area and equipped with the latest stage technology Theater.

Acrobat in the theater

Acrobat in the theater

The 150 seats have been added stage. While the previous new ships shone with the “sound house” or the “studio”, the small theater enriches the evening entertainment with boulevard theater, stand-up comedy or magic. The technical equipment includes fine-pixel LED screens and a sound system that creates the illusion of a concert hall.

Mein Schiff 1 The Schaubühne

The Schaubühne

The previously described Sand is not only used for sporting purposes. The room is also included in the on-board entertainment. The LED screen, which can be extended from the ceiling, is suitable, for example, for broadcasting Bundesliga games, sporting events or films.

Classics The Thalia reading lounge is on TUI Cruises ships (Deck 3), the LUMAS gallery and bar (Deck 4) as well as the small one on Deck 5 Casino with the associated Lounge & Bar and the indoor smoking area. Also the Danceable there are still. It has got a different design and there are escape room games from time to time. 

The reading lounge Luma's gallery and bar Casino & Lounge Mein Schiff 1 Danceable

TUI Cruises cruise ships are also family ships, especially during holiday periods. It goes without saying that children and teenagers will find suitable and age-appropriate lounges on board as well as events appropriate to their age.



Standards in environmental protection and energy efficiency

Cruise ships are generally classified as polluting by environmentalists. That fits especially on the ships of the older generations. In order to prevent such negative criticism, TUI Cruises relied on constructive measures with regard to environmental protection and energy efficiency in the newbuildings from the start.

The new Mein Schiff 1 has a combined exhaust aftertreatment system. It consists of a permanently running exhaust gas washer (scrubber) and catalysts for the main and auxiliary machines. This technology helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, especially in coastal and port areas.

Cleaned Emissions

Cleaned Emissions

The shipping company emphasizes that the new Mein Schiff 1 consumes more than a third less energy than comparable ships. Other effective measures to save energy are: an effective energy management system, an innovative light control system, highly efficient air conditioning, the hydrodynamic shape of the hull of the ship and an environmentally friendly underwater paint. Energy is not wasted: the waste heat from the engines is used, for example, to heat the pools and to generate steam in the laundry.

However, TUI Cruises is only using the more environmentally friendly and low-emission liquid natural gas fuel for the two newbuilds announced for 2024 and 2026.

Information about the cruise ship


April 27, 2018


Length 316 meters; Width 35,80 meters


111.500 GT

Passenger decks

16 decks

Power Type



Approx. 21,0 knots


2.894 with double occupancy




Around 1.100 people


Malta, home port Valletta


Meyer Turku Oy, Turku / Finland




Beach volleyball players Kira Walkenhorst and Laura Ludwig

Board language


Currency on board


Current position My ship 1

Rating Mein Schiff 1

The description of the ship and the photos are based on a tour of the ship in July 2018 and on additional information from TUI Cruises regular guests.

With the fifth new building in a row, we believe that TUI Cruises is the most successful cruise ship to date in the six-ship fleet. The new Mein Schiff 1 is a cruise ship for demanding and quality-conscious German-speaking cruisers. Passengers who choose this ship can rightly have high expectations of the shipping company's new flagship.

There is Motion in the Ocean - art installation

There is Motion in the Ocean - art installation