Houseboat vacation as an alternative to a cruise? There are good arguments

Houseboat vacation as an alternative to a cruise? There are good arguments

Cruises are an interesting alternative to a beach vacation. They have a number of advantages, including the chance to discover several destinations in a short period of time, a luxurious atmosphere and a varied entertainment program.

All of this has contributed to the fact that cruises have been enjoying increasing popularity for years. However, if you want to spend your vacation on the water, you don't necessarily have to book a cruise. A houseboat vacation is no less exciting and there are good reasons for it.

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Personal environment with a high level of privacy

One of the main reasons why many people prefer a Rent a houseboatthan booking a cruise is the high level of privacy. Although we can stay in our cabin most of the time on a cruise ship and avoid strangers, we miss out on beautiful landscapes or other things that are essential to the experience. With a houseboat we don't have to worry about this as the ambience always remains exclusive and intimate. We decide for ourselves who we float around with on the water. Most of the time we are either with family members or friends, which is much more pleasant than being exposed to constant crowds.

Lower costs for greater planning effort

While you don't have to worry about anything on a cruise because the organizer plans everything related to your stay, things are different on a houseboat vacation. For example, we have to prepare our own meals. However, the higher planning effort also has the advantage that the costs are significantly lower. In addition to renting the houseboat, there are only minor expenses for port fees, food and fuel.

Design according to your own wishes and without restrictions

On a cruise we can decide for ourselves which activities we take part in, what we eat and whether we attend a particular event. Nevertheless, we cannot design the trip completely according to our own wishes. Framework conditions such as the route are determined in advance, which means there is less room for maneuver. When it comes to a houseboat vacation, there are no limits when it comes to design. We decide 100% ourselves how our stay on the water goes. As long as we comply with applicable laws such as regulations to protect the environment, there are no restrictions.

Easier access to remote locations

Mooring anywhere with the houseboat

Mooring anywhere with the houseboat

With a cruise ship we can easily travel long distances and visit different destinations around the world. However, if you want to visit remote places such as lonely river landscapes or abandoned settlements, a houseboat is much more suitable. As a result, adventurous vacationers in particular prefer a vacation on a houseboat to a trip on a cruise ship. After all, you're far more likely to find a remote spot or two and have plenty of time to explore.

Conclusion: Personal preferences are crucial

Admittedly, a houseboat vacation has some advantages over a cruise. But the same applies the other way around, which is why, as so often, it depends on personal requirements. For example, if you value a high level of luxury and would like to make new social contacts, you would be better off taking a cruise. So it really depends.

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