Volcanoes, rainforest and dream beaches – the islands of the Comoros as a travel destination

Volcanoes, rainforest and dream beaches – the islands of the Comoros as a travel destination

If you are looking for a travel destination that is spared from mass tourism and has a tropical climate all year round, you will find your paradise on the islands of the Comoros. The temperature here is around 25 degrees Celsius all year round, as the location on the African east coast creates a tropical feeling.

Nature lovers will get their money's worth: miles of dream beaches, gigantic volcanoes, coral reefs and tropical rainforests offer pure potential for discovery. We introduce the beautiful islands of the Comoros and reveal what you need to consider when going on holiday.

Tranquil fishing village

Four main islands of the Comoros invite you to a holiday

The Comoros consists of four large main islands, each surrounded by a number of smaller islets. All islands were formed by volcanic activity. Each island has its own charm and brings with it special features. We describe the main islands in short form.

Grand Comore

The northernmost of the four islands is the largest and politically most important in the archipelago. It impresses with its active volcano Mount Karthala, which still spits fire occasionally today.

Mohéli – the smallest of the main islands

With an area of XNUMX square kilometers, the westernmost main island is the smallest of the four large ones. she is especially for the Mohéli Marine Park known. It is home to rich biodiversity. Snorkelers and divers will get their money's worth here, but nature lovers on land will also be in good company on Mohéli.

The natural island of Anjouan

As a natural island, Anjouan relies on economic growth. The online casino license is known beyond the island's borders and is of great importance for the further development of the economic structure. Paula Winkler, who has an insight into the scene as an expert from Kryptocasinos.com, points out the importance of the Anjouan Casino for island residents, but also tourists. Since mass tourism has not yet taken off on the islands, other economic sectors are needed to further develop the country. This in turn results in greater tourist flows and the associated income. Anjouan lies in the east of the archipelago.

Mayotte – the French overseas department

Mayotte, the fourth island, is only geographically part of the Comoros. Officially, the southernmost island of the Comoros is a French overseas department. Water sports enthusiasts are also welcome here, as the gigantic lagoons and coral reefs invite you to have an underwater experience. There are other groups of rocks and small islands around the archipelago, but they are of little importance for tourism. Day trips by boat are still an exciting experience. And important: Mayotte is a cruise destination. Well-known shipping companies such as Holland America, Hapag Lloyd, Oceania, Regent and Seabourn have registered ship visits for 2024 and 2025.

Entry only possible with a visa

To travel to Comoros, German tourists needed a visa. Upon presentation of a valid return flight ticket and proof of sufficient money for meals, the visa for Grande Comore will be issued at the international airport for around XNUMX euros. Both business tourists and private vacationers are allowed to enter. The issued visa is valid for XNUMX days, and can then be extended if necessary. This is usually sufficient for a holiday trip, as hardly anyone stays on the islands for longer than three weeks.

The most beautiful experiences in the Comoros – variety and pure nature (Ü2)

Lie on the beach, explore nature or plan a dive. There are a variety of employment opportunities in the Comoros. Here are some of the top experiences that every vacationer should do.

Visit to Moroni

It is the largest city in the Comoros and offers impressive sights and the region's most important trading port. The Abdallah Mausoleum, the Parliament building and the Volo-Volo market are real highlights.

Waterfalls on Anjouan

The natural island of Anjouan not only offers beach fun, but also impressive waterfalls and lush vegetation. Hikes along the beach, trips to the rainforest – nature fans are particularly in demand here.

Discover whales while diving

Niumashuwa Bay is a must-see for diving fans. Here you can not only watch whales, but also the famous giant tortoises, which are native all around the Comoros. The largest lagoons are on Mayotte, but diving is also worthwhile on all other islands.

giant tortoises

giant tortoises

Hikes on the volcano

Karthala is the volcano on the largest island in the Comoros, and it still erupts every now and then. Two to three day hikes are offered by experienced guides, but are also possible solo. There are impressive rock formations and exciting paths to discover in the caldera.

Behavior in the Comoros – strict rules must be observed

The natural beauty and lush vegetation make the Comoros a real paradise for nature vacationers. If you are looking for party beaches and club hustle and bustle, you have chosen the wrong travel destination. The country is strictly Muslim and the moral regulations are correspondingly demanding.

Alcohol in public, low-cut dresses and women bathing during Ramadan are taboos. Such factors must be taken into account when planning your trip. Things are a little more relaxed in the hotels. Tourists are served beer there, but there is no large portfolio of alcoholic beverages there either.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the beautiful Comoros has not yet been conquered by mass tourism. There are no drunk guests spoiling the nature on the beach after a night of drinking. Instead, the beach sections belonging to the hotels are maintained very carefully.

Important: ID is required in the Comoros from 23pm Anyone who is still out and about in bars, restaurants or even at the food stand must expect controls. The passport is sufficient.

Discover the islands – the infrastructure is solid

Anjouan and Grande Comore are nestled along coastal roads and are therefore easy to explore by car. Rental cars are available in the capital Moroni on Grande Comore. In order to drive locally as a German, you need an international driving license. If you don't have your own vehicle, you can find shared taxis, especially in tourist regions. They run frequently during the week, but often only run until 15pm on the weekends.

There is a regular ferry service to explore the islands. In addition, canoes, sailing boats and motor boats are available for rent on the beaches. Holidaymakers on Mohéli rely on this because the roads are poorly developed and there are hardly any buses to get around. There are occasional flights between the islands, but departure times are more of a forecast and not a guarantee.



Conclusion: Comoros as a travel destination – respectful conquest of an undeveloped world

Due to its unique location, the Comoros is a real adventurer's dream as an undeveloped travel destination. Anyone traveling must be aware that there are different rules of conduct here than in Mallorca. In general, there is warm hospitality on the islands and attempts are made to cater to the needs of tourists in hotels and accommodations. With mutual respect, your Comoros holiday becomes a real adventure.

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