Overview casino offer on cruise ships

Casinos are offered on most cruise lines. Exceptions are the four ships of Disney Cruises, NCL's Pride of America and various small expedition or river ships. The casino offers of the individual shipping companies vary, and the casinos of the individual ships can also be equipped differently within a fleet.

As a general rule, the on-board casinos open as soon as the ships have reached international waters. The age limit for access to the casinos is not handled uniformly by the shipping companies. Some shipping companies allow people to enter the casinos after they have reached the age of 18; others require the completion of the 21st year of life.

Hello Koningsdam Casino

Casino on the MS Koningsdam

In the following we give an insight into the casino offers of the shipping companies:

Casino offer from AIDA

Access to the casino is free for everyone over the age of 18. Registration is not required. The dress code is casual and informal. The minimum bet is 50 cents at the gaming tables.
With the exception of the three old ships sailing under the heading AIDA SELECTION, there are casinos on board all cruise ships in the fleet.

This is what the casinos on Aida ships offer:

  • classic table games such as poker, roulette, blackjack
  • latest slot machines such as video slots, reel slots, progressive jackpots
  • Texas Hold'em poker tournaments
  • various bingo games such as super gold bingo or active bingo
  • Scratch cards
  • Theme evening "Viva Las Vegas"
  • Casino introductory courses

As a souvenir of your stay at the casino, you can buy one-time used playing cards and, on newer ships, the AIDA Casino T-shirt. Bingo friends can buy the AIDA bingo marker, which can be used to mark the lucky numbers drawn.

There are casinos on the following AIDA cruise ships:

AIDAbella, AIDAblu, AIDAcosma, AIDAdiva, AIDAluna, AIDAmar, AIDAnova, AIDAperla, AIDAprima, AIDAsol, AIDAstella

Casino offer from NCL

Under the “Casinos at Sea” brand, Norwegian Cruise Line promotes gambling on board the ships. A total of more than 2.800 machines are available; a colorful mix of reel, video and hybrid slot machines. The game selection differs depending on the ship. In terms of slot machine games, blackjack and Texas Hold'em poker tournaments are organized and discounts are granted.

This is what the NCL ships offer:

  • several poker variants, blackjack, dice games, roulette, baccarat
  • Video Slots, Hybrid Slots, Video Poker
  • free casino game courses
  • poker challenge
  • As a souvenir of your stay in the NCL casinos, NCL offers various printed T-shirts.

With 318 slot machines and 28 gaming tables, Norwegian Escape is one of the 4 most gigantic casino cruise ships.

NCL special events

The shipping company offers special event cruises such as on board the Norwegian Breakaway en Millionaire Maker, an annual golf tournament (by invitation), blackjack tournaments and more.

NCL Reward Program

NCL also offers the Players Card. This card with five status levels can be requested on the ship in the casino. The program is simple. The more you play, the more points you get. Beginners start at the “Jade Level” and frequent players can reach the “Elite Level”. The higher the status level of the card, the more discounts are available. The spectrum ranges from promotions and free drinks to free shore excursions, tips and private transfers on arrival.

Casino offer from MSC Cruises

The MSC Casinos offer more than 980 slot machines and a large selection of table games within the entire fleet. The program includes a variety that is familiar from the country and can vary depending on the ship. Are available:

  • Blackjack, Roulette and Poker Tournaments
  • Poker Pro (electronic version of Texas Hold'em)
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Entertainment games for beginners and experienced players
  • Draws with interesting prizes for everyone who plays on the machines

MCS discounts for players

The boarding pass is also the casino's player card. It documents the game frequency. Intense gamers get perks like free drinks, dining out, free spins, and more.

Casino offer from Cunard

Cunard-Queen Victoria

Cunard-Queen Victoria in Santorini

Few casinos on board cruise ships are comparable in tradition and reputation to casinos on board Cunard ships. Cunard currently operates three “royal” ships. Each of the ships has a casino. Cash (only bills) or boarding passes can be used at the machines. At the tables, you can exchange cash for chips or buy chips with your boarding pass. On-board credit may not be exchanged for gaming chips. Cunard generally offers introductions to the games on board.

An overview of the offers on the individual ships:

Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 there are 9 gaming tables and 99 slot machines. Blackjack, roulette and poker variants are offered at the gaming tables.

Queen Elizabeth

There are 2 table games and 5 slot machines on Queen Elizabeth 46. Blackjack, roulette and poker variants are played at the tables.

Queen Victoria

There are 5 gaming tables and 44 slot machines on the Queen Victoria. There are blackjack, roulette, and poker variants at the gaming tables. One of the gaming tables is an electronic gaming table without a dealer.

Casino offer from Carnival Cruise Lines

Every Carnival ship has a well-equipped on-board casino. Player. Players who have reached the age of 18 may immerse themselves in the casino world. The ships offer numerous gaming tables and slot machines. The range extends from roulette to slot machine games. Players can reap huge profits. The so-called MegaCash won US $ 1,065,428 once. The Casio offer in detail:

  • Blackjack, Roulette and different types of poker
  • Casino tournaments
  • Scratch cards
  • Introduction to the different rules of the game

Carnival Players Club®

The Player Club is a casino program that offers something for every player level. Frequent gamers can look forward to cocktail parties, free drinks, exclusive events, tournaments and some other surprises.

Casino offer from Royal Caribbean

"Having fun is a safe bet" is the motto of Royal Caribbean, the world's second largest cruise operator. Under the catchy name Casino Royale the following casino activities are offered:

  • Slot machine games
  • Table games (roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack
  • Casino tournaments (slot machines, blackjack, poker) - The prizes are cruises or VIP status on board the ships

The Royal Caribbean Players Club holds tournaments aboard certain ships throughout the year. Accredited players are invited to the events. The actions listen to names such as "Superbowl" or "Halloween"

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