Advantages of a cruise with the Mein Schiff fleet

Advantages of a cruise with the Mein Schiff fleet

The Hamburg shipping company TUI Cruises names its seven premium ships “Mein Schiff” and a number. Only the "Mein Schiff Herz" deviates from this rule. Although the similarities predominate, each of the ships has certain unique selling points. It is recommended to take a cruise with TUI Cruises.

Mein Schiff 2 -Gibraltar

The Mein Schiff fleet has everything you need

The Mein Schiff fleet offers everything that makes a cruise pleasant: first-class hotel services, high-quality sports and spa offers and a wide range of entertainment programs. Among the gambling offers, Merkur games dominate.

restaurants and bistros

All ships offer a wide range of culinary offerings. Fixed mealtimes or seating arrangements are frowned upon; your own habits and rhythm are decisive.

The ships have both a la carte and buffet restaurants. The most popular restaurants and bistros include:

  • Atlantic classic
  • Atlantic Mediterranean
  • Bosphorus snack bar
  • Cliff 24 grill

my ship 2 atlantic classic

Mein Schiff 2 Atlantic Classic

Bars and lounges

The bars and lounges on the ships serve almost every taste. In addition, branded drinks and cocktails are included in the travel price. Only specialties such as champagne are subject to a surcharge.

Various entertainment offers

The entertainment offers of the ships are diverse and varied. To name a few examples: The on-board theater offers ambitious show programs. The Klanghaus scores with lectures and musical events. There are art studios, art auctions and more. If you are looking for other entertainment, you will find it on all ships in the casino. In addition to classics such as roulette and blackjack, the Mein Schiff casinos also have slot machines, including those from Merkur.

Merkur builds slot machines not only for land-based casinos but also for online casinos. All ships in the Mein Schiff fleet have internet access. Passengers can Find demo versions of Merkur games and test them for free. Not least because the selection of slot machines on the ships is limited and varies from ship to ship.

Shops with many different brands

Entertainment in a broader sense includes the onboard shops, which invite you to go shopping. The wide selection ranges from fashion items to jewelery and beauty products:

sport and health

The well-equipped sports and wellness areas invite you to exercise and relax in the elaborately designed sauna and wellness facilities. A good example is the arena created for basketball and other ball sports. There is a jogging area, a fitness trail, cycling offers, a 25 meter swimming pool and a wide range of sports courses.

my ship 2 x bar deck

My Ship 2 - X Bar Deck

If you are not looking for physical activity, you might find what you are looking for in the wellness offers. The Mein Schiff fleet offers different saunas, massages for him or her, make-up studios, hairdressers and much more.

Travel the world with Mein Schiff

TUI Cruises has earned an excellent reputation over the years due to the large selection of different routes and destinations. The Mein Schiff fleet invites you to discover some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Europe has spectacular cruise destinations. Top destinations in the Atlantic are the Scandinavian countries and England. There are fjords and beautiful landscapes along the route. The Baltic Sea lures with Nordic simplicity and in the Baltic States with Eastern opulence.

If you want to experience a number of the most impressive destinations in Europe such as Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Hamburg or Mallorca, you can opt for one of the Western Europe cruises. A variety of impressive cities and metropolises reveal themselves within a few days.

The Canary Islands are another prime tourist destination to particularly enjoy in winter Canary cruises with the Mein Schiff fleet great popularity. A variety of cruise itineraries connect the main islands, allowing travelers to explore the Canaries' stunning landscapes, volcanic formations and picturesque beaches in a single voyage.


There are also a number of popular cruise destinations in the Arabian region and in Asia. This includes cruises in Dubai. Two-week trips from Hong Kong are also popular because of the destinations Thailand and Vietnam lying on the way. The city-state of Singapore is also a popular destination for cruise ships. On cruises from Dubai to Singapore, the ships pass a large part of the Indian Ocean and destinations in India or Sri Lanka.


Passages involving North America and Canada are popular. Individual Atlantic crossings lead from Hamburg to New York. Intermediate destinations are the Orkney Islands, Shetland or Iceland. Other trips are from New York to Boston, Portland and Canada. The route guides include the port cities of Saint John in New Brunswick and Halifax.

new york statue of liberty and downtown manhattan

New York Statue of Liberty and Downtown Manhattan

Not to mention trips from New York to the Bahamas or destinations in the Caribbean and Central America.

Additional services

There are many Mein Schiff offers that make guests rave. The Internet or dedicated travel agencies provide information on which packages and discounts are recommended. On a cruise with ships from the Mein Schiff fleet, guests will find what they are looking for. Be it wellness offers or Merkur online slots.

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