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Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic is currently the fifth largest of 17 cruise lines in the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). The F3 class ship was delivered from the STX shipyard in St. Nazaire in June 2010. The godmother of the Nowegian Epic was US country singer Reba McEntire.

Norwegian Epic off Sint Maarten

Norwegian Epic off Sint Maarten

Over a long period of time, until the Norwegian Escape, the Norwegian Epic was the largest NCL ship. The original plan was to build two F3-class ships. After differences between the shipping company and the shipyard, a second new building was not realized. The cruise ship, which looks strange in the front, upper part of the ship, offers its passengers a wide range of dining and bar options. The sports and wellness offers are varied, and the entertainment is varied and varied. Active vacationers like the aquapark, which consists of several slides. Nobody would need to leave the ship during a cruise, because there is always amusement. The Norwegian Epic was the first cruise ship to offer special single cabins for single travelers.

Norwegian Epic - Aquapark's tube slides

Norwegian Epic - Aquapark's tube slides

We tested the ship and the service concept on the occasion of a Mediterranean cruise in 2014. The following year, Norwegian Epic underwent an initial renovation. After the stay in the shipyard, some of the equipment features described may look different today.

Offers Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic Deals

Major cabin options on Norwegian Epic


Living space in m²

Balcony area in m²

Maximum occupancy




1 person

Inside cabin

12 – 18


4 people

Balcony cabins

17 – 34

4 – 13

4 people

Spa cabins

19 – 35

5 – 13

3 people

Club Balcony Suites

22 – 23


4 people

The Haven

29 – 79

5 – 13

6 people

The new wave design of the balcony cabins and the studio single cabins deserve attention. Classic ocean view cabins are missing on Norwegian Epic.

Description of our balcony cabin 8105 on the 8th deck to starboard:

Just like the exterior of the ship, the cabin design takes getting used to. The shipping company emphasizes the "unique bathroom design" that makes each area usable separately. In practice this means: The spacious shower area and the toilet are opposite each other on both sides of the cabin door. A curtain separates the sanitary cells from the rest of the cabin. The washbasin is placed outside the sanitary area. This arrangement reveals to fellow travelers what has (perhaps) remained hidden from them until now.

Norwegian Epic - Balcony Cabin 8105 - Laundry facility

Norwegian Epic - Balcony Cabin 8105 - Laundry facility

The "New Wave Design" is nice to look at; it is of no use. There is a lack of storage space and the counter space is on the small side. The cabin is narrow. In order to gain space and to prevent travelers from bumping into each other, the beds are rounded. They are not made for people with a wardrobe, the height of the beds and the quality of the mattresses deserve praise.

Balcony cabin 8105
Balcony cabin 8105
Balcony cabin 8105 - shower
Never without a towel animal

The balcony is a bright spot. On the eighth deck level, the balconies are definitely lower than on the decks above. They resemble a porch.

Norwegian Epic - Balcony Cabin 8105 - Porch

Norwegian Epic - Balcony Cabin 8105 - Porch

The Haven suite area

The Haven suite area on decks 16 and 17 is noteworthy. It turns out to be a comfortable living complex. The Haven Courtyard separates the suite guests from the "foot folk". The Haven offers butler service, a separate pool and an upscale beach club atmosphere as well as a dignified lounge and its own dining options.

Norwegian Epic - Epic Club Lounge for suite guests

Norwegian Epic - Epic Club Lounge for suite guests

Eating and drinking aboard Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line has been practicing the "Freestyle Cruising" concept since 2000. Nothing constricts the passengers; The focus is on the flexibility of the guests. Fixed meal times and fixed seating arrangements are waived in the restaurants. The program is coped with convincingly by the ship's gastronomy. Several restaurants included in the tour price and a few specialty restaurants vie for the guests' favor. According to various sources, Norwegian Epic offers up to 21 dining options. We didn't count them. In the following we report on the restaurants that we find remarkable.

