World Voyager

World Voyager

“Small ships. Great experiences. ”This is the motto of the Stuttgart-based nicko cruises 26 river boats on three continents. In 2019, the shipping company added the WORLD EXPLORER to its range of ocean voyages. The ship is now being chartered out by the ship owner to niche providers. The sister ship, which is suitable for expeditions, has been available since spring 2021 WORLD VOYAGER in action for nicko cruises.

What does the WORLD VOYAGER stand for?

WORLD VOYAGER offers a maximum of 200 passengers comfort and service at a high level. The expedition ship has a diesel-electric Rolls Royce hybrid drive. In special situations at low speeds, the propulsion system allows the ship's command to travel quietly and without emissions at times. Dedicated, friendly and professional hosts look after the guests. The atmosphere on board the ship is familiar, not elitist. The WORLD VOYAGER was developed primarily for the German-speaking market. The language on board is German and English.

WORLD VOYAGER in the roadstead in front of Corvo / Azores

WORLD VOYAGER in the roadstead in front of Corvo / Azores

WORLD VOYAGER in everyday cruise life

A trip with the WORLD VOYAGER is required to find out to what extent the expectations raised by the shipping company are being met. The ship designed by a Portuguese designer looks classically elegant. Cabins, lounges and restaurants are generously sized. There is plenty of space available to passengers in the public areas.

WORLD VOYAGER in the port of Terceira / Azores

WORLD VOYAGER in the port of Terceira / Azores

WORLD VOYAGER in the roadstead in front of Corvo / Azores

WORLD VOYAGER in the roadstead in front of Corvo / Azores 


The shipping company differentiates between twelve cabin categories. The cheapest cabins are the 17 square meter expedition cabins. They are on deck 3, the lowest passenger deck. The significantly larger balcony cabins and suites as well as the attractive infinity cabins are located on decks 5 and 6. The special feature of the 25 square meter cabins are window elements that can be lowered at the push of a button.

WORLD VOYAGER - expedition cabin # 303
WORLD VOYAGER - balcony cabin # 606
WORLD VOYAGER - Infinity Cabin # 640

Description of the cabin

On our Azores trip we lived in balcony cabin # 606 on the sixth deck. The cabin offers comfort and elegance on an area of ​​25 square meters. When entering the cabin for the first time, the large-format television, the small desk and a Nespresso coffee machine catch the eye. The TV set, which is set up to receive various German TV channels, is the largest TV that we have seen on board ships so far. The floor covering (graphic, floral design) blends in harmoniously with the decor of the cabin. The beds are contemporary high. The sanitary area looks elegant because of the generously used wall and floor coverings made of travertine and marble. The shower area is spacious and equipped with several shower attachments. Various L'Occitane care products are available. The only weak point of the cabin: The storage space for extensive wardrobes seems to us to be too tight.   

WORLD VOYAGER - balcony cabin # 606
WORLD VOYAGER - balcony cabin # 606
WORLD VOYAGER - balcony cabin # 606
WORLD VOYAGER - balcony cabin # 606 - wet room


Dining options

In view of the corona pandemic, there are no buffets. All main meals are served. The guests are offered diverse and varied meals on all occasions.

Mystic restaurant

The main restaurant of the WORLD VOYAGER offers almost 200 seats, of which around 50 are in the covered outdoor area of ​​the al fresco terrace. The creatively prepared dishes are visually pleasing at any time of the day and they taste excellent. The waiting times between courses are reasonable and the service is good. There is no fixed seating arrangement and fixed table times.

WORLD VOYAGER - Mystic Restaurant
WORLD VOYAGER - the Al Fresco terrace of the Mystic Restaurant
WORLD VOYAGER - Lobster indulgence in the Mystic Restaurant
Lido grill

The Lido Grill, located next to the Pool Bar, serves its guests “small delicacies” between 12:00 and 20:00. These include soups, fish and meat dishes, nachos, pizzas, cakes and ice cream.



Lounges and bars

The WORLD VOYAGER has two spacious and well-equipped lounges in the front part of the ship as well as the pool bar on the pool deck.

Main Lounge - Deck 4

The spacious, tastefully designed Main Lounge is the most important meeting point on board the WORLD VOYAGER. The main lounge is used for the obligatory captain's receptions as well as for daily entertainment.

WORLD VOYAGER - Main Lounge - stage
Observation Lounge - Deck 7

WORLD VOYAGER is an expedition ship: the stylishly furnished lounge with a glass dome offers spectacular views of the outside world. There is also no lack of a small bar.

WORLD VOYAGER - Observation Lounge

WORLD VOYAGER - Observation Lounge

Speaking of views: in front of the observation lounge, a lot of space has been created for an outside seating and lounging area. Like the open observation deck on the 5th deck, it offers passengers unrestricted panoramic views.

WORLD VOYAGER - Outside area of ​​the observation lounge

WORLD VOYAGER - Outside area of ​​the observation lounge

Pool bar - deck 7

A pool deck requires a pool bar. It is located next to the Lido grill.

WORLD VOYAGER - comfortable loungers on the pool deck
WORLD VOYAGER - pool deck
Coffee station - deck 4

Opposite the "Rauch Smoothie Bar" we find the coffee and tea station that is open day and night. There and at several other places on the ship taps for drinking water were installed. Incidentally, still water and sparkling water are freshly available in the cabin every day.

