Oceania Nautica

Oceania Nautica

Six boutique cruise lines sail for Oceania Cruises. The premium-plus cruise brand offers cruise experiences with stylishly furnished ships, top-class cuisine and more than 365 cruise destinations.

We already know the more than twice as big one Oceania Marina. In September 2017, on the occasion of your visit to Warnemünde, we can attend the Oceania Nautica, one of four ships of the Oceania regatta class, visit.

Oceania Nautica - in a class of its own

The Nautica has eight and a half passenger decks. She was named one of five structurally identical ships for Renaissance Cruises built. After the company went bankrupt, the ship was occasionally used by Pullmantur Cruises and has been sailing under the Oceania Cruises flag since 2006.

Oceania Nautica

Oceania Nautica

Most of the guests, who come from the English-speaking world, enjoy attractive ship proportions, stylish, luxurious furnishings and excellent cuisine. A lot of dark wood, Italian marble, granite, fine carpets and soft leather were used in the opulently dimensioned public rooms. Despite the noble attitude, the tuxedo, the dinner jacket, the patent leather shoes and the evening wear of the ladies can stay at home. Instead, what falls under “sporty, chic fashion” is trendy.

Martini's Bar

Martini's Bar

Shipping companies like to equip their ships with works of art. This also applies to the Nautica. The objects created by well-known artists can be explained to the guests during a tour.


The deck plans of the 181 meter long and 25,50 meter wide ship show a total of 335 cabins and suites. It entered service in 2000. At that time, veranda cabins were not yet available on cruise ships to the extent that they are nowadays on "noble ships". The balcony quota is an average of 70 percent.

The balconies of the Oceania Nautica

The balconies of the Oceania Nautica

Oceania Cruises explains about the marina’s cabin equipment: “Our suites and cabins are generously dimensioned and offer the ultimate in luxury. The interior is characterized by traditional hardwood, fine fabrics, high-quality furniture and original works of art ”. The high-quality cabins seem a little cramped to us. Of course, things look different in the suites segment. A distinction is made according to the following categories:

  • Owners suites (92 m²)

  • Vista suites (73 m²)

  • 52 Penthouse suites (29 m²)

  • 104 Concierge level porch cabinn (20 m²)

  • 66 Veranda cabins (20 m²)

  • 76 Cabins with sea views (13 or 15 m²)

  • 27 Inside cabins (14 m²)

We can only do one during our ship visit Veranda stateroom with concierge level see, the ship is fully booked and further show cabins are not available. The tastefully furnished cabin looks elegant. The cabin could be a little bigger, that would make the room appear even more sophisticated. In the bathroom, however, the plastic shower curtain is out of place. That doesn't match the shipping company's expectations. However, it is undisputed that we as ship guests would undoubtedly feel at home in this ambience. On those reserved for the suite residents only and available around the clock Butler service we could, however, do without it.

Concierge level balcony cabin 

Concierge level balcony cabin

Food and drink on board

The restaurants

Oceania Cruises prides itself on providing "the finest cruise ship cuisine". Jacques Pépin, the French master chef who works in the USA, played a decisive role in this. As Executive Culinary Director of Oceania Cruises he inspires the kitchen brigades of all Oceania ships. We enjoy the lunch on offer. The dishes eaten in small groups are excellently arranged and taste excellent.

There are three service restaurants on board the Nautica, a buffet restaurant and the Waves Grill. Two of the restaurants are themed restaurants. Dinner is taken by guests in all restaurants with free choice of seats, without fixed table times and without surcharges. It is guaranteed that all guests have access to the two specialty restaurants at least once a week. Passengers who particularly like a restaurant are allowed to visit the restaurant repeatedly if they are flexible in terms of time and after consultation with the maître.

Entrance to the Gand Dining Room

Entrance to the Gand Dining Room

On the occasion of our visit to the Oceania Marina in 2016 we used the phrase “eat with your eyes”. On board the Nautica, too, great importance is attached to the decoration and presentation of the dishes as well as the tableware used. All on-board restaurants are finely furnished and equipped with high-quality, themed porcelain. For example, im Toscana restaurant a beautiful Versace porcelain Use.

