Pack your suitcase for the cruise

Is the next vacation or the next cruise coming up? Are you wondering what to take with you and what to do without? Then you are right with us.

We will help you with this challenge. Together with you we will pack your suitcase for the next cruise. We advise you which things are important and which things you can safely leave at home.

celebrity equinox cruise ship

Celebrity Equinox

Every guest on a cruise ship knows that a cabin can be very small. Then it is annoying when you have taken a lot of things with you for free and forgot other essential little things at home. Of course there are opportunities to go ashore, but who wants to spend this time shopping for necessities? The shops on board are also not known for their low prices and a large selection when it comes to everyday items or other small items.

A packing list is all the more valuable so that you don't forget the important things. The essential basis for a positive cruise experience is the necessary travel documents. What else do you take with you? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the right equipment for your next cruise.


Elegant evening wear

Let's start with thoughts of special evenings and events on cruise ships: the luxury thought. Cruise ships are anything but places where you forego luxury and elegance. On the contrary: pomp, glamor and enjoyment are among the trademarks of established cruise ships.

In order to fully enjoy this experience as a participant in a cruise, we recommend elegant evening wear as a basic piece of travel equipment. Cruise ships offer elegant restaurants with the best culinary delights, extraordinary events and sparkling casino halls in which you do not feel comfortable with shorts and a T-shirt.

 Prepare and make sure you have clothes ready for the elegant areas on board! A cruise casino visit is an unforgettable experience.

Don't forget your bathing outfit

Second of all essential clothing items, we head towards the pools and lounge chairs that can be found on any good cruise ship. Whether it's a children's pool or pool bar including cocktails and top service - cruise ships offer all water mermaids and swimming fans a suitable form of cooling. The right swim outfit is extremely important for swimming on sunny days as well as for sunbathing. Here we recommend at least two sets. If it takes longer for the swimwear to dry again.

celebrity equinox pool deck

Celebrity Equinox pool deck

By the way: you don't have to bring bath towels with you. You can find them on site. What we definitely recommend is appropriate footwear for visiting the pool area. You can find more information about footwear in the next section.

Shoes for all occasions

As announced, we are now dealing with the shoes that should not be missing in the suitcase. While most holidaymakers spend a lot of time and energy choosing the right outfit, the question of the right shoes is often lost in the hectic preparations for the big trip. A fatal mistake that you will not make in the future with our information.

A good strategy when choosing shoe outfits is to look at all the outfits that are ready for the trip and to consider which shoes go with them. Since this quickly ends up in a lot of pairs of shoes, take a look at which of them are important and in which areas you cut corners to save space and weight in the suitcase.

Formal wear shoes, consistent with our initial focus on formal wear, are important. On many ships there are dress codes for the elegant restaurants and casinos, the so-called dress code, which usually stipulates closed shoes for men.

Flip-flops and bathing shoes are just as important if you're having fun by the pool during the day. You need a third pair of shoes for going ashore, for hikes and excursions. Comfortable shoes are also important to protect your feet.


Outfits for going ashore

Speaking of going ashore: The outfits also require some planning, with regard to the expected weather and the environment. Depending on where your cruise takes place, you will encounter foreign cultures and other customs while going ashore.

As Europeans, we are quickly tempted to pack mainly shorts and strapless shirts when the weather is likely to be warm. This is exactly a problem in some parts of the world or in other cultures and environments. To visit temples, you need clothing that covers at least your shoulders and knees. Therefore, a scarf or a scarf should not be missing in any cruise wardrobe! They can also be used to protect against intense sun rays.

The right care products

Here especially the women of creation will nod their heads knowingly. Choosing the right care products is a prerequisite for every successful vacation. Since most cruises are southbound, let's start with the obvious, sun protection. The sun's rays are particularly intense due to the environment by and on the sea. Together with the wind, which makes the temperatures appear cooler than they are, they quickly lead to nasty sunburn.

princess cruises majestic princess spa

Majestic Princess Spa

In addition, the skin dries out easily on cruises due to the air conditioning inside the ship as well as the wind and the high salt content outside. Even if you are not plagued by dry skin in everyday life, we recommend that you pack an intensive moisturizer the next time you go on a cruise ship. Your skin will thank you!

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