Playing in the onboard casino or online - which should I choose?

Those who go on a cruise are looking for the sea, relaxation, new experiences with other cultures, but also good entertainment. A colorful program is therefore always offered on the ships, which often also includes a well-equipped on-board casino with table and slot machines.

There you can risk a euro or two, haggle over the best hand at poker or enjoy a good drink at the bar. However, manipulating slot machines is just as out of place as excessive alcohol consumption or inappropriate clothing. However, if you stick to the rules, you will spend many hours of fun in the ship's casino.

Grand Casino of the Majestic Princess

Grand Casino the Majestic Princess

However, there is a trend that is driving more and more people from traditional casinos to the numerous online casinos. This refers to gambling on the Internet, which has been extremely popular for years. There is also the opportunity to test your luck online on board a cruise ship, as WiFi is now part of the cruise ship service. But which should you as a player choose, the on-site casino or the virtual arcade online? Let's take a look at the advantages of both options.

Why the game is so popular in online casinos

It is not without reason that players are increasingly turning their backs on conventional casino operations. Virtual gambling offers many advantages. The following points speak for the game in the online casino:

There are fewer costs

Not everyone has a casino in their immediate vicinity. Normally, a return trip must be planned and financed. Although this circumstance is eliminated on a cruise ship, travel costs are still a decisive factor for most players to prefer to visit an online casino. Likewise, there are hardly any costs for meals online during the evening. A cool drink and something to snack on are often enough. In addition, there are no tips for croupiers and service staff.

Dress codes don't matter

True, at many land-based arcades, dress codes are no longer as strict as they were a few years ago. A neat leisure look is quite appropriate. In traditional casinos, however, great importance is still attached to style, elegance and etiquette. On the other hand, if you play online, you can make your outfit as casual as you like. No one here cares what wardrobe you chose, if at all.

A table is always free

Online casinos have no opening hours and are not limited in space. So you can always risk a game, no matter how early or late it is. Also, you don't have to worry about not getting a seat at a table or slot machine. Online gambling halls are never crowded, so there is no waiting time.

The payout percentages are better

The operators of online gambling portals have to incur significantly lower costs because they require almost no space and only a few staff. Because of this, online casinos offer their customers significantly better payout rates than traditional gaming operations. The odds here are usually 94 to 99 percent, whereas in a conventional casino around 70 percent is the norm. So playing online is definitely more lucrative.

Countless bonus offers are waiting

For most players, however, the most important argument for trying their luck online is the opportunity to claim bonuses. They are the specialty of online casinos and only available there. Promotions promise lots of extra credit and free spins. New customers can look forward to some generous welcome offers, in many cases not even a deposit is expected. But even regular customers almost always have the opportunity to secure various prizes.

What distinguishes traditional casinos

The advantages of virtual gambling platforms are many. It is absolutely understandable that a majority of players prefer online casinos. Nevertheless, conventional gambling halls are still well frequented. Why is that? Well, they have their very special advantages and characteristics, which we would like to explain below.

The ambiance is unique

Most traditional casinos offer their guests an extremely exclusive flair that cannot be replicated at home in front of a computer or on the go with a smartphone. The stylish furnishings in partly historically unique buildings, the great lighting, the unobtrusive musical accompaniment and the friendly staff of the facility - all this contributes to the dignified atmosphere. So it goes without saying that you only appear appropriately dressed in such a dignified environment.

Grand Casino of the Majestic Princess

Grand Casino of the Majestic Princess

You meet real players

Social people appreciate the opportunity to get in touch with other guests and the house staff in the casino. Playing against fellow players or the croupier leads to a much more intense experience, which you also like to think back on later.

The possibility of interacting with third parties is a feature of traditional gaming saloons, which the Internet is trying to imitate by providing so-called live casinos. You will be connected to a real table with a dealer via live stream. In fact, this technique brings you a little closer to the on-site experience, but it cannot replace a visit to a real casino.

It depends on the individual player

What a player should choose to do while on a cruise depends a lot on the individual's preferences - and certainly also on the available budget. If it's just a short game in between, without having to worry about the wardrobe and the customs in a casino, the offer on the Internet is probably the better choice. However, if you want to treat yourself to a unique experience, you should take the opportunity and visit the casino on board.

However, it is only one of many entertainment options that can be enjoyed on a cruise ship. The offers of the on-board restaurants, spa services and the wide range of other entertainment are not to be despised. For physical fitness, there are also a wide range of sports on offer, which are instructed by trainers.

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