Perfectly prepared: This is how the cruise becomes a dream vacation

Many people have dreamed of going on a cruise for half their lives. When the time finally comes, the anticipation can hardly be contained. Before you get started, however, travelers should make a few preparations to make their vacation on board particularly enjoyable. We reveal what you should pay attention to!

Cunard Queen Victoria off Santorini

Cunard Queen Victoria Santorini

Compare offers: Is all-inclusive worth it?

On a cruise, most passengers want to be pampered. It is particularly pleasant not to have to pay attention to the price when it comes to food, drink and entertainment. For this reason, all-inclusive cruises are booming, where holidaymakers know what the total costs will be when they start their journey. These days, cruise ships are much more than just a means of transport with a fantastic view. Depending on the type of ship, you will find hairdressers and spas, concert halls, fitness centers, restaurants and bars or pools on deck.

All-inclusive cruises are offered around the globe and, despite their extensive offerings, do not have to cost a fortune. For German vacationers, a trip to the Mediterranean can be the perfect choice to avoid putting too much strain on your wallet and enjoy wonderful experiences at the same time. Book an all-inclusive Mediterranean cruise and travel from the Cyclades to Crete through Greece or from Split to Starigrad along the Croatian coast. Important: Arrival and departure to the start and end ports of the cruise are not included in the classic all-inclusive cruise.  

santorini fira terraces atlantis hotel orthodox cathedral

Santorini Fira - Terrasen Atlantis Hotel Orthodox Cathedral

Check in online: Even on the cruise

Most people only experience check-in when traveling by plane. Here passengers must register before the trip and provide some data. In fact, it is just as important to provide certain information on cruises, as you will be on board for much longer. Instead of the classic check-in, there is a so-called on-board manifest for cruises, which passengers must fill out in advance. Not only personal information is requested here, but also emergency contacts and medical details. For example, if you need certain medications, you should take these with you in your first aid kit, but also specify it in the on-board manifest. This means that medical emergencies can be treated better. Most large shipping companies offer an online form for this purpose. It is important to note that there is a deadline for the on-board manifest, which expires several weeks before departure. Ideally, you fill out all the necessary documents immediately after booking.

Program on land: plan excursions

Most cruises not only offer an interesting program on deck, but also plan excursions and activities on land for their passengers. However, these are optional and can be added to the trip if desired. If you book an all-inclusive cruise, you can often take part in these activities for free, although not every travel provider includes them in the price. It is also important that the excursions should be booked in advance so that the ship's crew can prepare for them with the appropriate number of participants. Sightseeing, tastings and tours help you get to know a region better, even for short stays. Of course, vacationers on land can also move around on their own and plan their own program. However, this should be planned well because the ship leaves on time and there is a risk of missing it.


There are a few things to consider when booking and planning a cruise. From choosing between an all-inclusive trip and a cruise without a meal package to arranging excursions well in advance, there's a lot to do. Thereafter all you have to do is pack your bags and can start your dream adventure.

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