Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow in Stockholm HarborSilver Shadow in Stockholm Harbor

Before we discovered our predilection for cruises and the ships that go with them, we always believed that the name Silver Shadow stood for a Rolls-Royce model from 1965. Now, however, we know better, since friends took a cruise with the Silver Shadow undertook.

The Silver Shadow is a small, fine cruise ship measured at 28.258 tons and commissioned by Silversea Cruises Ltd. Offers a high sense of luxury to a maximum of 382 passengers; It is, so to speak, the Rolls-Royce on the high seas.

Logo Silversea

The knowledgeable and first-class US travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler leads the ship in the list of the Top 20 Small Cruise Ships. The Silver Shadow and the identical Silver Whisper also regularly receive top marks in the press. And a lot of good things can also be heard about the shipping company.

It is like it is. In product advertising there is more of a mess than a mess. So it is not surprising that Silversea Cruises comes up with the brisk statement "Above and Beyond All Expectations". The term "All Inclusive Luxury" is used to put one's own services in the right light.

You have to experience such a ship yourself, our friends thought. And since the offered route to various destinations in the Baltic Sea region was also suitable, both were a given reason to travel with the Silver Shadow.

Indispensable object

The Silver Shadow and her sister ship, the Silver Whisper, belong to the Silversea Millennium Class ship category. The two dream ships exclusively offer their guests suites between 23 and 133 m² in size. More than 80 percent of the cabins have their own veranda. As befits a first-class ship, the premises are superbly equipped. The ship looks more like a private yacht. With the exception of the observation lounge (located in the front area of ​​the 10th deck), all public areas are oriented towards the rear of the ship. This made it possible to position the suites in the front part of the ship and thus create the effect of a private environment.

Before we turn to the ship and its amenities in detail, here are the essential data.

Ship information Silver Shadow

Ship class Millennium class
Commissioning 15.09.2000
Renovated 2011
Length 186 meters, width: 25 meters, draft 6,50 meters
measurement 28.258 GT
Decks 7 passenger decks
passengers 382
Suites 194 all on the outside
Crew 295 people
Crew / guest rate      There is one crew member for every 1,3 guests
Officers Exclusively European nationalities
Flagge Bahamas
shipyard Hull Visenitini Shipyard, Italy
Extension T. Mariotti Shipyard, Italy
Board language English, German-speaking service is offered

Current position Silver Shadow



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