Gastronomic experiences



subject to a surcharge 

Service at the seat

Main restaurant button



Manhattan Room main restaurant




O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill




Shanghai's Chinese restaurant




Garden Café self-service restaurant



Great Outdoors Bar & Grill



The Haven Restaurant (reserved for suite guests)




Shake/Snack Bar




Atrium Café




Cagney's Steakhouse




Modern Churrascaria












The Kitchen




Dinner: Our impressions

Both main restaurants do not differ significantly from each other in terms of the menu. The menus, available in German, offer a considerable selection of “classics” that are always available, as well as dishes that change daily. Vegetarian options are available regularly. 

The well-equipped and well-kept restaurants work with professionalism. The guests are placed quickly. Usually there are no waiting times. If there are bottlenecks, beepers are used. If you are not ready to wait, you can reserve in advance or count among the VIPs. A well-located space is always reserved for them.

Norwegian Epic - Main Restaurant Taste

Norwegian Epic - Main Restaurant Taste

The dishes are tasty; the individual courses are served in quick succession. This practice is based on the habits of US guests. The beverage service also works smoothly.

Epic Club restaurant

Epic Club restaurant

Guests who appreciate self-service are available in the morning, at noon and in the evening Garden Café and Great Outdoors Bar & Grill to disposal. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the food either. in the The Kitchen (Deck 14) early risers receive a small buffet.

Garden Café self-service restaurant

Garden Café self-service restaurant

We confess that the dining options included in the tour price meet our needs. We don't need any Specialty restaurants, especially since these require surcharges. But they do exist and people like to use them. We like the dignified decor of the restaurants.

Shake/Snack Bar

Shake/Snack Bar

In addition, the ship's guests are entitled to 24-hour cabin service to disposal. That costs an additional payment of US $ 9,95 (plus a 20 percent tip). Suite guests are exempt from this surcharge rule.

Cafes, bars and lounges

Norwegian Epic's deck plan names more than a dozen bars and lounges. Every passenger will find their favorite place. We have fond memories of:

O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill
The pub, designed like a pub, provides guests with rustic dishes and well-tapped beer specialties. A bowling alley is attached to the bar.

O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill

O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill

Bliss Ultra Lounge
A beautiful place for well-groomed idleness and entertainment. There is a second bowling alley next door.

Humidor Cigar Lounge
Non-smokers like us do not need a cigar lounge. Still, we like to look at them. It reminds us of old movies with men and women in elegant evening wear, whiskey and Havana cigars. There is a lack of evening wear; There is whiskey and cigars.

Humidor Cigar Lounge

Humidor Cigar Lounge

Skyy vodka ice bar
One can argue about the sense and use of the supercooled ice bar, which requires the wearing of fleece capes. The establishment has no shortage of guests. The counter, tables, chairs and walls are made of ice. We are deterred by the high price of admission; two included vodkas soften this experience.

Guests on their way to the Ice Bar

Guests on their way to the Ice Bar

Spice H2O
The relaxation area specially designed for adults is at the stern. To the Spice H2O include the Alternate Pool Bar & Grill. The Spice H2O is a good place to end the day with a drink in hand.

Eating and drinking viewed critically

There is still room for improvement in terms of the quality and decoration of the dishes in the restaurants included in the tour price. We did not test the specialty restaurants. We consider the service to be good.

As wine drinkers, we get along well with the wine offers (wine by glasses) included in the tour price. The "Premium All Inclusive Offer" includes several tasty wines. Premium All Inclusive covers most cocktails; and beer drinkers there are various well-known beers on tap and in bottles available.

Sport, relaxation & wellness

On 15 guest decks, guests of the Norwegian Epic are offered a variety of sporting and well-being experiences. Our focus is on that Aqua Park. It consists of several fascinating slides, including the Epic Plunge, a 61 meter long, unique funnel slide.

Welcome to the aquapark
Aquapark - Waterslide
Epic Plunge tube slide
Epic Plunge tube slide

What else is there? Two of the outlets of the water slides are located on the 15th deck Swimming and five Whirl pools on. Two professional looking ones Climbing Walls and a closed one Climbing cage waiting for climbers. The two Bowling alleys we already mentioned. On deck 7 lie next to the lifeboats Jogging track and the Walking route. The Pulse Fitness Center with treadmills, cross trainers, weights and a boxing ring (!) lies on the 14th deck. Not to mention that Basketball court: a field of official size.

