Ten things that shouldn't be missing on a cruise ship

A cruise is a comfortable way to explore the world. In recent years, cruises have become increasingly popular as they offer a unique combination of relaxation, adventure and cultural discovery.

However, it should be noted that sea trips require slightly different planning than vacations on land. While you can buy forgotten items in a supermarket on land, the options on a cruise ship are limited. You often miss things on a ship that you have forgotten for several days. It is important to prepare well in advance and take the right things with you to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible. Here are ten things you should definitely take with you on a cruise ship to be prepared for any situation.

  1. Travel adapter and multiple socket: There are often only a limited number of electrical outlets on a cruise ship. A travel adapter and a multiple socket (not allowed on some ships) are useful for charging all electronic devices at your leisure.

  2. Sunscreen and sun hat: Even on the water the sun seems to be mercilessly strong. Sufficient sunscreen and a hat provide protection against sunburn.

  3. Bathrobe: Bathrobes are not always available on cruise ships. Your own bathrobe is very practical in the spa area or your own cabin.

  4. Waterproof case for your smartphone: No matter where you take photos, a waterproof case protects your smartphone from water and moisture.

  5. Medicines and first aid kit: It is advisable to take a small first aid kit with you with the most important medicines for nausea, headaches, stomach problems and other complaints. If the worst comes to the worst, you are well prepared.

  6. Light evening dress or suit: Highlights of many cruises are formal evenings or gala dinners, which require appropriate attire. A light evening dress or suit is a “must” to be stylishly dressed and enjoy the special occasions on board.

  7. flashlight: Whether for nighttime walks on deck or for an emergency, a small flashlight can be extremely useful for illuminating the way or finding items in the dark.

  8. binoculars: With binoculars, passengers enjoy the fascinating views of the sea and coastal landscapes. Maybe show up dolphins or other sea creatures in the distance.

  9. Portable power bank: A power bank is essential for charging electronic devices during excursions or longer stays outside the cabin.

  10. An open mind and a thirst for adventure: Last, but not least, it is important to bring a positive attitude and openness to new experiences with you on the trip. A cruise allows us to discover new places, meet interesting people and experience unforgettable moments.

Unpacking your suitcase on the cruise ship 3


In summary, it is crucial to prepare carefully for a cruise to maximize comfort and enjoyment on board. Bringing practical items like travel adapters, sunscreen, and a first aid kit will ensure you're prepared for most situations. At the same time, personal items such as binoculars or a power bank enhance the experience by allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of the journey and always stay connected. The importance of dressing appropriately for special occasions and being open to new experiences underlines the cultural and social dimension of a cruise. Proper preparation allows you to enjoy every second on board and makes the cruise an unforgettable experience.

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