Ventura crew

At peak times, when every bed is occupied, the transports Ventura in its 1.539 cabins a maximum of 3.574 passengers. Up to 1.226 crew members take care of the guests. Many of these crew members never see the passengers.

Ventura in St. John's / Antigua

This also generally applies to the bridge. However, those guests who book a guided tour called the “Behind the Scenes Tour” have the pleasure of doing the Master of the Ship, Captain Simon Terry, and his deputy, Deputy Capt. Derek Grayto get to know. Never before has a captain taken so much time for his guests during a tour of the bridge area during our voyages. Often enough the work was delegated to the Staff Captain or lower ranks. While the Deputy Captain on the mooring deck informed the guests of the ship's command about the processes, the captain insisted on informing the bridge visitors personally and in detail about what was happening on the bridge and the interaction of the systems. It was extremely informative and also had style.

Ventura in Sint Maarten - The bridge

There are enough crew members with constant guest contact. On the one hand, there are the stateroom attendants. They are responsible for the guest cabins and work very carefully twice a day. And if the guests arrive shortly before 23pm due to a missed flight, as in our case, they can still count on a good-humored cabin steward when they move into the deluxe balcony cabin. - The waiter in the buffet restaurant Waterside and The Beach House are mainly busy with serving and cleaning the tables. This work is done quickly and properly and there is usually still time for a smile and a few friendly words.

Ventura - service staff in front of a restaurant with Barbara Baber

The waiters in the service restaurants are always friendly and always present. In the course of our evening, time-independent "Freedom Dining" sessions, we were served by several service teams. Every time the restaurant was very busy, a very good job was done.

Ventura - waiter at the Tazzine Bar

The Guest Relations staff have intensive guest contact. They take care of the guests with competence and an angelic patience.

Ventura - reception

Our special thanks and great praise go to our (press) supervisor Barbara Baber. She was at our side during our stay on board with words and deeds. We also think of the dance instructor couple Ian & Penny or the friendly staff in the on-board shops. Many other crew members also deserved mention. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for this. 

Ventura-Barbara Baber