Ventura excursions

The transatlantic cruise with the Ventura led by Bridgetown to Barbados across the Atlantic Southampton in Great Britain. On the ship route were Castries on St. Lucia, Basseterre on St. Kitts, St. John's on Antigua and the Azores island of São Miguel with the capital Ponta Delgada.

Bridgetown / Barbados - Boats at the Carenage

The individual destinations are uniquely beautiful travel destinations with wonderful landscapes, each of which would justify a longer stay to discover the region. The Caribbean ports and São Miguel are well developed for tourism. In our opinion, the ship's guests are made interesting, but not cheap excursion offers by the shipping companies in the visited, manageable regions, which are to be understood as carefree packages.

Antigua - View of Nelson's Dockyard

“Individualists”, on the other hand, make use of the local providers. This includes taxi cooperatives, especially in the Caribbean. In addition to individually agreed destinations, tours are offered in large taxis for up to six people or in minibuses with space for more people. Like the tours that can be booked on the ships, the tours are designed for a duration of around three to four hours. Fares are around $ 20 per person. The round trips lead to the most interesting destinations on an island, which are also visited by the large buses of the shipping companies. Any entrance fees charged for individual destinations must be paid separately.

Sao Miguel / Azores - Port of Ponta Delgada

In most cases, individual trips offer significantly more than a (more expensive) bus tour arranged by the shipping company. In addition, most drivers are proud of their home and do everything to make the day's stay an unforgettable one. In most cases, good information is provided in English. And it is also stopped once to show a hummingbird fluttering in front of a blossom or to let the passengers smell the lemongrass that has just been picked. Such special experiences are not offered to passengers in the buses of the shipping companies.

Sao Miguel / Azores - rental cars

Depending on the region, the offers of the regional rental car providers should also be checked before starting the journey. No particular courage is required for individual tours; only proper time management is necessary. Cruise ships always wait for delays of tour buses or feeder boats. But they never wait for late individual day trippers; they have to watch them chase after their cruise ship.

Southampton - View of part of the harbor