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After the cruise: How to relax at home

A cruise is pure relaxation. But how can you keep that special feeling and relax at home? Here are four tips!

A cruise is a delightful opportunity to explore the world, discover foreign cultures and get away from it all. But what can you do when the journey is over and you are back in your familiar four walls? How can you keep the holiday feeling and avoid the stress that often lurks after a long absence? Here is some advice on how to wind down at home after a cruise.

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self indulgence

After the cruise you don't have to give up the luxury you enjoyed on board. That's why you should allow yourself something special every now and then that makes you feel good. This could be a massage, a romantic candlelight dinner or a visit to the cinema. Or how about a wellness day at home?

There are also forms of relaxation that were not possible on the voyage: Currently, all cruise lines prohibit smoking marijuana on their ships, be it in public areas or in the cabins. After the trip, nothing stands in the way of consumption, as long as you live in a country where it is legal. Lots of people use one high quality bong, to relax.

The world of bongs is as diverse as it is fascinating. From simple glass pipes to artistically designed masterpieces made of crystal, ceramic or metal - the choice is almost endless. Just as with alcohol consumption on board the ship, the same applies to this type of relaxation: you should not overdo it. This is a great way to recover from the rigors of the journey and recharge your batteries.

A smooth transition

The temptation to unpack your suitcase, sort the laundry, go through the mail and check e-mails immediately after your return is great. But this can quickly lead to excessive demands and dissatisfaction. Instead, take a moment to adjust to your home environment. For example, you can go for a walk in the neighborhood, relax in a café or look at the holiday pictures from the cruise. This is a great way to overcome jetlag and gradually get used to it again.

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cherish memories

A cruise is a unique experience that cannot easily be forgotten. To capture the wonderful moments, you can create a photo album, keep a travel diary or put a souvenir in a special place. Sharing the experiences with friends and family, who are sure to be interested in the holiday stories, is also fun. In this way you can review your journey again and reawaken the positive feelings.

Planning the next trip

If wanderlust comes knocking after the cruise, you can already start planning your next trip. You can scour the internet or travel guides to look for exciting destinations you haven't explored yet. Maybe you also have the desire to repeat your favorite route in order to experience familiar places again. In this process, it can happen that you come across cheap offers or even special offers for regular customers, which increase the attraction of planning your trip even more.

By considering a new voyage, one can not only develop anticipation for the experiences to come, but also seize the opportunity to get the most out of the next cruise. The planning phase allows activities and excursions to be organized in advance, special restaurants or discover entertainment options and prepare for a smooth journey. This anticipation helps ease wanderlust by consciously engaging with the adventures to come.

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