By private plane to the cruise ship

By private plane to the cruise ship

A trip on a cruise ship is a special form of vacation: you can be pampered around the clock and get to know impressive cities and regions with their special sights during shore excursions.

The cruise ships' offerings are aimed at different target groups: There are offers for families with lots of fun and games on board. On other ships, the focus is on culinary delights and sophisticated entertainment. The period of cruise travel varies from a few days to several weeks. This means that every customer can find the trip with which they would like to fulfill their personal holiday dream.

Arrival by private plane to the cruise ship

Getting to the cruise ship

In many cases, you travel to the cruise ship by plane. The ports are in the Mediterranean, on the Canary Islands or overseas. The cruise companies usually offer the option to book a scheduled flight. But these flights only serve larger airports. The journey can be long and difficult. Put the ship in Southampton from, you have to travel via London. And if you live in the south of Germany, the journey to the German cruise ports in Kiel, Hamburg or Rostock-Warnemünde takes a whole day. Deutsche Bahn often has problems with punctuality; the journey by car is long and often plagued by traffic jams. The alternative to conventional travel is to book a private jet. This form of flying allows you to have a relaxed journey to your cruise ship: private planes also land at smaller airports that are closer to the ports. For example, there is an airport in Rostock-Laage that is only served by charter airlines and not by scheduled flights.

Charter a private plane for the cruise

You can easily and conveniently charter a private plane for the cruise. In the app you enter the start and destination airports. You will be shown various offers. You can book yourself on the plane. The better the flight is filled, the less you pay. This makes traveling by private jet cheaper than expected. If there is no flight, request the connection via the app. After a short time you will receive an individual proposal for your trip tailored to your needs. Here too, other passengers have the opportunity to book in, which in turn reduces costs.

The advantages of traveling with a private jet at a glance:

  • Short travel times
  • Direct connections even between small airports
  • Relaxed travel on comfortable seats in a small plane
  • Travel time can be adjusted to the departure and arrival of the cruise ship
  • No delays or flight cancellations

You also save money long waiting times at check-in. If you wish, you can do this in advance. On the day of departure, you have the option of having a shuttle take you directly to the tarmac. This means the relaxed journey begins as soon as you leave your home.

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Flight cancellation on a cruise is problematic

If a flight is canceled, you will receive compensation. In the worst case scenario, however, you cannot start the trip and your planned vacation is over before it even begins. You can prevent this by traveling safely. If you choose a private plane, you can be sure that you will reach your cruise ship on time.

Use a private jet to travel to your river cruise

There are a variety of ways to spend your vacation on a cruise ship. You can book a cruise on all of the world's oceans. The alternative may be interesting: a river cruise. Here, too, the ports for the start and end of the cruise are not always close to a major airport. Traveling by private plane is therefore a good alternative.

Enjoy the luxury of a private journey

Treat yourself to the luxury of private travel to your cruise ship. If you are traveling with friends or other family members, you can share the costs. You know that you will arrive on time and relaxed. The time factor is also significantly shorter than with conventional travel.


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