Versace porcelain in the Toscana Restaurant

Versace porcelain in the Toscana Restaurant

The shipping company guarantees that every single dish is prepared à la minute. This procedure is a characteristic of fine dining; This service can only be requested from experienced cooks and waiters.

Guests can enjoy unlimited soft drinks, bottled mineral water, cappuccino, espresso, teas and juices with their meals. More information on the other drinks on offer can be found under drink prices / drinks package.

The Grand Dining Room

The elegant and spacious restaurant is open at all table times. It is located aft on deck 5 and is the center of the culinary scene on board the Nautica. Guests experience fine continental cuisine. To the dinners in Grand Dining Room Include a minimum of ten different starters, soups and salads as well as twelve different main courses.

Set table in the Grand Dining Room Tables in the Grand Dining Room Grand Dining Room Grand Dining Room

Terrace Café 

The buffet restaurant, located aft on the 9th deck, offers casual breakfast, lunch and dinner in the lavishly furnished indoor and outdoor area. If the actual buffet area with the prepared dishes and the freshness stations did not exist, the guests would have to imagine themselves in a fine service restaurant.

Terrace Café

Terrace Café

In the morning and at noon it goes in Terrace Café relaxed too. At Oceania Cruises this means that the guest makes their choice and the food is served on plates by the staff. In the evening Waiter serve the meal prepared according to the wishes of the guests.

Terrace Café - entrance area Terrace Café - outside area Terrace Café buffet Terrace Café buffet

Polo Grill

On the 10th deck aft on starboard is the Polo Grill. In the cozy and elegant ambience of the restaurant, guests enjoy steaks, chops and seafood, such as the popular “Surf & Turf”.

Polo Grill Polo Grill Polo Grill Polo Grill



Opposite the Polo Grill was the noble and elegant restaurant Toscana placed. Versace porcelain and high-quality Italian specialties are the hallmarks of the gourmet temple.

Toscana restaurant

Toscana restaurant

Waves Grill

The Waves Grill is an outside grill located on the pool deck (deck 9) on the starboard side. American classics are on offer for lunch and dinner: burgers, barbecues and fish. The Waves Grill stands out from burger stations on other cruise ships: The meat of the Beef Burger comes from Kobe beef. What else?

Waves Grill

Waves Grill


Guests who would like to have their dinner in the suite or cabin are free of charge 24-hour room service is available for storage, management and analysis.

Gourmet canapes

Suite guests are offered gourmet canapés in their four walls every evening. The other guests are served appetizers in the bars and lounges.

Bars & Lounges

There aren't many of them, which is solely due to the size of the ship. The bars are all inviting and intimate. In our short presentation we move from the lower decks up to the upper decks.

Nautica Lounge - Deck 5 forward

The theater lounge is the focus of the evening entertainment program. There is a dance floor in front of the stage. 

Nautical Lounge

Nautical Lounge


The bar located amidships on the 5th deck offers its visitors various martini creations. Live piano music accompanies the conversations. The bar is adjacent to the small casino.

The Martinis Bar

The Martinis Bar

Baristas / Grand Bar

The Baristas Coffee Bar and the Grand Bar are located on the 5th deck in front of the Grand Dining Room. The bar is a pleasant waiting area in front of the dining room. Espresso, illy® coffee and fine pastries are served there. 

The baristas

The baristas

Waves bar

Between the Spa / fitness center and the pool area is on the 9th deck, the open one Waves bar.

Waves Bar on the pool deck

Waves Bar on the pool deck


The elegant observation lounge horizons on deck 10 extends across the entire width of the ship. It is a tranquil and elegant place to dream in the day or to enjoy passing coastal landscapes. In the evening, the lounge becomes a night club.

Horizon's Observation Lounge Horizon's Observation Lounge Horizon's Observation Lounge Horizon's Observation Lounge


Although the Nautica is not an English ship, great importance is attached to the tradition of "tea time". Traditionally, mini sandwiches, petits fours, scones with clotted cream and wonderful desserts are served daily at 16:00pm

Beverage prices / beverage package

The menu and bar cards show a variety of beers, wines and bar drinks. As on all US ships, the drinks price level is high. Beers cost a minimum of $ 7. “Wine by Glasses” costs a minimum of 10 US dollars. There is also a service charge.

