Swimming Pools, Casinos & More: 5 Tips for a Day at Sea on a Cruise

Swimming Pools, Casinos & More: 5 Tips for a Day at Sea on a Cruise

A cruise is full of adventure. Depending on the travel time and the capacity of the cruise ship, the stay at sea can even offer all kinds of adventures.

And particularly practical: Travelers do not have to put up with long journeys for unique activities. The best holiday highlights are included with cruises, and of course shore excursions are also included.

On board there is first-class internet reception for game lovers and chat friends. So nothing stands in the way of multimedia enjoyment. Many take the opportunity to visit the casinos on the Internet with attractive RTP, which will happily lull you to sleep after an exciting gambling session. That makes sense after an action-packed day on the ship.

Cruise operators have a lavish program ready. There is a suitable offer for every vacationer. Whether relaxing cafes with sea views or an entertaining show in the theater. On the high seas, all tourists will find just the right thing for their senses. These are the top five tips for a successful cruise trip.

aida aidacosma beach club

AIDAcosma Beach Club

Bathing fun in the swimming pool

Just relax. This works particularly well at the swimming pool. Depending on the type of ship, there is a pool on deck and a covered pool for the colder months. For travelers outside of the high season, a day at the indoor pool is a good idea. The area is not crowded and relaxing music adds that certain something to the relaxing moment. In midsummer, on the other hand, the pools are very busy. A tip: If you go swimming in the morning, you can enjoy the calm before the storm.

Current swimwear is important for staying at the pool. Since the year XNUMX is all about the luxury swimwear for the pool and beach stands, men in particular should change their clothes. With micro briefs and classic swim shorts, you don't take any risks. Colorful prints on swimming trunks are a delight this summer. Monochrome styles are rather out, although they don't yet fall into the no-go category. However, if men want to attract the attention of women, they should opt for extravagant fashion.

For the ultimate fun at the pool, travelers also need: beach towel, sunscreen, diving goggles with snorkel, flip-flops, bag for utensils, sunglasses, wireless sound boxes.

Experience gambling en masse

After an extensive swimming and diving adventure, the fun can continue on the ship. In the evening and at night, large cruise ships have one or more casinos ready. When casinos open their doors, many travelers try their luck. And they have plenty of opportunities to do that. Apart from machines with a slot character, there are often table and live games.

Due to the popularity of the games, more and more ships are welcoming the casino. For that reason alone it is worthwhile Cruise News to read through and to secure the highlights of the year in good time. The magazine reports daily about the equipment and the latest programs of the large and small ships. The casino on board is about real wagers. That means: Money winnings are possible. However, the casino is more of a pastime. If you bet less, you will be all the more happy about a bigger win.

And with this small addition, you can go straight to the ship's bar. There are cocktails for every taste: swimming pool, bloody mary, sweet temptation or caipi are just a few of the cocktails on offer.

celebrity equinox sunset bar

Celebrity Equinox -Sunset Bar

Climbing fun for the whole travel group

Fancy climbing, but there is no mountain nearby? Then the cruise ship is the best place for a first adventure at dizzying heights. Adrenaline junkies have the daily opportunity to climb an artificial rock face on the ship. The rock face is reminiscent of a bouldering wall, with each climber being secured.

Beginners are particularly attracted and want to try the climbing wall. Before the first climb, get the most important ones Tips for bouldering beginners or ask the trained staff on board. It is important to say that this is the first climbing adventure. As a result, employees are better able to adapt to the climber and the risk of accidents is significantly reduced.

Climbing on board is suitable for single travelers as well as for whole groups. For climbing fun together, travelers must book the event on the rock face in good time so that the places are not occupied. The climbers do not need any utensils. However, you should find out about the requirements for participation in advance.

Discover new cultures

Cruise ships dock several times. Travelers get the opportunity to explore the country they are visiting. To this end, the organizer enters into cooperation agreements with companies based in the country. In this way, travelers can get to know the country and its people or local working life. They are often even allowed to help out, which opens up completely new experiences for them.

bordeaux tour pey berland ahead

Bordeaux Tour Pey Berland ahead

Travelers also like to spend a day in nature. The ships stop for many hours, so there is plenty of time. However, tourists must definitely keep an eye on the time. Eventually, they should be back at the ship before the cruise resumes.

Show must go on - enjoy the entertainment program on cruise ships

Cruise ships not only have entertainment programs with popular music. From circus acrobatics to modern stars and boy groups, everything is there. Magic shows, cinema evenings, comedy and much more round off the evening on the ship.

There are also bars, so that the nightlife doesn't stand still. If you want to exercise, join the ship's own club or visit the daily open disco on board. Important: Not every event is included in the price. In addition, cruise ships have different programs, so that action-packed experiences such as bouldering are not always part of the offer.

For cruise travelers, it is therefore advisable to contact the cruise advisor. He is very familiar with the offers of the respective ship. As a result, travelers do not take any risks and choose the right offer from the start. For maximum holiday enjoyment, reading the digital reviews of other tourists is also recommended. This is especially true for voyages with new and rather unknown ships.

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