Casinos on cruise ships: gambling on the high seas

Casinos on cruise ships: gambling on the high seas

Gambling has been around for thousands of years. In Germany, players were threatened with punishment for a long time.

At the latest with the establishment of casinos in some German cities, attitudes towards gambling changed. And since July 2021, German online casinos have been allowed to offer poker, casino and virtual slot games. Finding a reputable online casino is not rocket science. Thanks to better internet access, it is now possible to play with your smartphone even on cruise ships.

Cruise ships without on-board casinos are almost unthinkable. Many ships have sometimes elaborate casinos with table and slot games. Gamers will always find the right offers for them.

Is gambling legal on a cruise?

The law of the flag state applies on cruise ships. On the high seas, on the other hand, international maritime law applies. As soon as the ships are outside the twelve-mile zone, gambling is permitted without restrictions. In the ports, the law of the host country applies. The consequence: depending on the law of the host country, casinos mostly remain closed.

The right clothes for visiting the casino on the cruise ship

Cruise ships vary between family ships and luxury liners. While casual relaxation in casual attire is standard on deck, a pleasing appearance is required in the onboard casino. Luxury ships in particular attach great importance to elegance and style. Sweatpants, open shoes or a missing jacket are taboo. However, a tie or bow tie is not allowed.

cunard queen mary 2 empire casino

Cunard Queen Mary 2 Empire Casino

cunard queen mary 2 empire casino gaming tables

Cunard Queen Mary 2 - gaming tables in the casino

Thanks to effective air conditioning systems, nobody breaks a sweat in the on-board casinos. On American cruise ships, tuxedos are even provided for spontaneous casino visits. And one more thing: the protection of minors is observed. Visitors under the age of majority will be denied access to the casino.

Cruise ships with casinos on board

Germans took more than 700.000 ocean cruises in 2021. Well-known German providers such as AIDA and TUI Cruises celebrated the best booking figures before the start of the global corona pandemic. In general, cruises are varied and popular forms of vacation. It is therefore not surprising that international cruise ships in particular have casinos. Below we will focus on two German and two international providers:

1. TUI Cruises: Variety for gamblers

The shipping company TUI Cruises currently operates seven cruise ships. The on-board casinos do not stand up to international comparisons. There are vending machines in a relatively small area; an electronic roulette is also available. The minimum equipment is still fun.

2. AIDA Cruises: Almost every ship has a casino

A casino is available to players on eleven of the twelve ships in the fleet. The game is played on the latest generation of slot machines and tables. On the AIDAcosma, the current AIDA flagship, players choose from more than 40 machines. The minimum stakes at the tables are EUR 0,50.
aida aidacosma casinoAIDAcosma Casino

BINGO events take place regularly. In addition, "Viva Las Vegas" theme nights are offered. At these events, “Texas Holdem” is in the foreground.

3. Royal Caribbean: The big casino offer

Want to visit the floating “Casino Royale”? It is a true paradise for gamblers, especially since the establishments are significantly larger than on other ships. The casinos offer slot and table games: baccarat, poker, blackjack and roulette. Committed players are offered VIP status. You take part in various events and tournaments and receive additional perks such as free cruises. The casinos of the sister brand Celebrity Cruises are even more sophisticated.

celebrity equinox fortunes casino

Celebrity Equinox Fortune Casino

celebrity equinox fortunes casino gaming tables

Celebrity Equinox Fortunes Casino Gaming Tables

4. Costa Crociere: no ship without a casino

Every Costa Crociere cruise ship has a casino. Gambling starts in the evening and the casinos stay open late into the night. The equipment is elegant. Players choose between multi slots and table games.

Costa Fortuna Casino

Costa Fortuna Casino

The minimum bet is quite high at five euros; each chip is worth one euro. There is a wide range of table games to choose from. In addition to blackjack, American roulette, bingo and stud poker and the dice game craps are on the program. Costa asks guests to dress modestly. Blouse and jeans for women and shirt and jeans for men are sufficient.

Conclusion: Gambling on cruise ships is a great pleasure

Every day on a cruise ship is varied and exciting. No other type of holiday takes travelers so comfortably to so many different places. The gastronomic scene is often unsurpassable. The entertainment is fantastic all day long, especially on the big ships.
The on board casinos are part of the entertainment. The atmosphere in the casinos is informal and relaxed; the services are right. Drinks will of course be served and refreshments will be taken care of if necessary.

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