Queen Victoria

The three ships of the Cunard shipping company are among the most impressive passenger and cruise ships in our opinion. With them, the Southampton-based shipping company maintains the memory of the era of the famous Cunard Ocean Liners.

The tradition of transatlantic passenger service is still carried on by the flagship of the fleet, the Queen Mary 2, maintained. Commutes regularly QM2 between Hamburg, Southampton and New York. At times it is also used for cruises, although it was not developed for this purpose. 

Cunard - Queen Mary 2 - NY Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
Cunard - Queen Victoria in Venice
Cunard - Queen Elizabeth - Cruise Terminal Hamburg-Altona

A “real” cruise ship under Cunard's flag is the one named after the English Queen Victoria, who ruled in the 19th century Queen Victoria. The second oldest ship in the current Cunard fleet has been in service since December 11, 2007. The ship's godmother is HRH Camilla Rosemary, Duchess of Cornwall, wife of the British Crown Prince Charles. It was developed and built by the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, Italy.

cunard 357 queen victoria in amsterdam 750Cunard - Queen Victoria in Amsterdam

First, we visited the ship as part of a press event in Hamburg. The real occasion was the meeting of the two Cunard cruise ships Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth at the start of their east and west circumnavigation of the world. And in July we tested the 294-meter-long ship on a Mediterranean cruise that took us from Athens to Venice led.

The much bigger one Queen Mary 2 During our Atlantic crossing in the summer of 2015, we experienced a mighty, splendid ship with luxurious furnishings, which, however, showed clear signs of use. These were removed in the spring of 2016 during a comprehensive renovation.

As far as obvious flaws are concerned, there is nothing wrong with the exterior of Queen Victoria, which was already overhauled in 2015. With the midnight blue and white color scheme and the striking red and black chimney, the ship looks very respectable. The interior is mainly conveyed by the three-story Grand Lobby the impression of comfort, nobility and shine. Eye-catchers there are the spacious staircase and a six-meter-high wall relief. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Grand Lobby

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Grand Lobby

Queen Victoria in Kotor / Montenegro
Queen Victoria in front of Santorin / Greece
Queen Victoria in Venice
Unmistakably Cunard
Grand Lobby
Wall relief in the Grand Lobby
Royal Arcade with clock
Royal Arcade
The ship's bell


Cabins & Suites

The shipping company puts the number of cabins at 1.003; with double occupancy this corresponds to 1.997 guests. Can be booked ...

  • Single cabins inside and outside
  • Two-bed cabins inside and outside
  • Deluxe twin cabins inside
  • Two-bed cabins outside with balcony
  • Britannia Club balcony cabins
  • Princess suites
  • Queens suites
  • penthouses
  • Grand Suites

Cunard - Queen Victoria - balcony cabin 8153Cunard - Queen Victoria - balcony cabin 8153

The standard cabins are sufficiently spacious. Only the “bathrooms” were wished for larger. The cabins are designed with pleasant, light colors and they offer enough storage space for two people. The bed is comfortable and the linens are luxurious. The technical equipment of the "stateroom" is contemporary; however, the air conditioning cannot be switched off if necessary. The balconies are big enough; they offer space for two patio chairs and a small table.

Cabin service is provided twice a day. The cabin steward is friendly, well trained and sees himself as a service provider.

Queen Victoria - balcony cabin
Bed balcony cabin
Balcony cabin
Queen Victoria - bathroom
Queen Victoria - outside cabin
Outside cabin

Eating and Drinking


Class society lives on on Cunard ships, which means that one of the four service restaurants is assigned to the individual cabin categories.

Passengers of the Britannia class (Inside, outside and balcony cabins) dine in the evenings in two sessions in the generously dimensioned Britannia restaurant on deck 2 or 3. The quality and diversity of the dishes on offer is exemplary. The dress code regularly displayed in the on-board program ranks between informal, casual and formal. “Formal” includes a tuxedo for men, a dinner jacket or a dark suit with a tie or bow tie. The ladies wear evening wear or a cocktail dress. Those who don't like that can switch to the Lido buffet restaurant on such gala evenings. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Britannia Restaurant lower level with Captain's TableCunard - Queen Victoria - Britannia Restaurant lower level with Captain's Table

Guests of the Britannia class can have breakfast and lunch either in this restaurant or in the Lido buffet restaurant on deck 9.