WORLD VOYAGER - coffee station and smoke smoothie bar

WORLD VOYAGER - coffee station and smoke smoothie bar

Sports, wellness and entertainment

Sport and wellness

The fitness facilities of the WORLD VOYAGER are limited in terms of area due to the size of the ship. The L'Occitane-Spa and the associated sauna don't shine with overflowing surfaces either. In terms of quality, what is offered in both sectors can stand up to a comparison with larger ships. The sports area and the spa are on the 4th deck. The 135 meter long jogging track is on the 8th deck.

WORLD VOYAGER jogging track
WORLD VOYAGER - Spa treatment room
WORLD VOYAGER - Spa relaxation room

For relaxation in the fresh air, guests especially choose the pool deck (deck 7). There you will find the pool, two whirlpools and the high-quality, comfortable sun loungers.

WORLD VOYAGER - pool deck

WORLD VOYAGER - pool deck


The entertainment program is necessarily limited. For understandable reasons, the WORLD VOYAGER cannot offer the abundance of entertainment that large cruise ships are used to. Nevertheless, nobody should be bored on board the ship. The passengers are entertained musically in the main lounge. A talented Irish musician was hired for several trips. The entertainment program also includes the captain's reception followed by a gala dinner and information events by the lecturers. The auditorium set up in front of the Main Lounge is used for this program item.

WORLD VOYAGER - Auditorium

WORLD VOYAGER - Auditorium

Other on-board activities:

  • The open bridge: The bridge is open to passengers at certain times of the day.
  • Engine room tours: The chief engineer offers tours of the engine room.
  • Officers' Question Time: Captain, Chief Engineer and Hotel Manager answer questions
  • Rides with one of the twelve on-board Zodiacs: If the opportunity arises, Zodiac rides (panoramic or sporty rides) are offered.
  • Dolphin sightings: In the event of a dolphin or whale sighting, Captain Söderholm arranges a 360 ° lap of honor and the cruise manager informs the passengers about the spectacular events.
WORLD VOYAGER - the open bridge
WORLD VOYAGER - engine room
WORLD VOYAGER - Officers' Question Time
WORLD VOYAGER - Excursion with the Zodiac

Service & manners

The cabin and restaurant service offered on board the WORLD VOYAGER is well established considering the fact that the ship did not make its maiden voyage until April 2021. The always-present cruise manager and the excursion manager are always ready to listen to special requests from passengers. The hotel manager and the Maître d'Hôtel are always present and approachable at any time.

WORLD VOYAGER - Wine tasting on the Al Fresco terrace

WORLD VOYAGER - Wine tasting on the Al Fresco terrace

Cruises under COVID 19 conditions

Since the first half of April 2021, the WORLD VOYAGER has been in use first in Canarian and then in Portuguese waters. In contrast to the “blue voyages” of a competitor in times of pandemics, cruises with (organized) shore leave are something special. Consistently practiced hygiene measures make it possible to travel safely by ship. The measures include strict compliance with official requirements. In addition, additional security measures apply on board the WORLD VOYAGER. These include mask requirements in public areas, daily temperature measurements, corona rapid tests on board the ship before entering foreign territorial waters and time-consuming, hour-long disinfection of the ship before accepting new guests. A quarantine station has been set up on the ship for safety reasons.  

WORLD VOYAGER - provisions are made for eventualities - the infirmaryWORLD VOYAGER - provisions are made for eventualities - the infirmary

WORLD VOYAGER and environmental protection

Cruise ships are viewed critically by environmentalists. nicko cruises endeavors to keep the “footprint” of the WORLD VOYAGER small. The following are considered to be effective environmental protection measures:

  • the diesel-electric Rolls-Royce hybrid drive.
  • the use of low-sulfur marine diesels (MGO).
  • exhaust gas aftertreatment using an SCR catalytic converter.
  • the waste incineration system "micro auto gasification".
  • the Dynamic Positioning System to protect fragile ecosystems.

WORLD VOYAGER - data and facts




Length 126 meters; Width 19 meters, draft 4,70 meters


approx. 9.300 GT

Passenger decks

6 decks


diesel-electric hybrid drive (two Rolls Royce engines with 2665 Kw each)

maximum speed

16 knots


Ice class 1 B


maximum 200




105 people

Flag, home port

Portugal, Madeira


West Sea Shipyard in Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

Board language

German, English

Currency on board


Current position World Voyager


Cruiseturtle tested the WORLD VOYAGER on the new 14-day “Azores intensive” trip that was added to the program. Departure port: Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Destination port Funchal / Madeira. The ship headed for eight of the nine inhabited Azores islands. About our cruise in detail:  Diary WORLD VOYAGER - Tenerife, Azores, Madeira.

The trip was supported by nicko cruises. We would like to thank the shipping company and our contacts on board for this. With regard to our journalistic independence, we refer to the chapter “We are independent”.

WORLD VOYAGER - in the roadstead

WORLD VOYAGER - in the roadstead

Conclusion and evaluation of the ship

The WORLD VOYAGER is an expedition ship far removed from the usual mass business. There are no children's clubs and similar facilities on board. The ship is not suitable as a family ship. It is mostly used by couples in their prime. The constant noise and entertainment expected of the passengers on larger ships is also missing.

The WORLD VOYAGER is a squeaky clean, impressively styled and recommendable ship. His condition is excellent. It would be desirable that the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic are lifted as soon as possible so that unrestricted travel with this beautiful ship becomes possible.

The WORLD VOYAGER proves that German and Italian shipyards are not the only ones building good ships. With the ship, nicko Cruises proves that Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and renowned international shipping companies are not the only ones capable of operating excellent expedition ships.

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