Interesting facts about cruises

Every year, more and more Germans take unforgettable ocean cruises. The cruise industry offers us a wide range of opportunities to make sea voyages for almost every taste and price. The range of offers extends from mini cruises to 120-day, great world trips.

Did you know that cruising is a popular form of travel for middle-aged and older people? It is interesting in this context that the average age of cruise passengers is 50,4 years. More interesting cruise facts:

cunard queen mary 2 brooklyn cruise terminal 750

Cruise ship Queen Mary 2 in New York

1. To build a cruise ship you need coins

It's no secret that a single cruise ship costs hundreds of millions of euros to build. But not everyone knows that traditionally coins are needed as lucky charms in shipbuilding. To ensure that the ship is always lucky, coins are placed on the pallets under the hull when the keel is laid. After the completion of the new building, the lucky coins will be handed over to the captain of the ship, who will keep them safely on board.

2. Wastewater generated on board is treated with our own on-board sewage treatment plant

Wastewater accumulates in abundance on board cruise ships. All modern cruise ships have complex systems for wastewater treatment. The use of such treatment plants guarantees the environmentally friendly discharge of treated wastewater into the oceans.

3. Each cruise ship has its own fire department

Fires are one of the greatest risks on board ships. To ensure maximum safety for passengers on board, every ship has smoke detectors, sprinkler nozzles, fire extinguishers and trained firefighters. Fire protection exercises take place at regular intervals.

The Mariner of the Seas fire brigade

The fire brigade of Mariner of the Seas

4. Pets are allowed on board

The Cunard shipping company enables guests of the Queen Mary 2 to take their pets with them on transatlantic passages. The ship has special kennels in which dogs and cats are properly cared for. A "Kennelmaster" is reserved exclusively for the animals. The animal owners are allowed to visit their animals daily. For dogs there is a replica of a New York fire hydrant and a London street lamp to “lift legs”. Special life jackets are available for the safety of the animals.

In addition, some shipping companies allow their guests to take so-called "service dogs" on board. "Service dogs" are z. B. Guide dogs or animals trained to recognize epileptic seizures in the early stages.

5. Ships have a special underwater silicone coating

The environmentally friendly underwater silicone coating lowers the frictional resistance of the water and helps to save fuel.

mein schiff 4 309 everything revolves around wolfuehlen

Mein Schiff 4 by Tui Cruises

6. The capacity of the lifeboats is greater than the number of people on board

One of the important safety measures is that the life rafts and lifeboats must have a capacity of at least 125 percent of the people on board.

7. Aida Cruises offers more than 49 hours of attractions a day

In a week will be up AIDA Cruises Cruise ships offered more than 209 entertainment shows. In detail this means:

  • Up to 570 artists act on 24 stages on board all ships in the evening.
  • The ships offer shows for all tastes. The presentations are divided into 83 different categories.
  • On board a ship alone there are more than 18.000 costume pieces for the actors.

8. Cruise ships can be reached on their own telephone number

Using the example of TUI Cruises That means cruise ships: The ships' receptions are manned around the clock every day. Each ship can be reached under a specific telephone number.


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