Antarctic cruises are becoming more popular with travelers

Antarctic cruises are becoming more popular with travelers

The desire of Germans to travel, and especially to cruises to arctic and antarctic regions, is increasing.

Although the corona pandemic is not yet over, we are ready to treat ourselves and enjoy our lives. Many fellow citizens invest more money in their vacation than before Corona. Quite a few people therefore overdraw their accounts. Debt restructuring is a way to save on expenses while still having cash for a cruise to remote destinations. This article explains how this works and what to look out for.

ponant le bougainville in lisbon

Ponant - Specialist in expedition travel to the ends of the earth

The Germans' desire to travel is increasing

In the 2021 summer season, the travel industry generated more than twice the sales as in the previous year, which was heavily influenced by the corona pandemic. There are many reasons why people go on holiday more and spend more. Some treat themselves; others satisfy their wanderlust or catch up on what was not possible during Corona. A total of 3,2 million Germans are willing to overdraw their accounts for vacation purposes.

Cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic regions are popular

Apparently, people in this country are not satisfied with a short vacation in the surrounding area. Adventures are in demand. Not least Cruising in Arctic and Antarctic regions are in high demand because of their unique nature. What is better for a stay in the Arctic than a comfortable expedition ship? People of all ages and with different interests enjoy this form of vacation, which costs a five-figure sum.

ushuaia expedition ship ocean atlantic

 Expedition ship Ocean Atlantic in Ushuaia

ushuaia beagle channel isla martillo

Beagle Channel Isla Martillo

Finance exotic cruises with a loan

Credit institution customers overdraw their accounts for cruises to the extent permitted. No wonder: the overdraft facility is a quick and easy way to create additional liquidity. The disadvantage is that overdraft facilities are associated with comparatively high interest rates.

Smart people decide against using the overdraft line and opt for an installment loan. This type of loan is usually based on cheaper loan interest rates. The comfortable monthly loan installments do not put too much strain on liquidity. Cheap travel loans are ideal for treating yourself to an Antarctic cruise.

Why not reschedule the overdraft facility?

Because of the high overdraft interest alone, it is advisable to use Dipsokredite to refinance. The fact is: the overdraft facility is only recommended for short periods of time when capital needs to be available quickly. If the overdraft facility is used for a longer period of time, people often remain permanently in debt and unnecessarily high credit costs arise. Debt restructuring helps to save considerable amounts of the loan interest incurred.

Various types of debt restructuring are offered. The account is balanced by means of a cheaper installment loan; high overdraft interest is eliminated. It is also possible to bundle several loans. This saves costs and provides a better overview of existing obligations. An important prerequisite is to compare when rescheduling and to find out favorable loan terms.

Improve credit approval

If you are looking for a cruise financed with an installment loan, you should optimize your credit rating so that banks will approve a loan application. Your own creditworthiness is optimized by paying outstanding invoices on time and in full without exception. It is advisable to request a free self-assessment from credit agencies such as Schufa in order to have outdated or incorrect data corrected if necessary.

It is a good sign when banks and credit institutions grant their customers a credit card. Their users are considered reputable and reliable, and it has a positive effect on the Schufa score. Attention: However, if too many credit cards are used at the same time, this speaks against a good financial standing. It is therefore advisable to limit the number of credit cards.

Safety precautions during the cruise

The corona pandemic has become manageable; but it still exists. It is therefore important to take certain safety measures on board to protect yourself from infection. This includes, for example, maintaining your distance from other people. The less contact there is with other people, the lower the risk of infection.

Masks are still a simple and safe way to protect yourself from infection on cruises. This does not only apply to the passengers. Cruise companies require their crew members to wear masks. In addition, the shipping companies are developing effective safety concepts. Travelers are required to familiarize themselves with these before embarking on the voyage and to heed them during the cruise.

Ushuaia on the Beagle Channel

Ushuaia on Beagle Channel

ushuaia beagle channel - sea lions

Beagle Channel - Sea Lions


The Germans' desire to travel is palpable, and cruises to arctic and antarctic regions are enjoying great interest. By choosing a suitable installment loan, such cruises come into view. It is important not to accept the first loan offer that comes along, but to compare it. This is the only way to find and use the best individual loan conditions.

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