Luxury on the high seas: cruise ships floating dream palaces

Cruises continue to delight millions of travelers around the world. The pleasant and uncomplicated way of traveling and the flair of the sea make cruises appear attractive to many holidaymakers, despite the criticism voiced by environmental activists.

While "normal consumer" or its American counterpart "Joe Sixpack" perceive a balcony cabin and a few cool drinks as a luxury, wealthy travelers enjoy "real" luxury in a different way. They are offered a lot on cruise ships.

What is luxury?

The Duden defines luxury as a costly, wasteful effort that goes beyond the normal framework of living; as not necessary and operated for pleasure only. Luxury is splendor and lavish abundance.

Examples of luxury on cruise lines

The concept of luxury undoubtedly depends on the point of view of the beholder. It manifests itself in many ways: in high-quality cars, villas in the best residential areas, expensive jewelry, 5 * hotels, designer clothing or luxury trips on cruise ships. Oceania Cruises claims to offer the finest cuisine on the high seas. And that's not wrong: the premium shipping company is advised on culinary matters by Jacques Pépin, the American master chef who was born in France.

Oceania Marina - private dining room

Oceania Marina - private dining room

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is pleased about the regular five-star plus ratings of the luxury ships MS EUROPA and MS EUROPA 2 by the Berlitz Cruise Guide. And even the volume providers among the cruise companies now consider suites with concierge and butler service to be an indispensable standard. On the high seas there is literally nothing that does not exist. And there is no end in sight to this development. New cruise ships offer a lot that your heart desires.

hapag lloyd ms europe before samos


What is commonplace in luxury hotels in Las Vegas seems to be becoming the standard on the world's oceans as well. Las Vegas is known for its huge, luxurious and brightly colored hotels. The Caesars Palace has the largest suite, measuring 950 square meters. An unbelievable size that cannot be achieved on a crusader. It would be worth a try, however.

After all, the Seven Seas Explorer, the newest ship in the Regent Seven Seas Cruises fleet, boasts the largest floating luxury cabin. It is 413 square meters including the terrace and costs 9.943 euros per night, depending on the destination, if it is free at all. Compared to this, the Master Suite is available on a trip to Alaska in May 2021 at a daily price of 4.514 euros at a "bargain price". It is undisputed that both suites are considerably cheaper than the 950 square meter suite in Caesars Palace. The allegedly costs 31.441 euros per night.

Special requests in a class of their own

With the luxury offered, it is no wonder that the demands and wishes of the passengers on the ships tend to become bizarre. The Frankfurter Rundschau reports on puffer fish and other absurd methodsto satisfy guests on board ships. Anyone who thought that all wishes would be satisfied with infinity pools and IMAX cinemas on cruise ships will be taught better in practice. The wish list of passengers seems to have no limits.

Unlimited freedom

But not only the equipment and the service offered on the ships are components of the luxury term. The routes and travel destinations are also unique, and often only to be afforded by wealthy passengers. The luxury cruise ship of the Compagnie du Ponant, the L'Austral, for example, offers a trip through the Antarctic waters for 1.370 euros per night. This trip is far from the rough charm of an expedition. It is guaranteed to be a highlight.

Regardless of which luxury tour you decide on: The shipping companies do their best to make your vacation on their ships an unforgettable experience. A comforting feeling for those people who don't have to pay attention to the price.

Regent 828 Seven Seas Voyager Marseille

Regent Seven Seas cruise ship


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