Sport & fitness on board a cruise

Sport & fitness on board a cruise

Welcome aboard your dream cruise! While you explore the endless expanses of the sea and discover breathtaking destinations, your cruise offers you another multi-faceted experience: sport and fitness.

Whether you're an avid sports enthusiast or just want to stay active, cruise lines offer a variety of ways to exercise, exercise while taking the vacation experience to the next level.

Training on the high seas - stay fit & explore destinations on a cruise

aida aidacosma mini golf outdoor deck 8

AIDAcosma Mini golf outdoor deck 8

A cruise is not only an exciting way to explore new destinations, but also a great way to stay active and fit. Most cruise ships offer their passengers a well-equipped gym where they can get their training done while at sea. Equipped with the latest technology, a variety of training options await you, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, ergometers and weight machines for muscle strengthening. In addition, courses are offered where experienced trainers are available. For those longing for more relaxation, many ships offer yoga or Pilates classes to improve flexibility or reduce stress. Many ships also offer jogging paths or tracks, as well as covered sports fields for activities such as basketball or volleyball. Remember, there are many online providers that offer discounts for cruise ship activities. With a Voucher sports you can also equip yourself with the right sportswear and save money.

Wellness & relaxation on the cruise

 my ship 2 spa

My Ship 2 Spa

There are numerous wellness or wellness programs on board most cruise ships relaxation opportunities that help you switch off completely. Whether you want a luxurious spa experience or just want to feel the sun on your skin, you'll definitely find it on a cruise. Exclusive wellness packages include massages, facial treatments and other soothing applications. Those who prefer to actively relax can take part in yoga sessions on the ship or work out in the gym. Pools or whirlpools are also available to let yourself drift gently. For those who love nature, there are numerous options both on board and during shore leave:

  • To take a walk on the beach
  • Sunbathe in the pool or on the beach
  • go on boat tours
  • fishing
  • snorkeling
  • to go biking
  • Hiking

Combine sightseeing with workouts on deck or in the spa area

Those who take a cruise can combine sightseeing with workouts on deck or in the ship's spa area. On deck you can enjoy a walk in the fresh sea air and train your muscles at the same time. Alternatively, one can use the ship's fitness rooms, which are equipped with various machines such as treadmills, free weights and cross trainers, to stay fit. You can also let yourself be pampered in the spa area of ​​the ship. Relaxing massages and sauna sessions help you to recover from everyday stress. Yoga classes are often offered to stretch your muscles and learn a relaxing breathing technique. 

Enjoy the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation and fitness aboard your dream cruise and discover stunning destinations while staying active and fit. The well-equipped gyms offer modern technology and a variety of training options. Let yourself be pampered in the exclusive wellness areas or relax in the pools and whirlpools. Combine sightseeing with workouts on deck or in the ship's spa area or unwind from everyday stress and return with a strengthened body and mind. Experience an unforgettable cruise full of discoveries and well-being.

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