Norwegian Epic - pool deck
Norwegian Epic - climbing wall
Norwegian Epic - Jogging Track
Norwegian Epic - basketball court

This closes at the stern of the Pulse Fitness Center Mandara Spa on. The Mandara Spa, part of Steiner Leisure Limited, offers over 50 different spa treatments. Last but not least, the Thermal Suite in the Haven Courtyard offers thalasso therapies, saunas and heated massage beds for relaxation.

A pleasant place to stay on board the Norwegian Epic is Beach Club H2O with live entertainment.

Don't miss: the open-air nightclub Posh Beach Club high up on the 18th and 19th decks is a comfortable place to stay during the day; at night it mutates into a night club.

Posh Beach Club

Posh Beach Club

The suite guests stay in the well-equipped Haven Courtyard Pool & Spa among themselves.

Haven Courtyard Pool & Spa

Haven Courtyard Pool & Spa


The entertainment program on a ship like the Norwegian Epic is extremely varied. We assume that no one is bored on board the ship on sea days. When it comes to entertainment, we first think of the on-board theater. In the two-story Epic theater Broadway shows are held on front decks 5 and 6.

Epic theater

Epic theater

Im Mirror tent acrobats and trapeze artists show their skills while the audience savor their dinner. The circus pleasure currently costs 40 US dollars.

Mirror tent
Restaurant in the Spiegel Tent

The show in the Headliners Comedy Club is entirely to our liking Howl at the moon. In this rock'n roll piano bar, two piano players heat the guests up with songs from the seventies, rock and hip-hop classics. The performances change depending on the sailing area.

Howl at the Moon at the Headliners Comedy Club

Howl at the Moon at the Headliners Comedy Club

The Beatles made their first appearance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. in the Cavern Club Norwegian Epic pays homage to a Beatles cover band for the Fab Four.

Norwegian Epic - Cavern Club
Performance of the Beatles cover band in the Cavern Club
Performance of the Beatles cover band in the Cavern Club
Performance of the Beatles cover band in the Cavern Club

What would cruise ships be without casinos? The cruise lines make good money from the casinos, and the mostly American passengers love and frequent them. In the sprawling EpicCasino Roulette, blackjack, poker and dice tables await players on deck 6; and there are tons of slot machines. All of this is associated with the background noise of a “typical” gambling den. An offshoot of the casino that Poolside Casino, is located next to the pool area.

Out and about at the Epic Casino

Out and about at the Epic Casino

Various shops offer on deck 7 Shopping experiences.

The regular art auctions in the are also fun Collection Art Gallery. Card players meet to play in Card Room; Bookworms frequent the well-stocked Library.

Internet cafes have become an indispensable part of ships. The i-Connect Internet Cafe Norwegian Epic has a sufficient number of jobs.

We see them on the 15th deck Video arcade. Car races are driven or fighter jets are flown in the video arcade ...

The junior travelers are in the Splash Academy or the Entourage Teen Center supervised. We outsiders were denied closer insight for understandable reasons.

About the Norwegian Epic



approx. dimensions

Length 329 m; Width 40 m; Draft 8,70 m


155.873 GT


15 passenger decks


Drive: diesel-electric


maximum 24 knots


STX shipyard, St. Nazaire




Country singer Reba McEntire


4.100 with double occupancy; Maximum occupancy 5.100





home port


Board language

English; German speaking office hours

Currency on board

U.S. dollar

Current position Norwegian Epic

Conclusion Norwegian Epic

The route: Barcelona, Naples, Civitavecchia, LivornO Cannes! Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona

Norwegian Epic and its diverse offers are aimed at an international, predominantly US-American audience. The gastronomic offer is varied and consistently of high quality. The deck plan shows around 20 cafés, bars & lounges. Way too much for a week. That much is certain, every guest will find their favorite place on board without any problems.

The ship presented itself in first class condition.

We don't see the Norwegian Epic on a par with the premium ships of Celebrity or Princess Cruises, but it is an interesting experience. Lovers of German kiss-mouth or feel-good ships should try the Norwegian Epic for a change.

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