By plane to the cruise – tips for arrival and departure

By plane to the cruise – tips for arrival and departure

With some cruise ships enabling people to explore a city, it’s common for travelers to enjoy a variety of adventures when they dock at a new destination. Of course, depending on the amount of time you have will determine what exactly you can do, but there are some great places around the world to enjoy a spot of fishing for a few hours.

Getting to the airport

Enjoy cruises increasing popularity. They offer the highest level of relaxation and ensure unforgettable experiences. But as with any trip, preparations need to be made. This includes packing your suitcase. There is a maximum weight limit. Depending on the airline, for example, 20 or 23 kilograms per person are permitted. Anyone who travels to exotic countries during their cruise will also want to take one or two souvenirs home with them. That's why you shouldn't exceed the weight limit, because this also applies to the return flight.

cunard queen mary 2 hh steinwerder

Queen Mary 2 Queen Mary 2 in Steinwerder. In the foreground is the parking lot, behind it is the ship.

A big problem awaits many vacationers at the airport itself. Those who arrive by car often find it difficult to find a parking space. Finding a parking space is one of the most unpleasant things before departure. Above all flying with children presents parents with a real challenge because they are particularly impatient. Once a parking space is finally found, the next shock follows. Parking spaces near the airport are expensive, especially for those who are traveling for several weeks and want to park the car the entire time. Who one reserved parking space near the airport owns, can therefore consider himself very lucky.

The offer from Easy Airport Parking

In order to relax well, it is important that the time before your vacation is worry-free and stress-free. The increasing number of passengers regularly means that parking spaces are full. Fortunately, it is possible to reserve the parking space well in advance. If you park near the airport, you will do so cheaper than directly near the terminal. That's why it makes sense to reserve a parking space before the cruise and know the exact location from the start. This saves time, money and effort and gives you a good and safe feeling. The fear of missing the flight because of the time-consuming search for a parking space then disappears. The reservation allows for relatively inexpensive long-term parking.

Plan enough time

It is important not to rush anything and to have enough time between landing at the airport and leaving the cruise ship. It's better to arrive at your destination too early than too close. Many travelers use a longer stay near the airport for exciting excursions, for example Sightseeing of Rome. If you have the opportunity to book the flight flexibly, you can plan a few days for a pre-vacation before the cruise. Many cruise ships leave for example in Mallorca. It's worth exploring the Spanish island with its beautiful beaches.

Rome Cestius Pyramid

Rome - Cestius pyramid

Conclusion: A cruise should be as worry-free as possible. If you reserve the parking space at the airport before departure, you will have a more relaxed vacation and also save money.

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