Guests of the Britannia Club balcony cabins dine in the separate Britannia Club Restaurant.

Suite guests use this during main meals Princess Grill Restaurant or the Queens Grill Restaurant.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Queen's Grill

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Queen's Grill

Of course there are also buffet restaurants on Cunard ships. On the Queen Victoria, it's open XNUMX/XNUMX Lido Restaurant on deck 9. In the evening, a part of the restaurant area is divided into four themed areas. Will be offered ...

  • Pan-Asian food in Bamboo;
  • Indian specialties in Coriander;
  • Italian cuisine in Square;
  • Fish, seafood and steaks in Premium.

A surcharge of 15 US dollars per person is required for the à la carte menus that are offered in the themed areas and change every evening.

The quality of the food in the Lido is also to be commended. However, we would have liked a wider and more varied selection of cold dishes for breakfast and lunch. Especially the breakfast with porridge, beans, bacon and other specialties looks “very British”. As far as that is concerned, the buffet areas of German “feel-good ships” are more diverse

Cunard-Queen Victoria-Lido Restaurant

Cunard-Queen Victoria-Lido Restaurant

Surcharges (15 to 24 US dollars) are also designed in the classy open for lunch and dinner Verandah Restaurant levied on deck 2. It offers contemporary French cuisine.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - table in the Verandah Restaurant

Cunard - Queen Victoria - table in the Verandah Restaurant

It's rustic in the Golden Lion Pub (Deck 2) too. With good English beers and hearty dishes at lunchtime, you can start the second half of the day well, especially on days at sea.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - lunchtime in the Golden Lion Pub

Cunard - Queen Victoria - lunchtime in the Golden Lion Pub

For the little hunger in between (depending on the weather) the Lido grill outside on deck 9 with hot dogs & Co. available.

An important issue on board cruise ships is that Service quality. It is in Britannia Restaurant first class; the waiters do their job in a professional, efficient and friendly manner. Unexpected weaknesses, however, show up in the Lido buffet restaurant. There are more delays in clearing the tables, regardless of peak times. 

Britannia Restaurant - Lower Level
Britannia Restaurant - lower level tables
Queen Victoria - Britannia Restaurant - Lower Level
Queens Grill
Queen Victoria - Queens Grill
Lido Restaurant
Lido Restaurant
Lido restaurant buffet
Verandah Restaurant
Table in the Verandah restaurant
Golden Loin Pub


Bars & Lounges

We find the discipline of the bars & lounges to be even more varied than the restaurant offer. The following is a selection, without claiming to be exhaustive:

Amidships is on deck 2 to starboard with a view of the Grand Lobby named after the widow "Clicquot" Champagne bar.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Champagne Bar

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Champagne Bar

Also on starboard, directly in front of the Britannia Restaurant, is the one that is styled with nautical elements Chart room bar.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Chart Room BarCunard - Queen Victoria - Chart Room Bar

This is next to the Chart Room Bar Café Carinthia. In the afternoon, it offers coffee and tea specialties, plus fresh croissants, Danish pastries and muffins.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Cafe CarinthiaCunard - Queen Victoria - Cafe Carinthia

Every English ship needs an "English Pub". On the Queen Victoria it is the one already mentioned Golden Lion Pub. The restaurant is a little too classy and offers a wide selection of English and international beer brands. It is also a popular meeting place for quizzes and karaoke events, and games or excerpts from matches in the English Premier League are regularly shown there. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Golden Lion PubCunard - Queen Victoria - Golden Lion Pub

Smokers may be drawn to the colonial style on deck 10 Churchil's Cigar Lounge. Their specialties: fine drinks and fine cigars.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Churchil's Cigar LoungeCunard - Queen Victoria - Churchil's Cigar Lounge

In front of it extend the entire width of the ship Commodore Club and the Admiral's Lounge, a separate area for events and receptions. From both of them, guests enjoy an excellent panoramic view. In addition to the good view, there is live music, bar service and hot and cold canapés. The club is officially open from 16:00pm Guests seeking peace and quiet use it beforehand. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Commodore Club
Cunard - Queen Victoria - Commodore Club - Admiral's Lounge

