AIDA on the rise: cruises more popular again

AIDA on the rise: cruises more popular again

 After an enforced period of abstinence, the appetite for cruising seems to be high. This is the impression you get when you look at the Germans' desire to travel.

Cruises in particular are becoming increasingly popular; the need to catch up is great. Above all, AIDA Cruises, the German market leader, is benefiting from the increased demand.

A breath of fresh air on the AIDA

The revised entertainment program is not least responsible for the increasing success of AIDA Cruises. A new holiday program for children makes the cruise even more interesting for families. Guest artists lead the exciting hands-on workshops, which entertain the young travelers with a varied program. The American football workshops and the professionally led dance courses are popular. The freestyle football tricks also provide excitement on the cruise. Young music fans produce their own radio plays or visit the children's musicals. AIDA has also thought of the little ones: Chamber puppet shows have been taking place in Studio X since this year.

aida aidacosma abu dhabi

AIDAcosma Abu Dhabi

North, South, West and East

Another plus point is the large selection of travel destinations. The AIDA cruise ships sail on almost all seas and oceans. The fleet of twelve ships heads to 269 ports and operates on 313 routes. The number 1 most popular cruises are tours in Northern Europe. Travelers can expect spectacular fjords, the magic of the midnight sun and colorful northern lights. Northern Europe is followed by the AIDA cruises Caribbean and Western Europe. The western and eastern Mediterranean and the Canary Islands are also popular. Many holidaymakers decide on Baltic Sea cruises or book a trip to the Orient, Africa or Southeast Asia. But regardless of where the journey goes, the number of passengers is increasing again. Over a million passengers book a cruise on AIDA cruise ships every year.

Positive impressions reinforce the boom

It is no coincidence that AIDA is recording increasing passenger numbers again. Positive experiences accumulate and those who are satisfied share this with their friends, neighbors and relatives. This arouses interest and curiosity as many cruise passengers are spending their vacation on a ship for the first time. Numerous passengers are so impressed by this that they remain loyal to AIDA Cruises in the long term. The recipe for success is simple: On the AIDA ships, guests can expect a relaxed atmosphere with a relaxed dress code. The interaction is informal and friendly. This particularly meets the needs of families with children. The diverse travel offerings also satisfy people with a wide variety of interests. It is possible to book a cruise in Europe. On the other hand, distant countries attract ship travelers with their exotic charm.

aidaaura walvis bay

AIDAaura  Walvis Bay

There is enough entertainment on board. The animation program is wide-ranging and tailored to different target groups. In addition to evening shows, wellness and sports provide variety. The catering is good; Allergy sufferers and travelers with food intolerances get their money's worth.

Last but not least, AIDA Cruises relies on sustainable concepts and state-of-the-art technologies to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. This is also an aspect that appeals to people today. For more information on the positive changes in the cruise industry, see our current AIDA News.
Conclusion: With new concepts and fresh ideas, AIDA knows how to inspire travelers with its wide range of offers in economically difficult times.

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