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"Enjoy a dinner in luxurious surroundings, the pleasant company of your table neighbors, the attentive service of our waiters and the finest wines from all over the world". With these flowery words, P&O Deutschland presents the world of service restaurants on board the P&O Ventura. It is also important to note that P&O Cruises' chefs are members of the renowned gastronomic society “Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs”.

Ventura - Glass House Restaurant

The common guest, we are expressly committed to this group, often finds it difficult to judge British cuisine. That alone is reason enough to check how the quality of the food on board the second largest ship of the P&O shipping company is to be assessed.

Trevor Glass, the Executive boss of all catering facilities on board the Ventura, 165 employees are in charge of the various kitchen areas on board the ship.

As is usual on ships of comparable size, a distinction must be made between free specialty restaurants and specialty restaurants that require a surcharge. To the free restaurants include three large service restaurants. There are …

and the Cinnamon Restaurant on the P deck,

and the Saffron Restaurant on the F-deck above

and Bay Tree Restaurant aft on the F deck.

Ventura-Cinnamon RestaurantVentura-Saffron RestaurantVentura - Bay Tree Restaurant

In these pleasant restaurants, varied and consistently high quality dishes are offered. The food is served quickly; nobody loiteres. The portions of the 4- to 5-course menu are generally generously dimensioned. Nobody leaves the table hungry. The stations of the table waiters are placed inconspicuously in the room. Guest surveys for quality assurance are carried out regularly.

Ventura - Bay Tree Restaurant

The wine list is varied. The wine prices quickly jump over the € 25 limit, not least because of the decline in the common currency EURO. Wine drinkers are recommended to choose wine packages of different quality and quantity.

The three restaurants are supplied by a centrally located galley. While the Saffron and the Bay Tree eat two times a day, the Cinnamon is dedicated to those guests who want the "freedom dining variant" without fixed table times. The Cinnamon is open between 18:00pm and 21:30pm

Ventura-Cinnamon Restaurant

The buffet restaurants Waterside and The beach house lie in the middle of the ship and aft on the pool deck called "Lido Deck". In the evening, a side area of ​​the Beach House is transformed into a service restaurant subject to a surcharge.

Ventura - The Waterside Buffet RestaurantVentura - The Waterside Buffet RestaurantVentura - The Beach House buffet restaurant

Free meals are also available in Frankie's Grill (Burger & Co.) and one Pizzeriathat delivers 500 delicious pizzas a day.

Ventura - Frankie's Poolside GrillVentura - Pizzeria and Ice Cream Station


Specialty restaurants

Although the common galley of the main restaurants performs to its best every day, there are reasons to test the specialty restaurants. If the varied dishes in the main restaurants are not enough in between or if there is something to celebrate in an appropriate setting, then the three following specialty restaurants are the best addresses.

There are …

the Italian inspired The white room of star and TV chef Marco Pierre White on the Sports Deck,

the one geared towards oriental cuisine East Restaurant

and The Glass House on the boardwalk deck.

Ventura-The White RoomVentura - Outside area of ​​The White Room restaurant


Ventura-East RestaurantVentura - Glass House Restaurant

The Glass House was previously called "Ramblas". When the ship was rebuilt, the restaurant was converted into a Mediterranean-looking wine bar with a limited menu.

Ventura - Glass House Restaurant

Up to 25 British pounds per person can be charged to the on-board account for a visit to these three restaurants. 


Bars and lounges

Five bars, two lounges, a cafeteria, a beer pub and a wine restaurant are on board the P&O Ventura ensuring that no throat remains dry. We introduce these useful facilities below.

Tazzine cafeteria - If you value a good café in between, you can get one at Tazzine. This is located on the lowest deck of the three-story atrium (deck 5). Various coffee specialties are offered during the day. If the guest so wishes, the coffee is accompanied by pastries. You have to pay for the coffee specialties, the cake is not charged. - After dinner, the Tazzine shows that it also has a well-stocked bar menu, the drinks of which provide refreshment for the participants in the dance events that take place in the atrium almost daily.

Ventura-Tazzine Bar

Two decks higher (Deck 7 / Promenade Deck) closes The Red Bar to the atrium. The name is program. The all red bar is a popular place.

Ventura-Red Bar

The pool area on the Lido Deck is the Laguna Bar. The open-air bar is very busy on warm (sea) days.

Ventura-Laguna Bar

Opposite her was the Beachcomber Bar set up. It also has covered and sheltered seats.

Ventura - Beachcomber Bar

The aft on the Lido deck is the open air Terrace bar. In warm driving areas it is also a popular outdoor area of ​​the buffet restaurant. Smokers are drawn to the starboard side of the bar area.

What would the Sun Deck one deck higher be without the Breakers Bar? From up there, guests have a view of the outdoor pool, which is one deck below.

Ventura - Breakers Bar

The Ventura also has three lounges. The two lounges on the promenade deck are equipped with the best sound technology. Musical events on board take place in the spacious facilities every day. The lounges are ...

the amidships Tamarind Club

and the one aft Havana. It is all about the Cuban capital Havana.

Ventura-Tamarind ClubVentura-Havana Lounge

For night owls, the one located aft at the highest point of the ship (deck 18) is suitable Metropolis. When the lights go out elsewhere, life in the Metropolis begins. The special feature of the lounge is a 20-meter-wide video screen on which videos from major cities around the world are shown.


Besides the little one Fortune Casino lies on the 6th deck The Exchange, the English beer pub. The name has nothing to do with things on the stock exchange. Rather, one should think of a transfer station. The bingo events, the varied rate shows, the karaoke evenings and ... and ... and ... it is regularly loud. And often you can't find a seat. Skilled moderators know how to bring the pub to a boil. And the beer and the beer care are also right.

Ventura - The Exchange Beer Pub

It's completely different in The Glass House zu, the wine bar on the promenade deck in the front of the ship. Fine wines, small dishes, Mediterranean flair, good, tasteful furniture and armchairs outside make The Glass House an extremely pleasant place. The proximity to the Arena theater brings the restaurant many guests in the evening.

Ventura - Glass House Restaurant