Top 10 cruise destinations for first-time travelers

Top 10 cruise destinations for first-time travelers

There are enough people who consider cruises to be monotonous. What could actually be interesting about a ship trip, staying on a ship for days and only seeing the sea? This may apply to ocean crossings, so-called transvoyages.

In reality, cruise programs are diverse. The combination of cities and countries is often unusual. Even those travelers who know the regions visited from previous stays will not be bored.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates has developed a surprising dynamic as a travel destination in recent years. The UAE authorities are doing everything they can to strengthen Dubai's position as a leading cruise destination. When starting a cruise in the UAE, we recommend that you take care of the method of communication. It is disadvantageous to buy a SIM card in every country. In such cases, a digital SIM card helps. It is connected and paid for online. The advantage of eSIM is that you don't even have to insert the card into your phone. eSIM is based on a different technology, assuming your device supports this feature.

museum of the future dubai

Museum of the Future Dubai

Nile, Egypt

If you are taking a river cruise on the Nile in Egypt, we recommend the route between the ancient Egyptian cities of Luxor and Aswan. The temples of Luxor, the tombs of Tutankhamun and Nefertari, the wife of Rhamses ll, located in the Valley of the Kings, are sure to impress every traveler. Also worth seeing are the temple of the Egyptian god Horus in Edfu and the temple of the god Sobek in nearby Kom Ombo. Finally, in Aswan, the famous Aswan Dam beckons.

The Caribbean and the Galapagos Islands

The Caribbean Sea and its beautiful destinations lie at the crossroads of the sea routes between North and South America, between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Cruises in the Caribbean differ according to western, eastern and southern destinations. The starting ports for the trips are usually Florida (USA), Mexico, Panama and Puerto Rico. Trips also lead to the island of Hispaniola. Hispaniola stands for the states of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. For communication and internet access in the Dominican Republic it is necessary to be in eSIM Dominican Republic to dial in. The virtual SIM card is ideal for travelers in everyday life.

Athens, Greece

If you are from Piraeus/Athens for one Cruise to the fantastic Greek islands decide, don't forget to take a camera! Everything else can be found on site. First you might visit one of the Saronic Islands, the island of Aegina with its rich history, beautiful landscapes, pistachio groves, fish markets and floating fruit and vegetable markets. Other attractions on the island include the Byzantine Church of Saint Nektarios, the Temple of Aphaea and the Christos Kaprolos Art Museum. The next destination could be the island of Poros, located in the Saronic Gulf, a place that nature lovers love for its greenery and lemon gardens. From islands like Santorini, Not to mention Mykonos or Crete.

Santorini Queen Victoria in front of Nea Kameni

Queen Victoria before Santorini

Amazon, Brazil

A cruise on the Amazon is not just a cruise, but a river expedition. When ship travelers arrive deep in the Amazon rainforest, they enjoy the untouched nature and see rare animals and insects hiding from prying eyes in the shade of the trees. Comfortable ships sail the river, including well-known expedition ships from German and international operators.

The main route runs from the Amazon Basin west to Manaus, Brazil. An important part of the travel program is getting to know the region's indigenous residents.

Volga, Russia

Russia is rich in beautiful, recommended places. The tourist facilities of Russia offer enough opportunities to get to know them. Now is certainly not the time to visit the largest country on earth. Apart from that, cruises on the Volga, Europe's longest river, between May and September provide lasting memories. Here too, if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones and exchange experiences, you should get an eSIM before traveling to Russia.

The river trip touches the city of Uglich, one of the oldest cities in Russia, located on the upper reaches of the Volga. The city of Yaroslavl, which is also one of the oldest cities in the country, is recommended with its churches from the 13th century, e.g. B. the Transfiguration Cathedral. A pearl of the Golden Ring is Kizhi Island, an architectural reserve.


The Mediterranean is rich in unique and beautiful places, such as the French island of Corsica. Ajaccio, the birthplace of Emperor Napoleon, is particularly worth a visit.

Ajaccio view from the ship to Place Foch

View of Ajaccio

The island of Mallorca is also a popular destination. The island capital Palma de Mallorca offers ideal conditions for exploring the island.

Cruises in the Mediterranean are characterized by a wealth of travel options. It is difficult to choose the “right one”. Standard routes pass through the western and eastern Mediterranean. Cruise ships often depart from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Yangtze, China

Perhaps the most exotic trip in our top 10 program: a river trip on the Chinese Yangtze River. Visit the Beyond, a Buddhist monastery in Fandu. Or three well-known gorges, the Dragon Gate, the Fog Gorge and the Green Gorge. Particular attention is certainly paid to the huge dikes of the Three Gorges.

The city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province and the former Ming Dynasty, is also worth a visit. Other spectacular destinations include the Huangshan mountain range or the city of Wuhan with Mao Zedong's villa. In such distant regions it is particularly important to have fast access to the Internet. This is what the virtual prepaid data SIM card offers.

Norwegian fjords

The fjords of Norway are among the most beautiful and famous in the world. Each fjord has its own special features and attractions. The Geirangerfjord is famous for its scenic beauty. During the fjord trip, travelers see, among other things, high and picturesque waterfalls.

The Sognefjord is the longest fjord in the world. You can also take a trip on a dizzying mountain road or take the Flåmsbana from Flåm to Myrdal, 867 meters above sea level. The train departs from Flam 20 kilometers through a lovely landscape, stops at the Kjosfossen waterfall and covers the rest of the route via three loops, one of which is in a tunnel. From Myrdal the railway line continues to Bergen.

Mississippi, USA

Mississippi river cruises from Memphis to New Orleans are exciting! Tour participants discover an impressive part of the USA's cultural and historical heritage. You get to know Memphis/Tennessee and experience the beauty of the southern cities known for their unique pre-war houses. On the way is Baton Rouge, the capital of the US state of Louisiana. The city is famous not least for its authentic Cajun cuisine and the craft beer brewed there.

astoria american empress

Astoria - river cruise ship American Empress

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