Ventura entertainment

On Ventura from P&O Cruises travel more than 3.000 guests if the ship is well utilized. A varied entertainment program is offered to you. The daily on-board program "Horizon" shows a colorful mixture of attractive and varied entertainment for every day from 7:30 in the morning to midnight.

Ventura - exuberant mood

For example, fitness apostles can already do some sport from 7:30 am with “Stretch and Relax” in the health club. A Pilates course is offered for a fee at 8:00am The solo travelers meet at 10:00 am in the wine bar "Glass House" for a chat.

Other activities include bingo lotteries, health seminars (“Secrets of a Flat Stomach”), spa workshops, dancing with Ian & Penny or afternoon blackjack tournaments. There are grateful buyers for everything. With these and many other amusements, especially the days at sea fly by. The ports called on the way do not significantly disturb the on-board entertainment. Despite attractive destinations, there are always enough guests who stay on board. Maybe just to im Arena theater to watch one of the latest blockbusters shown there?

Ventura - dancing with Ian and PennyVentura - Arena Theater

The two-story theater (decks 6 and 7) offers space for around 700 guests. The armchairs are comfortable, tall spectators like the distance between the seats, and the view of the stage is excellent, which does not necessarily have to be the case for other cruise ships. The theater is played every day. The entertainment offer is accordingly varied. Discussions, lectures, artistry, comedy, singing and themed dance shows are offered.

Ventura - Arena Theater - stage with the latest technology

The lounges The Tamarind Club (Deck 7) and that Havana (Deck 7 aft) are also included in the varied entertainment program.

Ventura-Tamarind Club

Don't miss a visit to the beer pub TheExchange. If a certain presenter appears there with his karaoke show or music guessing games, all hell is going on in the Exchange. Standing space is guaranteed and the beers on offer taste excellent.

Ventura - The Exchange Beer Pub

Casinos are a must on US ships. There is also a casino on the “British” Ventura, as the British enjoy gambling too. It will FortunesCasino called and is on the sixth deck next to the beer pub. However, it is much smaller than the casinos on American ships. The game is played at tables and machines.

Ventura - Fortune's Casino

The on-board shops and their offers are also noteworthy. Shopping on board this ship is really fun. The selection of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and other things that make life beautiful is considerable and the prices are moderate. There are also special sales at reduced rates almost every day.

Ventura - women's boutiqueVentura - men's boutiqueVentura - cosmetics boutique

The evening entertainment program cannot be imagined without the dance events that take place in the atrium almost every day and were led by two dance teachers on our trip. The program varies between classic Ballroom dances and Sequence dancesthat follow a set movement pattern. The participants apparently have the greatest pleasure in moving on the dance floor in both dance forms.

Ventura - dance eventVentura - Dance Event - Sequence Dance 1Ventura - Dance Event - Sequence Dance 2

An event must not go unmentioned. It is the “Great British Sailaway Party”, the “Great British Farewell Party”. Our party took place at 17:00 when leaving Ponta Delgada / Azores. Despite the fresh temperatures, the pool deck was covered with English flags. Almost every fellow traveler waved at least one flag. The typical English "hit songs" were intoned live on stage, for example Tom Jones with "Delilah". The piece is jokingly called the "Welsh Anthem". Of course, “Rule Britannia”, “Land of Hope and Glory” and “God save the Queen” were also included in this unforgettable event. The hundreds of English guests sang the hymns loudly along. On this occasion we painfully remembered an on-board party on an AIDA ship, where the other passengers only wanted to get as much free champagne as possible. - A toast to that!

Ventura - Great British Sailaway PartyVentura - Great British Sailaway Party