Cruise destination Macau

Cruise destination Macau

At the mouth of the Pearl River lies the Chinese special administrative region of Macau, a magnet for tourists and a conference center in Asia.

Macau offers its visitors a variety of offerings, such as exceptional cultural values, a wide range of hotels, an attractive nightlife and original cuisine. The city is a regularly visited stop by cruise ships before the start of the Corona pandemic. Incidentally, Macau and Hong Kong, the metropolis of millions, are separated by almost 70 kilometers as the crow flies.

macau paul church

Macao Paul's Church

Macau - UNESCO World Heritage Site and other attractions

Founded by Chinese fishermen and farmers, the settlement developed under Portuguese colonial rule from the early 1550s into an important transshipment port between China, Japan, India and Europe. Thanks to the Portuguese sailors and traders, cultures and customs from two continents merged in Macau.

Macau offers tourists a confluence in a total area of ​​little more than 30 square kilometers Portuguese colonial times and Asian modernity. Macau's city center has numerous architectural gems. Top attractions of the old town are the facade ruins of the Pauluskirche, the fortress Monte Forte as well as the Guia fortress and its lighthouse. Overall, the city center consists of two zones. They count more than twenty buildings and squares from the colonial era that were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005.

Architectural highlights of the present are the Macau Tower, the Grand Lisboa and The Venetian. The 338 meter high television tower has five observation decks and a 360 degree rotating restaurant. The Grand Lisboa and The Venetian are well-known and popular complexes with hotel complexes, casinos and entertainment facilities.


Macau nightlife - gambling and club culture

Macau's nightlife is characterized by gambling and club culture. In recent years, Macau has welcomed more than 30 million tourists, many of whom came from China. When it comes to gambling, the city is on par with Las Vegas in Nevada. Besides classic casino games, the favorite of the Chinese metropolis is baccarat, a card game developed in France. Other options include slots and the dice game Sic Bo. It is similar to the Hazard and Chuck a Luck games. European tourists get new gaming experiences in Macau. Hectic, large crowds of people and loud players are rather a rarity. Asian players surprise with seriousness and sophisticated gaming tactics that are often lacking in western casinos.

Of course, Macau's nightlife isn't just limited to gambling. Trendy clubs recommend themselves to the guests. The absolute highlight is the "Club Cubic". The popular location extends over 3.000 square meters on two levels. Guests experience performances by internationally renowned DJs. The China Rouge club, inspired by the splendor of Shanghai's golden era, also offers special experiences. Surrounded by avant-garde design elements, guests enjoy great live music. More attractive bars and clubs can be found on Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, near Lake Nam Van. The facilities, thanks to their location, offer a perfect sea view in addition to good entertainment.

macau at night

Macau at night

The Macanese cuisine

What would a visit to Asia be without enjoying the regional cuisine? The cultural mix in Macau also applies to the local food culture. Macau mixes Asian and Portuguese cuisine. The result of the encounter is the Makanean cuisine. When it comes to fine dining, Macau offers numerous restaurants that welcome their guests with innovative dishes and an exclusive atmosphere. Good addresses are the "Golden Flower" and the "Lai Heen". The "Golden Flower" stands for opulent menus with newly interpreted traditional dishes from the imperial kitchen. Original Cantonese cuisine is served at Lai Heen. Both establishments have been awarded Michelin stars.

Delicious street food is a given in Macau. Tourists who stroll through the streets of the metropolis during the day treat themselves to delicious snacks from the food stalls or take a break from sightseeing in a café. Popular baked goods to feast on are Portuguese egg tarts or the Macanese almond cookies. A coffee treat is the serradura (sawdust in English), a dessert made of custard and crushed biscuits. Fish balls with curry, rolls with spiced pork or Asian chicken soup provide a hearty meal in between.


Macau - always worth a visit

Macau is on the list of the destinations of many Asian cruises far ahead. The destination with the world's highest population density - more than 20.000 inhabitants per square kilometer live in the tiny area - attracts with architectural highlights from the Portuguese colonial era and Chinese modernism. There is also a lively casino and club scene as well as a diverse gastronomic landscape. The latter ranges from fine dining to street food offerings. Visitors to Macau who have ships anchored offshore or who arrive within an hour from Hong Kong will have a memorable time in Macau.

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