Towards the center of the ship, this closes with a view of the Pavilion Pool, which is one deck below Hemispheres on. During the day, the room with a 270-degree all-round view is a place for readings, lectures and more. In the evening the Hemispheres turns into a disco.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - HemispheresCunard - Queen Victoria - Hemispheres

Next to the Pavilion Pool is located amidships on deck 9 Winter Garden Cafe. The room has a sliding glass roof, green plants and a fountain. It is furnished with rattan furniture; the atmosphere should be Venetian. Here the guests take the traditional afternoon tea.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Winter Garden CafeCunard - Queen Victoria - Winter Garden Cafe

Aft on deck 9 adjoins the Lido Restaurant, the Lido Pool and a sundeck. The Lido pool bar provides the guests with drinks.

The is on deck 3, amidships to starboard Alcove Midship's Lounge. It can also be used for events.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Midships LoungeCunard - Queen Victoria - Midships Lounge

And then there is the elegant one Queens Room and the subsequent one Queen's Arcade on deck 2. In terms of size, the Queens Room of the Victoria cannot match the ballroom of the same name due to the lower number of passengers the Queen Mary 2 measure up. The hall, which extends over two decks, is the social focal point on this ship as well.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Queens RoomCunard - Queen Victoria - Queens Room

The guests of the suite category have access to the open-airCourtyard and the Grills Lounge on the 11th deck enclosed areas available.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Grill Lounge

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Grill Lounge

Champagne bar
Chart room bar
Chart Room
Café Carinthia
Café Carinthia
Churchil's Cigar Lounge
Commodore Club
Commodore Club
Passage to the Hemispheres
Bar in the Hemispheres
Winder Garden Cafe
Winder Garden Café counter
Midship's Lounge
Stained glass window in the Queens Room
Dance floor in the Queens Room
Grill lounge
Courtyard of the Grill Lounge


Sport & Wellness

The sports offer is varied. The one on deck 9 is equipped with the best equipment Gym. The sports offer also includes the one leading completely around the ship Running course. It was set up below the lifeboats on the promenade deck. Two laps correspond to one kilometer. Continue to be Shuffleboard and Quoits (a throwing ring game), Paddle tennis or Table tennis required. If you like, you can improve yours Golf tee.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Promenade Deck
Cunard - Queen Victoria - Shuffleboard

The Queens Room is not just the social hub of the ship; on the shiny parquet become regular Fencing courses given and Line dance training held together with the "Royal Cunard Dancers".

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Fencing lessons in the Queens RoomCunard - Queen Victoria - Fencing lessons in the Queens Room

On deck 9 are in the front area of ​​the reserved for families Pavilion pool and aft of Lido Pool. Also owns the ship come hot tubs, And on deck 11, too, people relax and sunbathe.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Pavilion PoolCunard - Queen Victoria - Pavilion Pool

The one run by the SPA operator Steiner Spa area is located on decks 9 and 10 in the forward area of ​​the ship. The SPA offers various treatment rooms for versatile SPA applications. There is also a hydropool and a thermal suite. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - SPA hydropool

Cunard - Queen Victoria - SPA hydropool


The on-board program presents an abundance of varied entertainment offers every day. The center of entertainment on board is the three-storey one that extends over decks 1 to 3 Royal Court Theatre. It is one of the most beautiful theaters that we know on board ocean-going ships. The 16 boxes with their own lounge area are a visual plus. As can be heard, lodge guests pay $ 35 per head for a glass of champagne and a few canapes. They obviously like to do it, because the boxes are often fully booked. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Royal Court Theater
Cunard - Queen Victoria - Royal Court Theater - boxes

The entertainment offers of the theater are diverse. We particularly liked the ship's excellent 12-person dance company, whose dancers not only show a remarkable tempo in their performances, but who appear to have mastered everything from classical dance to modern ballroom dances.

Other entertainment options:

Two on-board orchestras, a band, a string quartet and several soloists take care of it a wide range of musical entertainment.

