Gardening on the cruise ship

Are gardeners needed on cruise ships? What's that good for? On board the five celebrity ships of the Solstice class gardeners are needed to give the 2.000 square meter lawns on board the ships intensive care.

celebrity equinox lawn
Lawn on the Celebrity Equinox

We know them Lawn Club called lawns of the Celebrity Equinox and the Celebrity Silhouette from own experience. We enjoyed walking on the well-manicured lawn on trips in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean - this is expressly desired - and we were happy with the ship's guests who played a game of boules on the lawn or one of the eight alcoves for a break had booked.

Celebrity equinox invitation in front of the lawn club
Invitation in front of the Lawn Club - Celebrity Equinox

Involuntarily, the question arises, how is it possible to cultivate a first-class lawn under changing conditions? And which crew member takes care of the lawn?

Greenkeeper at work - Celebrity Equinox
Greenkeeper at work - Celebrity Equinox

The latter is simply answered. The lawn care is the job of Lawnkeepers. He takes care of the mowing and watering of the lawn. It changes the architecture of the plant from case to case and it repairs damage to the seeds when the salt mist, which is dangerous for the lawn, clogs the lawn seeds. Bermuda grass is used in warm regions. It has performed well on board the five ships.

If one of the ships leaves the warm regions, e.g. For example, to do duty in Alaska, the robust ryegrass has to "step in" instead of the Bermuda grass. The Bermuda grass remains in the resting phase until the ship is again in warmer climes. One thing must always be, the lawn must always give a green and healthy impression.

Greenkkeepers hand tool Celebrity EquinoxGreenkkeepers hand tools on the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship

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