Digital networking on AIDA cruise ships

The modern world of cruising offers more than just breathtaking views and luxurious amenities. The AIDA fleet, equipped with the Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) mobile network and ship WiFi, brings digital connectivity to the high seas. Travelers can make phone calls, send messages and surf the Internet - all while crossing the vast ocean. In this article we have taken a closer look at the innovative options available today.

AIDAprima in Rotterdam

Innovative entertainment options

On board various AIDA ships, such as the AIDAdiva and AIDAluna, passengers can expect an interactive TV infotainment system. This system not only offers access to current films, but also enables individual entertainment directly in your own cabin. When traveling in the North and Baltic Seas, the western and eastern Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and Dubai, ARD, ZDF and some private German channels can be received on board. This is particularly interesting for sports fans who travel on the AIDA during international soccer tournaments or other popular sports events. This means you don't have to miss a game and with an internet package you can even do so without any problems place online bets on the games and join in the excitement live.

AIDAdiva a moment

AIDAluna off Halifax

Revolution through Starlink technology

The introduction of broadband service SpaceX's Starlink on all AIDA ships marks a turning point in on-board entertainment. With this innovative satellite system, guests experience fast and reliable internet, comparable to a DSL connection at home. This opens up new possibilities, from social media to online chat to onboard work options. Even live streams and data-intensive applications are possible thanks to the fast satellite internet and the new AIDA Starlink Internet tariffs no problem anymore. This opens up many new possibilities and is a real enrichment for all guests, not just digital sea nomads.

Digital service offerings on AIDAcosma

The AIDAcosma arrived in Dubai for the first time in 2022. The ship sets new standards in digital on-board entertainment. The onboard portal is accessible via smartphone, cabin TV or public screens and offers a variety of services.

AIDAcosma Departure from Dubai

Guests can easily book excursions, wellness treatments and restaurant seats and benefit from digital services such as virtual waiting areas and digital cabin mail:

The features at a glance

  • myAIDA on-board portal: Available on your smartphone, cabin TV and onboard public screens. Free and easy to use with your AIDA PIN.
  • AIDA app: Direct access to the on-board portal. Before your trip, download the app for free from the App Store or Google Playstore, log in once and always stay informed.
  • Reservation options: Book excursions, wellness treatments and restaurant spaces directly via the onboard portal.
  • Comprehensive information: Get details about the on-board program, opening times and current offers at a glance.
  • Efficient service: Use the virtual waiting area for conversations at reception without waiting times.
  • Digital cabin mail: Receive cabin mail directly to your smartphone or cabin TV.
  • Deck plans and travel information: Quickly orientate yourself on board and find out about your itinerary and destinations.

The future of cruising

These digital advances show how cruising is evolving to meet the needs of the modern traveler. The ability to book excursions or find out about the latest events on board with one click reflects the increasing need for greater comfort and efficiency. The modern AIDA fleet remains at the forefront of this digital revolution by offering its guests seamless connection and entertainment - no matter where they are on the world's oceans.

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