As part of the OLife Choice Package The following free additional services are offered to the ship's guests: Free shore excursions, free drinks package or on-board credit. Who is for that Beverage package decides, enjoy the drinks free of charge.    

Sport & Wellness

Sports and wellness are offered on decks 9, 10 and 11. Our focus is on the exclusively designed SPA and the Fitness Center. Acts as the SPA operator Canyon Ranch, the Tucson, Arizona-based operator of luxury health resorts.

The fitness center was established on starboard on the 9th deck next to the SPA. In our opinion, it is equipped with the most modern equipment. In addition to the equipment activities, passengers are also offered a wide range of courses (Pilates, yoga, cycling, aerobics and fitness lessons - privately or in a group).



The basic attitude of Canyon Ranch is healthy living and spiritual awareness. On board the Oceania Nautica there are various steam rooms, a wide variety of treatments, stays in the "sanctuary" or at the non-public whirlpool. Concierge level and suite guests are granted free access to the SPA terrace; the other guests pay for the little luxuries.

The heated one pool seems very small to us. He, the two whirlpools and the generously dimensioned lounging area with excellent sun loungers can be found on the 9th deck. One deck higher is the short one Jogging track. The Golf putting green and Shuffleboard box  were housed in the front area of ​​the small sundeck (deck 11).

The pool deck Deck chairs Golf putting green Shuffleboard fields


Oceania Cruises focuses on upscale in-flight entertainment. There is no jubilation and excitement on board. The ship's entertainment center is the Nautical Lounge. There, in the fore part of the ship on the 5th deck, various show productions take place. An on-board orchestra and a classical string quartet provide general musical entertainment. The Nautica ships benefit considerably from the highly perfected entertainment of the entire NCL Group.

Nautica Lounge - the center of in-flight entertainment

Nautica Lounge - the center of in-flight entertainment

The entertainment offer in the broader sense is also varied. Trivia quiz events, dance lessons, lecturer readings and much more are offered daily. The one designed in the English style is a dream Librarywhose book inventory is numbered at around 2.000 volumes. If we had a country house, our library should look like this.



That too On-board casino in the Monte Carlo style (Deck 5) looks appealing. It offers games of chance at six tables and a number of machines.

The casino

The casino

The Internet-Zugang is available free of charge to a limited extent (one device per cabin). In the front part of the ship, guests can also use several PC workstations under the name Oceania @ Sea.

Oceania @ Seas

Oceania @ Seas

Next to Oceania @ Sea is the cozy one Card Room.

The two elegant the Boutique let's not forget. They offer duty-free cosmetics, jewelry, watches, Oceania logo products, clothing, and everyday items.

Ship-related information on Oceania Nautica




Length 181 meters; Width 25,50 meters


30.277 GT

Passenger decks

8 ½ decks


about 18 knots


684 with double occupancy

Cabins & Suites



about 400 persons


Marshall Islands; Home port Majuro


Chantiers de l'Atlantique, Saint-Nazaire

Last maintenance


Board language


Currency on board

U.S. dollar

Current position Oceania Nautica

Our conclusion - a small ship for high demands

The cruise brand Oceania positions its ships as Premium Plus ships. The shipping company honors this kind of “modesty”. In our opinion, we see the Nautica positioned in the class of luxury providers.

The Nautica is not a family ship. The partly exemplary childcare facilities on other ships are completely lacking. The Oceania Nautica is rather a sophisticated ship for high-quality travel to selected destinations. The ship impresses with its attractive exterior design. Inside, the noble, valuable design, art objects and the generous, even lavish space are impressive. A lot of space is available to an international audience in the public areas. Nowhere is there a feeling of tightness.

An example of high quality equipment

An example of high quality equipment

Although the number of guests from Germany in relation to the English-speaking holidaymakers actually leaves a lot to be desired, the shipping company advertises polyglot German-speaking customers who appreciate high comfort. In terms of Europe, guests from German-speaking countries take second place after the British at Oceania Cruises. - Knowledge of the English language is certainly a great advantage for communication. A lack of English language skills is compensated for by German-language menus in the restaurants, a German-language on-board program and German contact persons on board the ship.

We liked the Oceania Nautica exceptionally well. We recommend our readers to test the ship. Worth it.

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