Athens - Local public transport

Greece's capital Athens is really not a small city. About three million people live in the metropolitan area.

It is useful for cruise ship guests to study Athens' local public transport. Especially if you are planning an individual arrival or departure to / from the two cruise terminals in Piraeus. Athens' modern metro, the KTEL buses and well-kept taxis generally ensure good travel. It should be noted that the metro does not run at night, but buses and taxis run around the clock.


The metro is used by cruise guests who are visiting Piraeus, the largest Greek passenger port, quickly in the center of Athens want to arrive. Seven stations are on route 1 (green line towards Kifisia) between Piraeus and Monastiraki Square in the center of Athens. The trains run every half hour on the hour and every half hour.

The metro is also suitable as a feeder between the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, located outside Athens, and the Piraeus cruise port. Metro line 3 (blue line) starts in front of the airport (five minutes' walk from the entrance / exit of the departure level) in the direction of Agia Marina. At Monastiraki Square, passengers change to line 1 in the direction of Piraeus. In Piraeus, it is advisable to take a taxi for the last few kilometers to the cruise ship. Compared to the buses, the metro is relatively expensive over the long distance. However, trips in the city cost less than two euros.

The trip with the modern, clean trains of the metro is recommended. In 2016 the single fare from the airport to the city center is 10 euros / person. Two people travel as a "group" and together pay 18 euros. There are other perks. As far as we can find out, there is no senior discount.

For your information: The port of Piraeus has two cruise terminals, Terminals A and B, at which up to 11 cruise ships can dock at the same time. The terminals are remote. Therefore, the use of public transport is recommended.

Piraeus - Themistocles Terminal B

Piraeus - Themistocles Terminal B


Three express bus routes are important to cruise guests in the greater Athens area. These are the lines X95, X96 and the line X80.

The X95 buses, which are equipped for luggage, leave the airport (arrivals level; exits 15-4) every 5 minutes for Syntagma Square. The fare in 2016 is six euros; Pensioners pay half. The ticket counter can be found in front of the bus stops. The fare can also be paid to the bus drivers.

Buses on line X96 run regularly from the airport to Piraeus (arrivals level; exits 4-5). But they don't stop at the two cruise terminals. The rest of the route to the terminals can be covered by taxi for little money.

Piraeus - Bus route X80 to Syntagma Square in Athens

Piraeus - Bus route X80 to Syntagma Square in Athens

The buses on the X80 line shuttle between Cruise Terminal B and Cruise Terminal A to Syntagma Square in the center of Athens. The routes of the outward and return journeys differ slightly. The day ticket is charged at EUR 2016 in 4,50. In our opinion, the X80 line is the most convenient and cheapest way to get to the center of Athens. 


There seem to be countless taxis in Athens. The tariffs are correspondingly low.

Trips from Athens airport to the cruise terminals in Piraeus are charged at 5 euros during the day (00:24am to 00:45pm). The night tariff (the rest of the day) is 65 euros.

Athens - Taxis at Syntagma Square

Athens - Taxis at Syntagma Square

A taxi with luggage from the hotel near Syntagma Square to the (most remote) cruise terminal B in Piraeus cost 2016 euros in 18. The journey partly takes about 15 to 20 minutes on an expressway. From the Kolonaki district (near the Lykavittos cable car) to Syntagma Square, we paid just 2016 euros in summer 5.

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