The 6.000-volume, two-storey building offers variety and diversion Library to port on decks 2 and 3. The interior with wood paneling, stained glass, club armchairs and leather sofas is British and dignified, and there is also a sea view.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Library

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Library

In the Internet Center ConneXions ™ 22 computers with Internet access are available to guests. In the Conference and training rooms Computer courses, art classes, and courses on navigation and shipping are offered.

Cunard-Queen Victoria-Connexions 1Cunard-Queen Victoria-Connexions 1

The Empire Casino lies on the 2nd deck behind the theater. It's a manageable size and has a variety of slot machine games and a couple of gaming tables.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Empire CasinoCunard - Queen Victoria - Empire Casino

Another place for card and board games is the large, regularly popular one Card Room.

Varied entertainment is also provided in the aforementioned Golden Lion Pub required. And in between, the pastry chefs give a test of their skills in the Grand Lobby. 

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Kitchen Presentation in the Grand Lobby

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Kitchen Presentation in the Grand Lobby

Children and young people are locked on deck 10 in the areas The Zone and The PlayZone (Infants 2 to 7 years old) lovingly cared for.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - children's areaCunard - Queen Victoria - children's area

And shopping on ships is also fun. The Royal Arcade on-board shops - including a bookstore - are well stocked. In our opinion, they are in no way inferior to those of the Queen Mary 2. And that offers art lovers Clarendon Art Gallery a variety of works of art by various artists.

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Royal Arcade with shops

Cunard - Queen Victoria - Royal Arcade with shops

Queen Victoria Gym
Running course
Quoits fields
Paddle tennis cage
Golf tee
Fencing training in the Queens Room
Pavilion pool
Waiting area in the SPA
Steam bath in the SPA
Heated loungers in the SPA

Information on Queen Victoria

Commissioning December 2007
Size: Length 294 meters; Width 32 meters, draft 8,00 meters
measurement 90.049 GT
Passenger decks 12 decks
Machine 6 Sulzer diesel engines
Horsepower 64.187 kW
Speed 23,7 knots (maximai)
passengers  1.997 (with double occupancy)
Staterooms 1003 
Crew 981 people
Flagge Bermuda, home port Hamilton
shipyard Fincantieri, Marghera / Venice
Shipyard overhaul Blohm + Voss, Hamburg, in 2015
Board language English; German-speaking guest service
Currency on board U.S. dollar

Current position of Queen Victoria


The Cunard line is one of the most renowned brand names of Carnival corporation. In 2015, the traditional shipping company celebrated its 175th anniversary. It still draws on the nimbus of the "golden age of sea voyages", when the upper classes populated the upper decks and the common people, strictly separated from the rulers, had to persevere in the intermediate and lower decks.

Nowadays things are much more "democratic" on board Cunard ships. Apart from the delimited suite areas, such differentiations are also practiced on other cruise ships, the individual ship areas are accessible to every guest. - Great emphasis is still placed on following British traditions and forms. Where else but on Cunard ships, is the British tea hour regularly celebrated and is the dress code enforced in all restaurants with service? And where else but on Cunard ships is there Dance hosts for women and men?

Empire Casino
Queen Victoria - Empire Casino
Card Room
Play Zone
Outside of the play zone
Teen zone
Royal Arcade with shops
Royal Arcade with other shops
Clarendon Art Gallery


Queen Victoria differs considerably from the ships of the "German" cruise brands AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises. Also the cruise ships of the brands, which are well regarded by the German public Costa and MSC are not comparable to Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria is an international cruise ship. Guests from England, the USA, Australia and New Zealand dominate the passenger lists. In the course of our week-long voyage, there were 1.991 guests on board, of whom just 35 were German. But this minority was also taken care of. On Cunard cruise ships there is always a “German host”, menus and a daily program in German and a daily 4-page news overview also in German.

From our point of view, the Queen Victoria's offers are aimed primarily at friends of the British way of life and well-groomed contact with third parties. Those who accept this are in good hands on board the ship.

The generally opulent furnishings, the spaciousness and the ambience make Queen Victoria a cruise ship worth experiencing. For us, Queen Victoria is a cruise ship with added value.

Our trip from Athens to Venice in July was supported by Cunard Germany. We thank you for this. With regard to our journalistic independence, we refer to the chapter "We are independent".

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