Onboard entertainment from the cruise giants

Nowadays, cruises are not just a series of shore excursions and intermittent rest periods. On the contrary: there is a lot to experience for passengers on board the cruise ships.

Adrenaline junkies and adventurers get their money's worth as well as those ship guests who are primarily looking for peace and relaxation on ships. Certain attractions are represented on almost every cruise ship; Very few ships offer highlights such as an on-board planetarium (Queen Mary 2). Anyone interested in looking for “their” cruise is advised to thoroughly check the entertainment on board.

aidanova silent party

AIDAnova - Silent party

Shows, cuisine and thrills: the perfect mix

The evening show program is at the center of the action for the cruise companies and their guests. Good show programs are entertaining and, to a certain extent, exclusive. For example include the show specialists from Cirque du Soleil aboard certain MSC cruise lines for the most popular events. Magicians and cabaret artists are indispensable on the stages of the cruise giants, as well as acrobats as well as musical interpreters and entertainers of all stripes. It is incredible how many talents appear on the cruise ship stages.

Variety is the key, especially if the journey does not end after a few days. For this reason, it is important to make sure before booking a cruise that a multifaceted program with many highlights is offered on longer trips. Because of the chic evening wear that belongs in the spotlight.

Cruises attract lovers of good cuisine and established gourmets alike. You will be catered for and pampered in the on-board restaurants varied and at a high level. From breakfast to lunch, tea time, dinner and a midnight buffet, travelers experience a variety of delights. No wonder that some passengers weigh a few more pounds after the end of their journey than they did before embarking on the cruise. - Sometimes glamorous dinner shows combine tasty meals with lively entertainment. Casino evenings are also always on the program: On some luxury cruise lines Originally equipped casinos with gaming tables and croupiers dressed appropriately await the passengers. Above all, such a range of possibilities is offered online casinos with a large selection. Whether roulette, blackjack or flashing slot machines, nothing is missing in the floating casino. An upscale ambience, music and a tasty drink in hand round off the evening.

White Night in Oslo

Azamara Journey - White Night in Oslo

3-D cinemas were yesterday. The cruise operators first discovered the 4-D variant for their guests years ago. The films leave the purely visual and acoustic level and make themselves directly perceptible in the cinema through cold, warmth, vibrations or damp fog. Thanks to the technology, passengers experience an adventure that intensely touches the emotional world. - Walking on deck under the starry sky after such experiences creates a strong contrast. Cruise romance paired with the effects of the latest technology, that's what many passengers want today. For this reason, extensive game areas are increasingly found on board cruise ships, equipped with the latest models of the most popular game consoles. Xbox and Playstation let the time fly by.

Sport and action in the water and high in the air

Sport and fitness are also given a lot of space on cruise ships. Well-equipped fitness centers are on every ship, and trained trainers take care of the well-being of the guests. Water aerobics, yoga and Pilates courses are very popular, they help to reduce the bacon that has accumulated while feasting and also to relieve the stress of everyday life. Onboard climbing parks offer lots of exciting challenges for those with a head for heights. Not only experienced athletes climb there, but also courageous beginners. Well leashed, you can master one level of difficulty after the next without falling.

Spa - Finnish horizon sauna

Mein Schiff 2 - Spa - Finnish horizon sauna

Wellness and room service for the spoiled

After all the action, intensive wellness experiences ensure a balanced balance. Sauna, whirlpool and massage center can be found on every cruise ship. They form the relaxing oasis of calm for guests looking for peace and relaxation. Crusaders who prefer more comfort book a spacious first-class cabin or suite with a balcony, terrace, bathtub and all other comforts, in which they can retreat if required. The 24-hour room service gives you the feeling of being carried on your hands. The fact is: Today's cruise on cruise giants is not a mass product, but an individual form of travel that can be designed at will.

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